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  1. Go on www.28dayslater.co.uk ... loooooooooads of sheffield buildings. stunning pictures
  2. There's some really nice photographs of Hallam Towers as it is today on the internet. In fact, same goes for a lot of abandoned places in Sheffield.
  3. Narrr, it weren't t'old stoneface I don't think.They were a smaller, varied objects, just scattered in the bushes next to a horse trough.
  4. Aw nice one. Yeah, it looks pretty rickety.. wonder who owns it now and if its going to be left to rot, or if it'll be brought back to life
  5. Anyone remember the abandoned ornaments/statues/sculptures on the side of Cocksutts Road that leads up to wharncliffe side from oughtibridge? My dad showed me them when I was very small, about 6. This would have been 1995/1996. Where did they come from? Where are they now? There was a lady's head, can't remember the rest, it was aaaages ago.
  6. Middlewood nurse is a popular lady... I am convinced there is one in our house but mi dad thinks im goin mental haha
  7. Does anyone know anything about this hotel? Memories, people, stories, why it closed...? I never stayed there. My parents got married there in the 80s though. I imagine it to look like the hotel in the first series of Alan Partridge haha. I walk past it every day on the way home from work and it looks really eerie!
  8. I've been doing some research about this and to date all I have found out for definate is that the murderer's name was Ian Wood, it took place sometime in the 1980s, the little boy he shot lived and he was a solicitor. He may have (by speaking to people I know from Oughtibridge, where I live, and Bradfield) fled to France afterwards.. I'm sure people romanticise stories like this, but I would like to know what really happened, just out of sheer curiosity, and the fact that stuff like this generally inspires my fiction writing. Was anyone around at the time, or knew Mr Wood or his family? I understand that some people believe the girlfriend of Mr Wood was having an affair with someone, but this is, along with most of the account, very cloudy. If you know something that you do not feel comfortable writing on this forum, please email me at hollywood_cocktail@hotmail.co.uk Cheers :)
  9. His name was Chris Bachelor, and he spent time at Middlewood Hospital in the late 70s. He was well known around that area as he often escaped. He drowned himself in the late 70s also after coming to terms with his mother's death. Please reply if you know anything, I really need to know more. Thanks
  10. I would love to buy this property off Doug Hague... He owns the most beautiful derelict buildings in Sheffield. Why does he let them crumble away? I think its cruel. Ive been to Thornseat Lodge a few times now, sometimes I go on my own. I'm only 20 and it was a stupid thing for a young woman to walk from Oughtibridge to Bradfield to enjoy the tranquility and hollow beauty of some old house. I've been followed by a weird highway maintenance guy and the week after a man in a clapped out white van... creepy..... But nothing stops me from wanting to go up there and chill and have a cigarette and do some writing, its such a breathtaking place. Ive taken notebooks up there and based my new book on Thornseat Lodge, it gives me the chills... but no drugs or anything can beat the buzz you get off places like these. DOUG, IF YOURE READING THIS, SELL IT TO SOMEONE WHO CARES, OR RESTORE IT, COS ITS SELFISH OF YOU TO LET IT ROT. :)
  11. AMAZING PICTURES! wish i was old enough to explore middlewood, I would have only been about 12 at the time it became derelict :(
  12. Helloooo! I'm a film student from Oughtibridge who is doing a short film script about one of the patients at Middlewood known as 'Scratch' (Chris Bachelor), he was in the hospital in the late 70s/ early 80s. He died around 1982 and was a good friend of my dad's. I would love to hear about the other patients (I will not use their real names and their characters will be constructed in a respectful manner), because Middlewood fascinates me and I love reading about it. Also, my mum told me that when she lived near the hospital an old woman who claimed to be 'Charles Bronson's daughter' used to pop up outside the bay window and stare in. I would like to know more about her if possible. I wouldve loved to go urbexing when the hospital became derelict, I was only a child though Thanks so much Anna