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  1. Does anyone recognise this place?

    The signal box in the original photo gets a mention on the old thread below where they are trying to identify and locate the arches shown on the photo. Sadly the thread lasts for 8 years without successfully identifying the location. The two signal boxes do look very similar when zooming in...
  2. Does anyone recognise this place?

    Just had a google of the Helen Wilson Settlement mentioned in your link, Dr Helen Wilson can be seen in this photo 2nd from the left. She was the daughter of HJ Wilson MP who founded the Rutland Hall settlement which was on the junction of Hick St and Rutland Rd (building is still there). Though I've read somewhere that Rutland Rd used to be called Wilson Street?...
  3. Another remarkable Sheffield house

    Thats an interesting photo. It looks like Swan Morton works are now at that location..
  4. Does anyone recognise this place?

    Todays view, Hick Street looking onto Rutland Road...
  5. Fargate postcard

    So was it the planted area that was later turned into a fountain?
  6. At least we know how Chapel Walk gets its name, running next to so many chapels.
  7. Another old photo of the Upper chapel that still stands today on Norfolk St.
  8. HARRINGTONS Jeans in Castle Market Sheffield

    Up the ladder and into the loft, if you wanted to try a pair on for size. I remember buying ICE jeans from there in the 80's, they came with a blue and white ICE key ring. Then down The Moor to Atkinsons for a pair of Farrah trousers.
  9. BEATTIES toy and model shop

    Beatties on Pinstone St had an electric train set running around the ceiling of the store. We took shops like Redgates & Beatties for granted, thinking they would always be there. Sad that they have gone completely.
  10. A few years ago I was working close to the Netherthorpe/Crookes area of Sheffield and saw these pillars. I didn't have time to look for any clues as to what they were, but grabbed a couple of photos instead. Now I can't recall exactly where they were, can anyone help locate them and explain what they are please?
  11. Mr Waterfall

    The name Waterfall as a middle name runs through one of the blood lines of my family for generations. When our family tree was researched we discovered one ancestor married someone with Waterfall as a surname. This must have been a female Waterfall who didn't want to lose her name, and so Waterfall was used as a middle name for their children and the trend continued for generations. One of my distant living relations has it as a middle name, but it will probably die with him as I don think he continued the trend with his children.
  12. Beagling

    Most folk have a special meat on Xmas day, not Boxing Day.
  13. Sheffield Tram Ride Through Attercliffe in 1960

    The same sign appears in the Attercliffe video..
  14. Sheffield Tram Ride Through Attercliffe in 1960

    I notice on the video above, one of the shops/pubs has very distinctive red/gold signage. The same sign also appears on a building on the Beachief to City Centre video, here on Abbeydale Rd approaching London Rd. Anyone know what it is please?
  15. Sheffield Tram Ride Through Attercliffe in 1960

    Im guessing here with these 'then & now' comparison photos from that video, so please correct me if I a wrong.. Attercliffe Rd And the same bridge views from the other side? Attercliffe Rd out of city approaching junction with Worksop Rd