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  1. Does anyone know why Minto road in Hillsborough was renamed from Milner road and when?
  2. SHEFFIELD TRAMWAY MEMORIES is a new book published by the South Yorkshire Transport Museum priced at £7.95 . As well as being available from the Museum it is also available from Sheffield Transport Models on London Road and Sheffield Scene on Surrey Street . The book records important dates of both the old and new systems as well as photographs many in colour and featuring interesting stories of the old trams in Sheffield
  3. Hi BillBingley I have been offline and on holiday but maybe we could meet if you could contact me by e-mail at cooke775@btinternet.com I really would appreciate it .
  4. Hi BillBlngley Are these the only photos your mum had ? I would like copies of them , can you arrange this . My phone no. is XXXXXXX
  5. I have lived on Regent Court for over 60yrs and would like any photos of the building and particular during there construction in 1936/7 .A booklet was printed advertising the features of the building in 1937 of which I would love to have a copy
  6. I"m planning a holiday next week but will cotact you when I get back , do you think you have any photos of the lorries you got in the sale?
  7. This is fantastic news , the only picture I have of a non steamer is one that your Grandad entered in the Lord Mayor"s Parade , do you think you have any photos of my family"s lorries after the takeover ?, perhaps we could meet , The depot and head office was on Bradfield Rd where I still live .
  8. To confirm that we are referring to the same business can you tell me where your Grandads firm was based in Sheffield ?
  9. My name is Stuart Cooke , my e=mail address is cooke775@btinternet.com it maybe easier to communicate through that medium
  10. The tram has just left what today is Shalesmoor tram stop heading away from city on Infirmary Road , the building on the left is the pub thats still there and in the distance on the right is St Phlips churchyard
  11. I remember the shelters in Sheffield painted as near as I can tell you orange/yellow/cream .
  12. I started working for B&C Co-op straight from school in 1958 and retired from there 7 years ago . I started in footwear and remaind in that department until it was franchaised in the late 90s . The shoe warehouse was at Broughton Lane , the site is now occupied by Sheffield Area . We had nine shoe branches = Fife Street , Gower Street , Ecclesfield , Margetson Crescent , Fretson Road Middlewood Road , Staniforth Road , Attercliffe Road and Exchange Street [ this store was the central department store until Castle House opened ] we later took over Stocksbridge , Woodhouse ,and Killamarsh Co-op Societieswho also had footwear departments
  13. Crich Tramway Village has a display of Sheffield tram signs on a depot wall
  14. I took the photograph after spotting it as I passed the paint shop on a 42/53 bus , I had to do a quick return home to fetch my camera
  15. I remember back in SYPTE days PR man Bruce Hugman organised an open day at Greenland Road and he persuaded London Transport to send about 6 bues includind I think 3 RMs and a Titan also at least one bus from GMPTE , these visiting vehicles did a shuttle service from the depot along the Parkway to Pond Street bus station . Even though it was a wet day I got some good cini film of a very memorable and unforgettable day .
  16. Up to 1974 Sheffield only had W WA WB WE & WJ , all the others were added after this date . See CAR REGISTRATION GUIDE Newby Books
  17. WF is not a Sheffield reg , I have the original photo and I think it"s WE which is a Sheffield reg
  18. The three trams are on Parkside Road and these three trams were the last 3 rocker panel cars in Sheffield and are on a tram enthusiasts tour in the 50s , Parkside Road was used for stacking trams on football match days and also fotr training tram drivers , it was never a through tram route from Penistone Road to Middlewood Road although there was accsess tto both these roads at both ends
  19. 536 was built by Charles Roberts of Wakefield but only 502-536 , 501 was built by Sheffield Transport Department at Queens Road .
  20. The wagons in the photo which my grandad owned were built by Mann not Foden
  21. Anyone got any photos or information about this road haulier who was my grandad and was based in Owlerton , family sold out in the early 50s but the new owners retained the name .
  22. Hi I would love a copy the tram outside Sheffield Lane Top co-op as I worked for the co-op all my life and I am also a tram enthusiast alexander