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  1. SuzyC

    Vintage T.v.

    Hi Thylacine, no we don´t pay for our telly programmes (as if ) it´s on the Sky free to view rubbish under Music. Just glad I don´t have to pay for a Licence either here!! I remember Sounds of the Sixties, loved it. Do you think the Stones music would have been "Not Fade Away", Mr Jagger generally stood his ground, doing gyrations to that song. I have watched Vintage TV some more and, yes, it is a bit repetitive, suppose it depends what time of the day you watch it but still some memorable songs to enjoy. Unfortunately the constant adverts are a downside :(
  2. SuzyC

    Vintage T.v.

    Whilst scrolling through the dire television offerings the other night (please not another "reality" fashion, childcare, foodie, delinquent, drinking, obesity, obnoxious disease, et al - it´s become a bit of an excuse for an old fashioned freak show that is supposed to be banned), however, I digress -- I came upon a channel in the Music Section called Vintage TV and enjoyed an hour of rock and roll footage, followed by Sixties music, then on to Rock. I loved it, despite the fact that you enjoyed four tunes, then were barraged by a multitude of cat food and carpet cleaning adverts but at least you have plenty of time during this indoctrination to make a cuppa, uncork the red or even enjoy a sandwich or two. They had some great footage, Gene Vincent doing Be Bop a LooLa (I think I could almost remember that from 65 Special), Jerry Lee at his most enegetic, etc. . Some songs were not accompanied by their original footage (copyright maybe?, too expensive?) but did have modern video accompanyment with a bit of satire thrown in eg Stevie Wonder´s "Superstition" was played to the current Pope strutting his stuff, with other Muslim, Protestant etc. leaders thrown in - quite amusing really. Give it a try, I can guarantee the music will bring back some happy memories. I haven´t watched it enough to know if it is repetitive, suspect it will be, buy hey ho our memories are not what they were are they so we won´t notice, just sing along some more lol
  3. My Aunty (age 89) was very upset by this news. She was a frequent customer in her days as a sister in the Casualty Dept. at the Royal Hospital on West Street and says she seems to remember they were on the corner of Division Street at one time. (her memory may be failing, I don´t know as I cannot remember the shop) -
  4. This brought back some memories, I can remember our front step at Norfolk Road having the "white line" around the edge. What precision this must have taken, perfectly straight line and thicker corners. Talk about making a rod for your own back, I feel sorry for the poor housewives in those days. I also remember the Cardinal Red but can´t think where this was used, unless it was the back door. Rubber soled plimsoles did leave a nasty mark on the undried white line, woe be to me the clumsy child :blink:
  5. Sorry Dave, I was just joking because we have so much satellite stuff, dishes, etc. that it reminds me of a nuclear installation at times, that´s the price we pay for living in the middle of the country, also had recently been watching The Day After on tv :P
  6. You are so right, we do. AND it even beats Toledo, believe it or not.... :P
  7. When you are busy working full time you want a one stop shop to get everything in one hit. When you are retired (and more penny conscious) you have the time to shop around. Why can´t we have both? I have never been a shopping fan, hence grew most of my fresh fruit and veg stuff as it was more enjoyable than shopping but when working you have to get everything quickly. I cannot understand why Sheffield does not take a leaf out of Leeds book and create some old fashioned shopping experiences. I am not a fan of Leeds but their markets are excellent.
  8. Bye the bye, don´t like the reference to smog. Sheffield was at some point (I think in the 70's) voted the cleanest industrial city in Europe, probably due to the large amount of green spaces, parks etc. I´m sure there isn´t any smog there now at all, due to no industry, etc.
  9. Just looking at Dave's photo, it could actually be in any cosmopolitan city now. The rag and tag was the pot bloke shouting his wares. The pet store, not Maces but at the corner, just full of straw when you walked in (obviously not good) where you could buy baby alligators, (never mind New York, Sheffield sewers must be rife with wildlife now). I think cyberman may be having a gentle poke at us Sheffield fanatics. Apologies if you are not cyberman. All our electrics in Spain take 25 minutes to do anything. We have satellite everything. My minutemen are bubbling even as we speak....... :P
  10. Good on you Beech, let´s see a knife and fork. Except, I thought, after posting the idea, it would probably be taken as the world´s biggest fast food enterprise. Imaging the queues off the M1. The execution and placement would have to be thought about so it did not confuse people with, heaven help me, Mcsh----t place
  11. Seriously guys, a statue of Joe Cocker would be nice, Think we should have something steel or silver related. Maybe a huge knife and fork, maybe a modern art structure depicting the biggest rolling mills in Europe (as featured in real life in the 60´s). Maybe just one of the many exquisitely manufactured silver objects from the 18th/19th century. I also would nominate a piece from Western Park Museum which I loved as a kid - a tiny, miniature pocket knife which had everything on it, including one of those things for getting stones out of horses´ hooves, but it was about 2 inches long in total. (so no good practically then )
  12. Many happy returns Thylacine. Glad you had a good one. How loveley to live near a place that describes the way we walk these days!!! (no not Deloraine )
  13. A truly unique person, however, let´s not forget the sax solo on Baker Street was performed by Raphael Ravenscroft. In 2010 Raphael played with several artists, including Duffy and UB 40 on L.P.´s. He is also the author of several books on saxophone technique including a successful instruction book, "The Complete Saxophone Player" (Clarence Clemons eat your heart out!! ) and was also a tutor of music at York College. Sad to see you go Gerry, "Stuck in the Middle" is always enjoyable and evokes lots of good memories.
  14. It sounds brilliant to do different things every Christmas instead of sticking to the old routine year in, year out. Although memories are based upon our families´ traditions of less expansive times. We don´t have grandkids, so, theoretically, should be able to please ourselves more, however, our numerous animals mean we are fairly tied now and walking them is one of our great pleasures and here you can walk from home in the countryside anywhere, there are no boundaries, ending up in one of many tiny, family run bars, even in the remote outbacks. Certainly works up an appetite which is sated with pleny of tapas to accompany your vino. When living in the UK we did enjoy Christmas in Cornwall, you can´t beat walking a deserted beach on Christmas morning, paddling in your wellies and watching the hardy surfer boys. B)
  15. Don´t mention pantomimes, I have always hated them ever since going to the Lyceum to see David Whitfield in some dreadful show when I was about 7 or 8. Horror of horrors the spotlight fell on me and he started singing some rubbish song and invited me up on stage. I refused, as I happened to be wearing my sensible lace-up school shoes for some unknown reason, when most little girls were wearing cuban heels or some such fashion of the time. Luckily he didn´t press and I was so glad because the kids who were enticed up on stage had to sing "nick nack paddywack" and I didn´t know any of the words, indeed hadn´t even heard of the song!! Needless to say I have always hated pantomimes and David Whitfield to this day, even then I was a 65 Special fan, more into Gene Vincent than the English cover versions B)