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  1. Hendersons Relish

    I use it on lots of things, like home made chips, bolognese and always on pie. We usually have 2 or 3 bottles on the go at any one time as the thought of running out fills me with dread.
  2. City Road Sheffield in 1935

  3. Anlaby Street

    I see on that street map the street names run alphabetically, Anlaby, Brough, Cottam & Driffield. Just like they do in Attercliffe - Attercliffe Rd, Brightside, Carlisle St etc... I wonder if this happens anywhere else in Sheffield?
  4. I was lucky to be authorised access into this building recently, so grabbed a few photos. Work is currently underway repairing the roof, but I don't know what any long term plans are. Floors are missing in many rooms making it quite unsafe. Doorway leading to Court No 1 Entrance/exit door, I think onto Waingate?
  5. The Sun Inn / Park Hill Flats in Sheffield

    War damage, or demolition for the railway?
  6. Park Hill and Hyde Park Flats Construction

    I'm interested in the stone archways/tunnels in the bottom left of this photo. I guess all of this in now under Park Sq roundabout?
  7. The Park Hill slums

    Despite being slums at the time, I bet they would look quite nice and interesting buildings by todays standards.
  8. What do we know about this part of town?

    Yes, and all thanks to Photobucket. Despite switching to flickr, I tend to just drag any pictures straight into my post so that they stay here.
  9. What do we know about this part of town?

    So from the map above, did The Moor once continue much further down to St Marys Gate than it does today?
  10. Before John Lewis in Barkers Pool

    Is that some kind of fire engine parked in the side street to the left of the photo. Looks to have pipes coming from it? Quite a crowd gathered watching, unless they are queueing for the cinema?
  11. Where was the Sheffield Fish Market?

    Where is that photo exactly, would it be looking down Commercial St with Angle St off to the left and Fitzalan Sq to the right? I'm pretty sure the location features on the old 'tram ride through Sheffield' film.
  12. Picture Sheffield have just added loads more photos of old Sheffield to their website, if anyone is interested.. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=DateCreated;GREATERTHANEQUAL;2018-01-25&action=search
  13. 108 Fitzalan St

    According to my family tree, in around 1890 an ancestor had a boot repair shop at 87 Fitzalan Street Sheffield.
  14. Can you guess where this is?

    A lot of the buildings are still there, but the bridge is now much wider..