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  1. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    From Picture Sheffield, an alternative view of the Blacksmiths and Abbey pub taken from Abbey Lane..
  2. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    And it looks like that house on Bromwich Rd is in the process of being built when the Abbey pub was having its extension built..
  3. Blacksmiths at Meadowhead?

    Bye crikey, your right. And that house on Bromwich Rd still stands today..
  4. This photo appears on eBay quite often, but I can't work out where this Blacksmiths would have bene located. The photo states its at 'Meadowhead Woodseats'. Anyone any idea please?
  5. Life in Sheffield in the 1980's

    Fountain bar on Leopold St?
  6. Im lead to believe there were lots of these types of disasters with these trains in the early days.
  7. Hammerton Road Street Lamp

    Looks like you could be right, and its a picture of Langsett Rd, with Hammerton Rd going off to the left? Todays view..
  8. The Bull and Mouth on Waingate

    Would that be where the Tap and Barrel is now?
  9. Whereabouts in Norton?

    That does look identical. Today on Little Norton Lane there is an alleyway called Serpentine Walk, which provides access to Graves Park. Ive read elsewhere that some of the stone in the wall is from the cottages that once stood there, or even from Park Farm? Serpentine Walk can be seen to the left of this image below, which is I assume todays view of the same spot..
  10. This is how Leopold Street used to look

    Yes, I believe so. Im guessing the gap in the building line leads to what is Now Orchard Square. Todays view is something like this, but this view is taken from slightly further back along Leopold St...
  11. Whereabouts in Norton?

    I have this photo of Norton in Sheffield but i not entirely sure exactly where this location is. Anyone care to guess?
  12. This is how Leopold Street used to look

    Is that the view looking towards the Town Hall?
  13. The Old Pond Street Bus Station

    I recall that had certain 'eye catching' magazines displayed in the widows. Well, eye catching to me as a young teenage boy anyway!!
  14. Old Sheffield Shops...

    2) Second hand shop Wasn't this called Galaxy? I seem to remember back in the late 80's going with my sister to buy a car stereo for her Ford Escort. 6) Turners gun shop I remember this being here when I started working at West Bar in 1998. Next to it was a dirty looking kabab shop that was said to be used by all the taxi drivers. As grubby as it looked, I was tod they did great kebabs, but I never tried them. I wish during the early years of my working life (late 90's) i'd thought to take photos of the city centre, but digital cameras were only just getting popular and I didn't have one, nor did I have a mobile phone that could take photos until the mid 2000's.
  15. Electric Map display just above the Bus Station

    There have been some pictures of it on here. No idea where it went. What a great piece of history to be able to own. I only have vague memories of it as a kid, but Id always ask my mum if I could press the buttons, but usually the answer would be "No, we are in a rush". Can anyone remember what locations would light up? I would imagine The Moor, Markets, Fargate?