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  1. I have got Find my Past but can't find the lists of army deaths mentioned by Bonnie, can you guide me as to where to find them.
  2. I have a Charles William Elliott bn 1831 marrying Sarah Twigg born 1832 marrying 26 December 1852 - St Georges, Sheffield- could these be part of your family tree?
  3. I seem to remember Thorntons chocs started in Sheffield(I am assuming that is the premise of your post) check this site http://www.thorntons.co.uk/c/Centenary_History_of_Thorntons.html
  4. My Dad Frank Hibbert and his brother Arthur Hibbert worked at Newton Chambers for many years. I worked there in early 1970 I was secretary to Mr Colton Chief Metallurgist.
  5. there is someone researching this family on Ancestry - they have Rosabell born Bromfield and a son born in Sheffield - Orlando Heathcote Hardcastle 1863
  6. I think I have been in touch before - but there is someone researching a George Arthur Brant died 1890 - born 26 Sept 1844 on Ancestry using the user name nortontwigg. Have you or are you in contact with this person??
  7. Excellent piece of work - found it really interesting - been reading them out to my husband who I should point out was mainly interested in the United info.
  8. Hi, this is my first post - a bit late in finding this site . I have to agree with Lyn1 about the incorrect information on the public trees - I think its a case of people just wanting as many people as they can on their trees. I have found such claring errors - children born before their parents. I usually try to tactfully tell them need to do more research and thank goodness I haven't had any abuse as yet. I do like to have information about people that are indirectly connected to my line but I check and double check the information before I commit them to my tree. I would also say do not give up - I recently decided to return to a gggreat grandmother who I could find nothing about and low and behold someone on the public trees had her in their tree. She had a gggreat grandfather who was my ggreat grandmothers brother and its opened up a whole new line. She actually had a letter written to her gggreat grandfather in Canada from my gggreat grandmother in 1853 - amazingly this person's family have saved loads of stuff - it was a very emotional moment when the scanned letter arrived. Smary