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  1. I had always thought either the Zing Vaa or the Golden Dragon on Matilda Street, both of which my dad used to take me many moons ago.
  2. russbeck

    Various Old n Not So Old

    Various pictures and subjects which have either been taken by me or I hold the copyright. I give my permission that any pictures I upload may be downloaded by members for personal use. If required for commercial use, please ask me first.
  3. No problem, if I had realised how big they were I would have done it myself. I'll consider my wrists slapped!
  4. It has to be Santas grotto at the bottom of the Moor that for me holds really good memories and also my dad was a cutler and the firm he worked for 'Taylor's Eye Witness' on Milton Street always held their staff Christmas party at the S&E Co-op bottom of Ecclesall Road. The parties were brilliant with all the kids getting a quality presents. I agree that the illuminations aren't as spectacular as they used to be, but considering the Council have an ever decreasing budget for the lights it not surprising. The first 3 pics are from 2006 the next 3 from 2010 and the final 4 from 2012. To be honest, I feel they are getting better each year. Also even though on my own with a camera on tripod etc. I haven't felt fearful in any way. Hopefully I will be back out over the next few weeks to take some more shots.
  5. Looking at a floor plan, in the 60s I used to have a Saturday job on my uncles fruit & veg stall which I think is number 44. The name over the stall was Cahill.
  6. You are absolutely bang on, in fact as a kid I too stood and watched them filming one of the scenes. I lived on Granville road but was always out and about on my pushbike. Looking over the railings in the picture you can see the corner entrance to the Rag N Tag market.
  7. Does Sheffield History have a central library of images which have been donated for everyone to use ( not commercially )? I have seen peoples individual albums but these are a bit random. I am considering creating an interactive map of the City using joined Ordnance maps which are on the site and inserting hyperlinks to photos for each specific street. For this to work it would require a central depository of photos. If anyone is interested in helping create such a map please get in touch.
  8. russbeck


    Bond Equipe is the correct answer. The same firm made the well known 3 wheeler Bond Bug.
  9. Radio Hallam was a brilliant station and I was an avid listener for years. As a mechanic I worked on Kelly Temples Mercedes convertible, he gave me a tip of rubbish promotional LP's. My favorite had to be Martin Kelner who did a late night show 10pm or so. Very none PC and sometimes made my jaw ache through laughing. Remember his comments on having found a new way to masticate? Brill posts by the way, I'm enjoying reading them all.
  10. Wow, the picture with the train and house in the background is brilliant and the postings make very interesting reading. The name David Watson definately rings a bell and I knew at the time the house was somthing to do with British Rail. I also remember going with David and freinds accross Queens road and into the water tunnel on our adventures. The arial photo shows the house and entrance clearly.
  11. Yea thanks for that, I've already seen that pic It's the only one I could find that actually has part of the roundabout on. As a youngster I used to spend ages round there on my bike and I can remember when it was spare ground at the side of Sheaf Gardens before DC Cook car sales was built. Also I used to visit a freind who lived in an old farmhouse which was accessed via a driveway at the bottom of Granville Rd. The farm is shown on maps but I've had no luck with any pics. I am angry with myself because I've been into photography sinse I was about 12 y/o so why didn't I photograph my local area. D'oh!
  12. Does anyone have any old pictures which show the roundabout at the bottom of Granville Road as it used to be? The Google map from 1999 shows the area and pictures might include the British Rail goods yard and the Renault dealership Earnst & Young on Suffolk Rd. At the bottom of St. Marys road was the old Montgomery pub which was demolished by a lorry in 1964 ( I cycled past the accident just after it happened ).
  13. The Landsdown was on the opposite corner.