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  1. Just down from there was Scrap dealer Bramall whose special Bentley car was often parked on Herries Rd. There was an Archibishop Herries at York btw.
  2. I remember a grimy stairway from The Wicker by the Arches up to the station. Stayed in the Hotel our last night in Sheffield 1975 before Canada.
  3. I remember another jewellers there late 60's "Ingrams" They had a very pretty girl working there "Jackie" who we referred to as Ms. Ingram before discovering her actual name!
  4. My late grand mother Mrs Winn was caretaker at B/H for many years. My late aunt Frances Gaudie also lived and worked there. My late mother Doris Hebden was seamstress there for many years. As a youngster I roamed the place freely and spent countless hours in the house and on the grounds. I can vividly racall the old outbuildings which were long gone before the house itself. I did meet the murdered lady who took over when my grandmother retired. I believe she was killed by her ex husband wielding a kitchen knife! Living in nearby Bishopsholme Rd. I B/H was my second home.
  5. [thanks for posting this history- my grandmother, aunt and mother worked at Bishopsholme until almost its last days. As a youngster I roamed every inch of it. I remember the long demolished outbuildings which gave way to Busk Meadows flats. I also recal the old gardens including the greenhouse area which still had camelias growing in its ruins. There was a magnificent beech tree I loved and a specimen willow. The copper beech was on its last legs even in the 1950s.