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  1. Now here is a pop trivia question that both me and my wife would love to know the answer to, -

    Who was "The wailing woman" on Johnny Leytons records "Johnny Remember Me" and "Wild Wind"?

    Neither his official site, or the Joe Meek site (who produced Leytons records) mention her so we would love to know.

    Her "wailing" certainly adds a mysterious atmosphere to both of these hits.

    We think she would have been an ideal subject to appear on Eamon Andrews programme "What's My Line?" due to the fact that she never sang, only wailed.

    Well Dave, the answer to your "wailing woman" question is - Lissa Gray, who sang on many of the records produced by Joe Meek.

    I hope that wins you your next Pub Quiz - and, if it does, you owe me a pint !

    By the way, Billy Fury is gone, but Mike Sarne is still with us.

    He appeared in "Doctors" (BBC), only last year, and before that, both him and John Leyton (and other contemporaries) appeared in the Joe Meek biopic - "TELSTAR"......not as themselves, but playing character roles.

    If you havn't seen this fabulous movie - do so! (it's out on DVD).

    It's a real nostalgia trip, and Con O'Neill is absolutely amazing as Joe Meek.

    Likewise.....read John Repsch's excellent biography of Meek - "The Legendary Joe Meek - The Telstar Man" (Cherry Red Books).

    As far as I know, the Brook Brothers are still with us....... Ricky being 70 this year, and Geoff 67.

    Wow!....that makes me feel old (although, not as old as them !).

  2. Thanks S24, a very nice collection of original 1950's film advertising posters. Brilliant

    What stands out (if you'll pardon the 3D pun) in these posters is that the thing that jumps out of the screen at you isn't the moving objects or the monsters at all

    It's the star actresses well endowed assets

    Yes indeed. The actresses' assets were always the two most important selling "points" in Hollywood's marketing !

  3. I must admit that I saw both "The Creature From the Black Lagoon" and "It Came From Outer Space" at a special showing at the cinema owned by the council near the Grosvenor Hotel (The Anvil??) in 1977 or 1978 and NOT when they came out in the 1950's.

    However, I did see them at a cinema in Sheffield.

    Yes, Dave.......I saw those two movies there too. They had a special 3-D revival week, as I recall ?

  4. In view of the current vogue for 3-D movies, I thought that I would add some more detail to the earlier posts.

    In fact, very few 3-D films were shown in Sheffield back in the 1950's, and I can only find references for 8 of them.

    The process had been started in 1952, by an American producer named Arch Oboler. He filmed a cheap jungle quickie called "BWANA DEVIL" ( starring Robert Stack) which had nothing going for it, except the new process of 3-D. The ads promised you "A Lion in your lap, and a lover in your arms !". The film was a sensation in the States and Warner Brothers - looking for a way to combat the onslaught of television in the early '50's - quickly took up an option on the process.

    (I can find no record of this movie ever having played in Sheffield at that time.)

    Warners made their first 3-D movie in 1953 - "HOUSE OF WAX" (starring Vincent Price), and it was a MASSIVE hit, all over the world.

    It was the first 3-D feature seen in Sheffield, and it played at the Hippodrome from Sept. 7th to 19th, 1953. You wore a special pair of glasses in order to see the illusion of depth, and these cost an extra sixpence.

    Several other 3-D movies followed, all playing at the Hippodrome. These were:

    "SANGAREE" - with Fernando Lamas & Arlene Dahl (Dec 30th, 1953 to Jan 5th, 1954)

    "THE CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" - with Guy Madison & Frank Lovejoy (Jan 18th to 23rd, 1954)

    I believe that this is the Western that the guy in the earlier posting remembers seeing back then?)

    "CEASE-FIRE" - a curious, semi-documentary film about the Korean War, with real soldiers, and no stars.(April 26th to May 1st, 1954)

    "HONDO" - with John Wayne & Geraldine Page (One of the best 3-D movies made) - (May 24th to 29th, 1954)

    "KISS ME KATE" - Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel (June 7th -12th, 1954)

    "THE PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE" - Karl Malden & Claude Dauphin (Aug 23rd - 28th, 1954)

    The last of the Warner Bros 3-D movies was Hitchcock's "DIAL "M" FOR MURDER" (Sept 13th - 18th, 1954), but this was shown here "flat".

    Interest had quickly begun to wain in 3-D, and people didn't like having to wear (and pay for!) the special glasses, complaining of eye strain and headaches. It was also apparent that the new process that 20th Century Fox had been developing - CinemaScope, was going to be a huge success, and Warners soon bought a license from Fox and went into CinemaScope production too, as did nearly all the other Hollywood studios.

    Warner's first CinemaScope movie was - "THE COMMAND" - with Guy Madison.

    It ran at the Hippodrome from October 18th to 23rd, 1954

    M.G.M.'s first CinemaScope film - "KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE" - with Robert Taylor & Ava Gardner) quickly followed it, running from Dec. 1st to 6th, 1954.

    Other studios too produced 3-D movies, but most of these were only shown "flat" here. Most notably Universal's "THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON" which played at the Cinema House. The Gaumont showed several others - "MONEY FROM HOME" with Martin & Lewis, "THE FRENCH LINE" with Jane Russell and "THOSE REDHEADS FROM SEATTLE" with Rhonda Fleming. All of these "made in 3-D" films were shown "flat", and not in 3-D.

    The only other Sheffield cinema that I can find a reference for having shown 3-D films was - the Essoldo, Sheffield Lane Top.

    They had the Sheffield premiere of "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" from Feb.15th to 20th, 1954, and subsequently played several of the above 3-D films.

    (Later on, the Essoldo was also the first suburban cinema to show CinemaScope films in Sheffield.)

    That was more or less it for 3-D here. The process came, and went within the space of a year. CinemaScope had proved to be the winner, and films like "THE ROBE", "HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE", "THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN",etc,etc were MASSIVE hits, all over the world....and Sheffield !

    By the way, the film mentioned in the earlier posting that was shown on ITV in 3-D, in October, 1982 was Columbia's weak effort - " FORT TI " - with George Montgomery. This did play at several local cinemas in the '50's, but not in 3-D.

    CinemaScope, and Stereophonic Sound were here to stay (at least until the late 1960's), and "THE ROBE" ran for 8 weeks at the Palace, Union Street, from February, 15th to April 10th,1954.

    An unprecedented run at that time.

    Oddly enough, the second CinemaScope movie - "HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE" (Marilyn Monroe,Betty Grable & Lauren Bacall) beat "THE ROBE" into Sheffield by two weeks - playing at The Gaumont from 1st to 13th February, 1954.

    The reason for this being that....normally, the Gaumont would have the first runs of 20th Century Fox, Columbia, United Artists and Universal's movies (with the Hippodrome taking Warner Bros, M.G.M. and Paramount's fims)......in the main.

    However, J.Arthur Rank told Fox that he would take their CinemaScope films, but he couldn't tell the difference between Stereophonic Sound and the normal mono......so, he didn't want to go to the extra expense of installing that in all his theatres.

    Fox said "No way!....you can't have one, without the other. It's a package". So, foolishly, Rank said "I'll leave it then" ! (he later relented).

    Fox then approached independent cinemas in each city to be the exclusive exhibitor of their sensational new product, and the Palace, Union Street

    was the winner in Sheffield.... and that is where nearly all the early CinemaScope films were first seen here.

    Notice the selling point in the early ads for CinemaScope......."You see it without the use of special glasses".

    In later years, other studios tried to revive 3-D in one form or another, but with little success.

    It proved to be a gimmick that the public soon grows tired of.

    I wonder how long today's 3-D trend will last for ??????

  5. What an interesting collection S24

    I have already posted all of the dates that The Beatles appeared in Sheffield earlier in this thread as they are well documented.

    Well, they would be wouldn't they, ...it was The Beatles after all.

    But some of those you are looking for exact dates on, - what an interesting set of early 1960's, mainly pre - Beatle artists.

    Wish I had been to see some of them.

    I wish I could see them all again Dave....especially at those prices !

  6. Artists that I can remember seeing at the City Hall are:

    CLIFF RICHARD - 14th April, 1964

    ESTHER & ABI OFARIM - 4th July, 1968 (This was one of the best concerts I ever attended. Esther had the most amazing voice.)

    THE NEW SEEKERS - April 13th, 1971

    DON MCLEAN - 24th May, 1976

    GILBERT O'SULLIVAN - 1977 (I don't have the ticket stub to check the full date.)

    I also saw The Beatles there - twice, but I sold my ticket stubs, long ago !

    I also remember seeing people like : Billy Fury, John Leyton, Mike Sarne, Mike Berry, the Brook Brothers, etc.

    Anyone have the dates for any of those ?

  7. Yes a brilliant and very interesting post S24.

    Welcome to Sheffield History.

    Your list must go beyond 1972 as one of the films at 6= is Star Wars with 1978 dates of showing.

    Thanks for the welcome folks and glad that you found my post interesting.

    No, Dave - my list does end at the start of 1972.

    I only looked up the "Star Wars" info recently because someone else had speculated on it's run, earlier in this thread, and I wanted to include it in my list.

    Whilst looking that up, I also noticed that "Ryan's Daughter" had run concurrently with it, at the ABC, and had also clocked up 13 weeks.

    This surprised me actually, as this movie is always talked of as being a huge flop. I must admit, I never fancied it, and have never seen it to this day.

    Still, there are many, many other films i'm sure that would have been delighted with a 13 week run !

  8. I only found this great site a few weeks ago and , as i've always had a great interest in movies, I thought I would add my contribution to this thread, as my first posting. So, here goes.......

    As I have gotten older, I have often thought back to the cinema going days of my youth with great affection, and wondered - "Just how long did such-and-such a film run for?" .... the Epic movies that seemed to run for ever at the Odeon and ABC , etc back then.

    So, when I retired, I decided to satisfy my curiosity, and took myself off to the City Library where I spent many, subsequent Wednesday afternoons ploughing through back copies of The Star (on microfilm).

    Initially, I had intended just to look up all the movies that ran at the Odeon (my favourite cinema) in it's short, 15 year life. But, as I got into the project, I decided to extend it to cover the whole of my cinemagoing life - starting in 1948 (the year I was born) and going up to the year (more,or less) when everything changed -1971, and movies became more violent and foul mouthed.....and my visits became more and more infrequent.

    I now have a database of what ran at the main City Centre cinemas - Odeon, Gaumont, ABC, Palace Union St, Hippodrome, Cinema House, Classic - plus, the two locals we frequented most back then - The Adelphi (Atercliffe) and The Lyric (Darnall) - between May, 1948, up to the end of 1971.

    It's a very useful thing to have when the old nostagia memory banks need a nudge.

    Some people on here have speculated on which movies had the longest run .....Sound of Music, Ben-Hur, Star Wars,etc. So, here is a list of the top 50 longest running movies in Sheffield, between 1948 and 1971. Oh!...I checked on "Star Wars" (1978), and that comes in at joint 6th !

    Most of these listed refer to the film's original run. In the case of the "Epics", these were shown in what were called Road Show Presentations.....where thay would be shown on a "two a day", theatrical basis. With the film having an Overture, Intermission and Exit music....and there was usually a souvenir brochure/programme on sale in the theatre.

    I don't know what subsequent longer runs took place after this time (maybe someone else would like to bring it up to date one day ?), but here we go....... You may find quite a few surprises in the list, with several big movies you might think should be there - not !

    For starters - there is no doubt about the all time Champ - that is "The Sound of Music", which ran at the Odeon, in it's original Todd-AO Road Show presentation for 71 weeks, or, to put it another way - 1 year, 4 months and 3 weeks. An incredible run, which will never be surpassed.

    Here is the list :

    1) THE SOUND OF MUSIC - 71 weeks (ODEON - 3rd October, 1965 to 11th February, 1967 )

    2) SOUTH PACIFIC - 21 weeks (ODEON - 26th December, 1958 to 23rd May, 1959 )

    3) HELLO,DOLLY ! - 15 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 28th December, 1969 to 11th April, 1970 )

    4) STAR! - 14 weeks (ODEON - 21st July, 1968 to 26th October, 1968 )

    " ) SONG OF NORWAY - 14 weeks (GAUMONT 1- 20th December, 1970 to 27th March, 1971 )

    6) BEN-HUR - 13 weeks (ABC - 10th September, 1961 to 9th December, 1961 )

    " ) STAR WARS - 13 weeks (GAUMONT 2 - 29th January, 1978 to March 18th -Then transferred to GAUMONT 1 on March 19th to April 29th, 1978)

    " ) RYAN'S DAUGHTER - 13 weeks (ABC - 30th January, 1978 to 29th April, 1978 )

    9) MY FAIR LADY - 12 weeks (ABC - 10th October, 1965 to 1st January, 1966 )

    10) THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - 11 weeks (ODEON - 17th December, 1967 to 9th March, 1968 )

    " ) OLIVER ! - 11 weeks (ODEON - 22nd December, 1968 to 8th March, 1969 )

    " ) DOCTOR ZHIVAGO - 11 weeks (ABC - 25th September 1966 to 10th December, 1966 )

    " ) KELLY'S HEROES - 11 weeks (ABC - 14th February, 1971 to 1st April, 1971 )

    " ) LOVE STORY - 11 weeks (ABC - 6th September, 1971 to 20th November, 1971 )

    " ) THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN - 11 weeks (GAUMONT 2 - 23rd September, 1969 to 6th December, 1969 )

    " ) CROMWELL - 11 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 26th July, 1970 to 10th October, 1970 )

    17) SPARTACUS - 10 weeks (ODEON - 29th October, 1961 to 6th January, 1962 )

    " ) CLEOPATRA - 10 weeks (ODEON - 16th February, 1964 to 25th April, 1964 )

    " ) THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES - 10 weeks (ODEON - 25th July, 1965 to 2nd October, 1965 )

    " ) GONE WITH THE WIND (70mm Re-issue) - 10 weeks (ABC - 22nd December, 1968 to 1st March, 1969 )

    " ) ANNE OF THE 1000 DAYS - 10 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 12th April, 1970 to 20th June, 1970 )

    22) THE GUNS OF NAVARONE - 9 weeks (ODEON - 16th July, 1961 to 16th September, 1961 )

    " ) FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - 9 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 20th February, 1972 to 22nd April, 1972 )

    24 ) THE ROBE - 8 weeks (PALACE, UNION ST.) - 15th February, 1954 to 10th April, 1954 )

    " ) GIGI - 8 weeks (CINEMA HOUSE ) - 14th September, 1959 to 7th November, 1959 )

    " ) SOLOMON & SHEBA - 8 weeks (ODEON - 26th December, 1959 to 20th February, 1960 )

    " ) THE ALAMO - 8 weeks (ODEON - 19th February, 1961 to 15th April, 1961 )

    " ) WEST SIDE STORY - 8 weeks (ODEON - 11th November, 1962 to 5th January, 1963 )

    " ) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - 8 weeks (ODEON - 13th October, 1963 to 7th December, 1963 )

    " ) SCROOGE - 8 weeks (GAUMONT 1) - 27th December, 1970 to 20th February, 1971 )

    31) 55 DAYS AT PEKING - 7 weeks (ODEON - 11th August, 1963 to 28th September, 1963 )

    " ) DOCTOR DOLITTLE - 7 weeks (ODEON - 24th March, 1968 to 11th May, 1968 )

    " ) WHERE EAGLES DARE - 7 weeks (ABC - 18th May, 1969 to 5th July, 1969 )

    " ) NICHOLAS & ALEXANDRA - 7 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 26th December, 1971 to 19th February, 1972 )

    35) CAN-CAN - 6 weeks (ODEON - 17th April , 1960 to 28th May, 1960 )

    " ) EL CID - 6 weeks (ODEON - 16th September, 1962 to 27th October , 1962 )

    " ) THE LONGEST DAY - 6 weeks (ODEON - 17th February, 1963 to 30th March , 1963 )

    " ) CAMELOT - 6 weeks (ABC - 17th December, 1967 to 27th January , 1968 )

    " ) HALF A SIXPENCE - 6 weeks (ABC - 28th April , 1968 to 8th June , 1968 )

    " ) GOLDFINGER - 6 weeks (GAUMONT - 4th October , 1964 to 14th November, 1964 )

    " ) ICE STATION ZEBRA - 6 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 23rd July , 1969 to 30th August , 1969 )

    " ) FUNNY GIRL - 6 weeks (GAUMONT 2 - 23rd July, 1969 to 30th August, 1969 )

    " ) BEN-HUR (Re-issue) - 6 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 18th January, 1970 to 28th February, 1970 )

    " ) LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Re-issue) - 6 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 11th October, 1970 to 21st November, 1970 )

    " ) WAR & PEACE - 5 weeks (CINEMA HOUSE - 22nd July, 1957 to 24th August, 1957 )

    46) THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE - 5 weeks (ODEON - 11th October, 1964 to 14th November, 1964 )

    " ) KHARTOUM - 5 weeks (ODEON - 12th February, 1967 to 18th March, 1967 )

    " ) THE BIBLE - in the Beginning - 5 weeks (ODEON - 19th March, 1967 to 22nd April, 1967 )

    " ) FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD - 5 weeks (ABC - 25th August, 1968 to 28th September, 1968 )

    " ) THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN - 5 weeks (PALACE, UNION ST. - 25th October, 1954 to 27th November, 1954 )

    That's 50 - but also in joint 46th place are:

    " ) THE KING & I - 5 weeks (PALACE, UNION ST. - 1st October, 1956 to 3rd November, 1956 )

    " ) ISLAND IN THE SUN - 5 weeks (PALACE, UNION ST. - 5th August, 1957 to 7th September, 1957 )

    " ) THE SHERIFF OF FRACTURED JAW - 5 weeks (PALACE, UNION ST. - 22nd December, 1958 to 24th January, 1959 )

    " ) PATTON - 5 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 21st June,1970 to 25th July, 1970 )

    " ) TORA, TORA, TORA - 5 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 4th April, 1971 to 9th May, 1971 )

    " ) WATERLOO - 5 weeks (GAUMONT 1 - 2nd May, 1971 to 2nd June, 1971 )

    " ) BEDKNOBS & BROOMSTICKS - 5 weeks - (GAUMONT 2 - 26th December, 1971 to 29th January, 1972 )

    Well, that's the score up to the beginning of 1972. I'm sure there are many other long running movies after that....

    "Grease", "E.T. ...", "Harry Potter",etc.

    As I said earlier, maybe someone else can fill in those gaps?.......maybe even I will be in the mood to do so, one day ?