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  1. Sorry to revive this old thread, I just re-watched this two-part episode. Interesting to see ''old'' Sheffield, I used to live on the other end of Norfolk Road about 10 years after this was filmed!
  2. When I was a teenager I once walked along the ridge overlooking Derwent reservoir (opposite Bamford Edge ridge) with my uncle and along that long trail came across several old dates carved into the various stones up there, some from the 1600's. I didn't then have a camera but haven't forgotten them. Has anyone else ever noticed them?
  3. My uncle was telling me about a chap by this name related in some way to Sheffield's industrial past, with a plaque at our very own Kelham Island. However, I have found not one mention of this guy on the internet, nor the plaque?
  4. My brother is buried there, but haven't been down in ages. I don't want to, really, looking at these awful scenes.
  5. On another wall nearby, near the Almshouses on Norfolk Road, there is what appears to be random sections of the 5ft tall wall topped with this same concrete & glass security stuff? Regarding the above-mentioned 'arches' on Norfolk Park Road (almost below ground level) that seem to be drainage of some sort, there are four in total, all in the section between Norfolk Park Drive and the Norfolk Park Road entrance to the park on the other side.
  6. . Ok I give up with this series of wall oddities and curios?
  7. Today, in addition to the strange block 'footings' in the attached pictures (had trouble using uploader?) some of which you have seen before from another angle, I have found a new oddity- the strange ''archway'' at/below the ground level?
  8. I don't know, I was vaguely remembering, probably incorrectly! I had seen an 'old map' but it might have been a 60's map on this site, as someone mentioned the lake from that time, above? I have only been living in this area 15mths and don't know it's history.
  9. Really? I thought I had seen an old map (here?) or read about some old pond or lake in the grounds behind this wall in question?
  10. I'm sure that I remember reading that the lake was drained around the time that the time that the old farm building was razed in preparation for building work? Would make sense. The building work (school/college) makes a good explanation for the breaks in the wall at various points?
  11. Yeah, this needs clarifying so far, as I'm getting confused with all of the differing theories and possibilities! As we've stated before (un-keyed wall joints, etc), the wall has clearly been broken up at various points, for vehicular or walkway access?
  12. Good point, History Dude! Possible. But why are there some anti-climbing- strips over the wall, only above those overhangs?
  13. Yeah, upon closer inspection, the anti-trespass cement & glass sections on top of the wall are so small and specifically-placed that they do only appear over those 'eaved' sections of wall. I had not looked properly before and assumed that the cement had fallen off other sections of wall with age due to weather. Here's a few other things I noticed in the long straight bit of wall, near the toll house - In pics 1 & 2 the wall appears to have been broken apart for access, in a different place to the above pic I posted (I think), the stones appear to be the same, not new, but cleaned off and re-used? And the other two pics show some sort of footings (what was the original floor level?) and a recess deliberately made for the tree, which seems to have been there first?