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  1. From The Star, regarding how Cambridge Street got its name... This street, which runs beside John Lewis, was first called Coalpit Lane. It was renamed to mark the laying of the foundation stone of the Crimea Monument at Moorhead by the Duke of Cambridge on October 21, 1857. The Duke, who was Commander-in-Chief of the army, died in 1904. The monument was moved to the Botanical Gardens in 1959.
  2. Sadly it would appear the website no longer exists.
  3. Im guessing that the cobbled area was the original road, with quite a steep camber, since widened to include todays modern road by its side?
  4. My grandfather, a Sheffield lad, joined the police straight after WW2, but back then you couldn't join your home force, so he had to join Derbyshire and was posted in Dronfield. He later transferred to Rotherham police and then Sheffield police, before finally both forces combined, and later became SY police. He retired from SY Police in 1976 as a Chief Superintendent. During this time he was an Inspector in charge of prosecutions at the old Town Hall court house on Waingate, When he retired The Star ran an article where the Sheffield magistrates thanked hi for his service and for not taking a single day off sick in his 30yrs service. I have his Sheffield, Rotherham and SY Police cap badges, wooden truncheon and tunic. I also have his internal police brochure celebrating the opening of Snig Hill police station (1974?0 and inviting senior ranks to its open day.
  5. Taken from a Facebook post.. Forresters. Ref: 914. 274 S. "Erected in Memory of the Sheffield soldiers and sailors whose lives were lost in The Crimea. The guns at the base of the monument were captured from the Russians. This striking monument is a column standing on a pedestal of Darley Dale stone, and surmounted by a statue of our late beloved Queen Victoria, as "Honour."The funds were raised by public subscription. The foundation stone was laid by the Duke of Cambridge."
  6. The map in the first post might be showing Brunswick Chapel, South St,Moor - which was renamed The Moor in 1922.
  7. Is this really classed as being in Walkley? Sadly not looking so grand nowadays, but the climbing plant growing up the building seems to have survived..
  8. A link to another thread about the Wild Well at Norton Hollow...
  9. From a different angle.. http://www.picturesheffield.com/y01295
  10. Thats brilliant, many thanks. That id the first photo I've ever seen of Dales chip shop. Im wondering if the sign says Dale's (with an apostrophe) or Dales (without apostrophe)? If it was run by Billy Dale then obviously the former. I know from my family tree that a Dales married a Dale. I wonder where Pete Hill found the photo?
  11. Thanks 270 Sharrow Vale Rd would place the shop just where I was told by the owner of Two Steps chippy across the road. Cant find any reference to it whilst owned by the Dale/Dales family. By the way, it was around this time when a Dales married a Dale, just to confuse the family tree.
  12. Anyone have any information or memories of this chip shop on Sharrow Vale Rd? I believe it was owned by an ancestor of mine, so I'm keen to find out any information. I think it was located opposite where Two Steps chip shop stands today. Ive not been able to find any photos of it, but my understanding is that my great grandad owned it, and my grandad worked for him instead of going to school, but Im keen to and out if any of this is true.
  13. Just seen this photo on eBay of Chantrey House, Norton. Anyone know where it is/was? It has similarities to the current house called Chanrey House on Norton Lane just below the church, but I'm not convinced its the same house.
  14. Its a shame the above Photobucket images no longer show. Heres a framed print of Norton Hollow by S Marsden that I came across..