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  1. Norman has done many repairs to the building the most important of which was repairing the roof. The building has floors but all the features were gutted by a previous owner (vandal). There is little to see internally of what would have been a very spectacular house. It is sad to look through what were the front bay windows into the 60's monstrosity that most know as Charlie Browns Exhausts (now closed). The building however lives on and is in daily use.
  2. I own one of the buildings on Barmouth Court to the rear of the old antique centre. We are one of the newer buildings that linked the old stables that housed the furnace, with the chimney, and the larger building that is now Molly Limpets (costume hire). The building was I believe used to press shirts and collars. Abbeydale house was the offices of Snowite. It must have been an impressive business between the wars. The house was pretty much gutted but saved from destruction. It is currently an antiques shop. The chimney was shortened recently as it was no longer possible to afford the repairs and insurance to maintain it. All the businesses cherish the history of our site and our place is called "The Laundry Rooms" in memory of it's former use. Would love to see more pics if anyone has them! Jon