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  1. 108 Fitzalan St

    According to my family tree, in around 1890 an ancestor had a boot repair shop at 87 Fitzalan Street Sheffield.
  2. Can you guess where this is?

    A lot of the buildings are still there, but the bridge is now much wider..
  3. The chip shop next to The Limit nightclub

    I used to work opposite this chip shop, but by then I'm sure it was called Big Al's? The same owner also had a sandwich shop next door. This was back in the late 80's to 90's. I think it as then that it got demolished when the new government building went up.
  4. I wouldn't want to be sat in that side car as the rider edges over the white line to see if its safe to overtake!!
  5. A rather different view today
  6. Drinking Fountains

    Would love t know that happened to those that were removed. They look far too ornate, beautiful and professionally made for them to be just smashed up as rubble.
  7. Drinking Fountains

    Not sure if we already have a drinking fountain thread, but this image posted by Aiden Stones on his Twitter account is fantastic. It shows the drinking fountain that was at the junction of Gibraltar St, Allen St and Bowling Green Street, and todays view from Moorfileds facing towards Penistone Rd.. https://twitter.com/OldSheffield
  8. Herries Road and Wordsworth Avenue in Sheffield 5

    Not looking quite as scenic today..
  9. Swimming Baths - Can you guess where this is?

    Must have been difficult to swim without water!
  10. I think the blu-ray is only being released in America, you can buy it from Amazon.com and I've heard its region free. And why oh why have they put Bradford City Hall on the front cover of the dvd?
  11. Where was this?

    I have.
  12. Minitram in Sheffield

    A proposal that never was (taken from Twitter account of Aidan Stone https://twitter.com/OldSheffield )
  13. Where was this?

    Would this be the same place as the photo in the first post ? (stolen from Twitter account of Aidan Stones https://twitter.com/OldSheffield )