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  1. Looking to make contact with old work mates from the 70's at Dormer. Alex Marsden Lewis Thompson Brian Mcgrail Gary Bullivant Mike Pennington John Hiinch Les Perkington Roy South Terry Andrews Ron Allen Barry White Val elliott Richard Hardy(wee pipe) John Beeley Marjorie Harrison Gill Cooke(Cowley) Anthony Cowley Barry Black (Deceased) Plus many others
  2. Always remember the catering manager at sam's when there was apotato shortage he use to have the prtions of frozen Chips weighed out and take the differance home with him. Also the time I was there was the general manager Roy caused a fight by trying to stop this kid acting big heard the police were coming and changed out of his dress suit went out with the punters and left the staff to be questioned by the police for an hour. Also it was Hallowean and he and the bar staff had been rould shee=ffield all day promoting the night dressed up carrying a coffin(borrowed from the co-op. Stopped in the courtyard of the Stonehouse and was asked to drink up and move on. as they were putting the customers off coming in the pub. Later that club with a crowd in fancy dress, two were in bunny girl costumes, he was drunk and asked Melvyn from the Black Swan to shoew the crowd how to dance at a private party. He didn't do that well and told Kathy to go on (the stripper from the mucky duck) , She danced dropped her top and landed in this guys lap, he didn't know were to put his hands first. I got a roasting from the girl who's private party it was and I wasn't even in the room. Derek Dane
  3. BRADFIELD SCHOOL late 50's Never went to Bradfield school but like now schools had coaches to pick up and take the school kids home. My late father and my uncle use to do this job for my grandfather who had Whiteleys Coaches. There job was to pick up and deliver the school kids from Bradfield school from Dam Flask and the Strines area. One Christmas in order we had heavy snow and in order that they could check the route to pick the kids up on the return to school after the Christmas break we went out in my grandfathers Vauxhall Cresta to do the ru over the weekend. everything was clear goimg out of Low Bradfield. As we went up the hill they use to go across an escarpment (which is now badley overgrown now and you wouldn't get a coach across) that was impassable because of the snow. So we went up to a junction and turned left at the top(road clear). About 100yds down the road we hit a snow drift which emersed the car. My father and uncle got out to try and get some help as they knew one of the school kids lived at the next farm down the road. Meanwhile I was in the white tomb being shoved sideways by the drift (about 8 yrs at the time very frightened. After what seemed an age the came back with the lad driving the tractor and pulled the car out of the drift and we went on our way. Needless to say they didn't pick the kids up for school that week. A sad side to this story was that the lad commited suicide shortly after and I never knew his name. Would love to make contact with any of the school. kids they use to pick up
  4. My late mother also went to Crookesmoor about 1933 Thelma Wheeler.
  5. Susan Ibbotson looking for half auntie Margaret Ruddiforth. Margaret was born approx 1949 and would be about 60 now. She lived on Loxley View Road, Crookes.
  6. How about Napolean's and Bonaparte's!
  7. Yes my father went there ween he was diagnosed in the 50's with TB. also there were rumours of ghosts around the building when I worked in the mid to late 60's.
  8. Beverley Booth If it's the Same Bev Booth that I knew he married Gloria Mason haf 2 children Gillian and Ian lived at Brinsworth but unfortunatley died in the eary to mid 70's.
  9. With the help of the Yeardleys at Chapeltown and some via Kimberworth I now have got back to 1635. MANY THANKS
  10. Like to make contact with Steve Denniff his dad had the butchers at the top of Portland Street
  11. Think I have made contact with one of the Skating instructors who worked down there Kathy Conroy at the moment she is working down in Peterborough waiting for her to reply.
  12. The bread shop was the next yard down on Addy Street from the Victoria pub and was there 50's early 60's.
  13. Did anyone that views on here go on Pop Edwards ghost hunt there must have been about a 100 kids in total. Went round the school one night looking for the reputed ghost of the old teacher "Pop Edwards"
  14. Yeh I think bernard the barbers missus sold the stuff from the counter between the shop door and the outside door. Thought it was a stupid idea round there really
  15. I know this could be a bit of a long shot but by the time I heard of the old Corn Exchange it had been bombed and was derelict. I know that the National Market Traders Federation were based in there . But who else? anyone know.