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  1. Not had any luck with my search for the old Calendar news footage,

    but I did come across this vid on YouTube.

    Someone had BIG ideas for the Supertram,

    and I bet the the computer animation cost a few bob when it was created in 2003.

    SHEFFIELD TRAMWAY MEMORIES is a new book published by the South Yorkshire Transport Museum priced at £7.95 . As well as being available from the Museum it is also available from Sheffield Transport Models on London Road and Sheffield Scene on Surrey Street . The book records important dates of both the old and new systems as well as photographs many in colour and featuring interesting stories of the old trams in Sheffield

  2. It is also possible, as a member, to right click the images and then "save as" to save the image to your own computer and then edit and print out yourself.

    Most members have no objection to other members doing this with non copyright, non commercial photographs of our own.

    If we did we wouldn#t have posted them in the first place.

    Hi BillBingley

    I have been offline and on holiday but maybe we could meet if you could contact me by e-mail at cooke775@btinternet.com I really would appreciate it .

  3. It would be interesting to see any pictures of the steam powered vehicles if you have them.

    Hi BillBlngley

    Are these the only photos your mum had ? I would like copies of them , can you arrange this . My phone no. is XXXXXXX

  4. My Mother said she would look for pictures in the next week as I'm due to pop over for a meal Wednesday next week.

    Mum also said the Council Parks Dept used to borrow the smaller lorry for the Lord Mayor's Parade for years even after I was born ('77).

    My family moved up to the North East 20 years ago now for my Dad's job so meeting up would take some planning but it's not out of the question.

    To correct the address from my post above It's Woodbourne Road.

    I'll report back with more information as I get it.


    I"m planning a holiday next week but will cotact you when I get back , do you think you have any photos of the lorries you got in the sale?

  5. Yes I believe it is the same business.

    My mother says the business from what she remembers from talking to my Dad/Grandad was based on Penistone Road but moved at some point while under my family's ownership to Woodburn Road where it stayed until the bottom fell out of the steel industry killing off the business.

    My Mother said she would get the pictures out of the loft then I'll take a picture of them & could get them copied if needed?


    This is fantastic news , the only picture I have of a non steamer is one that your Grandad entered in the Lord Mayor"s Parade , do you think you have any photos of my family"s lorries after the takeover ?, perhaps we could meet , The depot and head office was on Bradfield Rd where I still live .

  6. My name is Stuart Cooke , my e=mail address is cooke775@btinternet.com it maybe easier to communicate through that medium

    To confirm that we are referring to the same business can you tell me where your Grandads firm was based in Sheffield ?

  7. My Grandad William Bingley bought the company from your Grandad from the sounds of it. I rang my Mum a moment ago & she's going to dig out some pictures including the originals of the steam trucks shown above which I remember (the pictures) from growing up!

    My Mother Margaret Bingley asked me to ask what your name is if your don't mind? Unfortunately my Farther Bob Bingley passed away a number of years ago now.


    My name is Stuart Cooke , my e=mail address is cooke775@btinternet.com it maybe easier to communicate through that medium

  8. I started working for B&C Co-op straight from school in 1958 and retired from there 7 years ago . I started in footwear and remaind in that department until it was franchaised in the late 90s . The shoe warehouse was at Broughton Lane , the site is now occupied by Sheffield Area . We had nine shoe branches = Fife Street , Gower Street , Ecclesfield , Margetson Crescent , Fretson Road Middlewood Road , Staniforth Road , Attercliffe Road and Exchange Street [ this store was the central department store until Castle House opened ] we later took over Stocksbridge , Woodhouse ,and Killamarsh Co-op Societieswho also had footwear departments

  9. ...Andy , the year was probably around 1980 when the SYPTE started to experiment in altering the rather bland cream with brown skirt and roof !

    Although this combo didnt get used , and only saw daylight at the Rutland Way Paintshop, - they did retain the Brown engine bustles (slightly darker brown than previous) and black bumpers , and the new style fleetname - although repositioned above the front doorway / drivers cab. This then became the standard livery on future buses (Metrobuses/Doms) when ordered new from 1980/1 on.

    Another bus , Fleetline 711 was also put in service for a few weeks with another experimental livery , although that also didnt last ! -( pm sent !)

    I took the photograph after spotting it as I passed the paint shop on a 42/53 bus , I had to do a quick return home to fetch my camera

  10. ....i remember going to Central Works (Queens Rd) Open Day back in '75 , and that for me (schoolkid) was brilliant !!! To see all the various bays / areas for each stage of maintenance was amazing, as it gave a great insight to all the "behind the scenes" of maintaining the buses for service.(upholstery dept , mechanical dept , paintshop , even ticket macine repair room ! ) and from that visit , it became this lifelong interest which i still have some 30+ years on !!!!!

    I remember back in SYPTE days PR man Bruce Hugman organised an open day at Greenland Road and he persuaded London Transport to send about 6 bues includind I think 3 RMs and a Titan also at least one bus from GMPTE , these visiting vehicles did a shuttle service from the depot along the Parkway to Pond Street bus station . Even though it was a wet day I got some good cini film of a very memorable and unforgettable day .

  11. OK, I had to look this one up.

    Most people are well aware of year codes indicated by a number (currently 10, previously 59) and even the older system still seen on old cars like mine (leading W = 2000), or older still with a trailing letter instead of a leading letter (trailing K = 1972) BUT fewer people will be familiar with the registration district codes that locate a vehicles place of first registration. I know of them, but cannot recall them without looking them up as they seem to defy having a logical system to them.

    According to the data I have WA, WB, WE, WF, WG and WJ are all Sheffield registrations. As also are KU, KW, KY and AK !!! (See what i mean, - no logic at all)

    However, the letter after the W indicates a regional licensing office and they should more correctly be called Sheffield DISTRICT codes, where the district probably extends beyond the City limits.

    For completeness the U District, either with or without a following letter is the code for Leeds. This doesn't suprise me that much as I seem to remember Mann Patent Steam Cart & wagon Co. Ltd was based in Leeds, - although the name does also conjure up a connection with the Isle of Man!! (Probably just my brain playing up)

    TF is Reading

    KM is Maidstone

    FU is Grimsby

    You can look up all the codes and other information about historic registrations here

    Car Registrations

    Up to 1974 Sheffield only had W WA WB WE & WJ , all the others were added after this date . See CAR REGISTRATION GUIDE Newby Books

  12. Yes, they are Mann wagons, built by the "Mann Patent Steam Cart & Wagon Co. Ltd".

    I was thrown by the tip and tilt bodywork which Foden used quite a lot on a similar looking engine. I should have known better, the width of the bodywork and the small amount of enginework visible on the right hand engine indicate it is not a Foden, however Mann made wagons with both traditional inline boilers, - like this one and like all Fodens, but also with some transverse boilers like the "Yorkshire Steam Wagon Co." design to utilise that extra body width.

    Now Mann was a much smaller wagon manufacturer than Foden. Foden manufactured just over 14000 steam road engines of which about 100 survive into preservation today. Mann manufactured around 1750 engines ( based on their engine numbers) of which only 12 are known to have survived to this day.

    Of the ones in the picturesheffield image the left hand one has a clearly readable registration plate begining with WF (a Sheffield district registration) so I assume it was new to your grandfather, a Sheffield based haulier. No Mann engines with WF registrations seem to have survived to this day, - in fact of the 12 surviving engines, 8 of them carry a U district marker (Registration is letter + 4 digits, ie "U 1234" the other 4 being TF, KM, FU and one which is not road registered. I am not well up on registration districts to identify where they were registered. At least 3 of the surviving engines are in museums (Beamish, Ironbridge and Hollycombe House) and all were registered between 19124 and 1928.

    So, if a Foden is over £250,000, a surviving Mann wagon would be worth considerably more just because of its rarity.

    WF is not a Sheffield reg , I have the original photo and I think it"s WE which is a Sheffield reg

  13. ...Middlewood Rd - the bottom bit as it just branches off Penistone Rd. ,sandwiched between Hillsboro Park on the right and the Football ground on the left. Could be football specials. In the background, would just about see the ski village on the hills nowadays! :o

    The three trams are on Parkside Road and these three trams were the last 3 rocker panel cars in Sheffield and are on a tram enthusiasts tour in the 50s , Parkside Road was used for stacking trams on football match days and also fotr training tram drivers , it was never a through tram route from Penistone Road to Middlewood Road although there was accsess tto both these roads at both ends

  14. Sorry - cant help with the location - but as for the tram , 536 , this was THE very last tram to be built /delivered to Sheffield back in 1952(before the re-introduction of Supertram) and was one of the 36 (501 to 536) publicly loved "Roberts" style models. Although very modern and stylish at the time, there was disbelief and sadness when they were scrapped with the abandenment of the tramway system back in 1960 , when trams like 536 were cut up for scrap when approx only 9 years old! In comparison the Supertram today is around 14 years old! Fortunately sister trams 510 and 513 wera saved for preservation and can be seen at Crich and Beamish

    536 was built by Charles Roberts of Wakefield but only 502-536 , 501 was built by Sheffield Transport Department at Queens Road .