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  1. Very happy to say that Geoff Allan (Father of Rick & Rob) is much improved, Geoff comes to most of our gigs and was with us at our band 'The Canyon' gig last Saturday 3rd Dec
  2. I know we had to carry the PA cabs we built up that fire escape. Here's a rather poor quality shot of the cabs we built. The bottom cab is one of a pair that we built for Def Leppard
  3. My band/group the 'Drumbeats' lost the support slot to the 'Beatles' at the 'Azena' White lane Gleadless on the toss of a coin to Mark Stone & The Adens. Roy Simonite (The Adens Drummer) still has the setlist John Lennon left on stage. We ended up supporting Screaming Lord Sutch at the Black Cat Club (St Aidens Churh Hall City Rd) instead. I've atached a shot of the Drumbeats playing Derby Locarno in 1964
  4. The Highcliffe was one of the best pubs to gig in during the 1960s we played there many times it had a good sized concert room.
  5. My late Grandparents who lived in Cundy Street Walkley had some German P.O.W.s for tea, these were from the Lodge Moor POW camp. I think that this was rather nice of them as (my Grandparents) they'd been blitzed out of Bolsover Street where the high rise flats are.
  6. Didn't see Rufus Thomas at the Mojo although like most groups we performed his song 'Walking The Dog' We did get to see Rufus Thomas in a blues club in Nashville in 1998, he was 82 years old by then, his first song that night was 'Walking The Dog'. There's a street named after him in Memphis 'Rufus Thomas Boulevard'. Did see Baldry and Stewart though.
  7. It was published by the 'Star Newspapers' and came out once a month, I believe it was something like 'Top Star'.
  8. Onather memory of the Mojo was of the kids arriving wearing the olive green combat jackets and a blanket roll over their shoulder, it was a sort of Donavon/dylan/hippy thing that preceded the flower power generation thing of the later 60s.
  9. On a very sad note our dear friend Geoff Allan father of Rik & Rob is ill in Western Park Hospital, Geoff is one of the nicest gentlemen you could meet. Keep on in there Geoff.
  10. Eagles - The Sad Cafe Lyrics Out in the shiny night, the rain was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard had all been washed away Out of the silver light, the past came softly calling And I remembered the times we spent inside the Sad Cafe Oh, it seemed like a holy place, protected by amazing grace And we would sing right out loud the things we could not say We thought we could change this world with words like "love" and "freedom" But we were part of the lonely crowd inside the Sad Cafe Oh, expecting to fly We would meet on that beautiful shore in the sweet by-and-by Some of their dreams came true, and some just passed away And some of them stayed behind inside the Sad Cafe The clouds rolled in and hit that shore Now that holy train, it don't stop here no more Now I look at the years gone by and wonder at the powers that be I don't know why fortune smiles on some, and lets the rest go free Maybe the time has drawn, the faces, I recall But things in this life change very slowly if they ever change at all No use in asking why, they just turned out that way So meet me at midnight, baby, inside the Sad Cafe Why don't you meet me at midnight, baby, inside the Sad Cafe This song appears in the following album: The Long Run
  11. My late Father worked at William Turners (Kismet) Eyre Street from 1929 till it closed in th 70s, he was a Brass Finsher & Turner, all the lathes on the floor where he worked were fed by overhead belts.
  12. I suppose I'm looking at more from a musicians point of view due to what happened and emerged on the popular music front throughout the 60s, there has never been a decade like it and I doubt that there ever will
  13. Another good thing about the Black Cat Club for me was that I could take my beginners gear and catch the 95 bus in Walkely and get off outside the club.