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  1. Yes. it was Firth Park. I could have gone to King Ted’s but, my cousins were at Firth Park so, I was talked into going there. Wish I hadn’t!

    James Darren made quite a few films at that time, The “Gidget” films,etc.“Guns of Navarone” being the best. By the way, he’ll be 80 in June !

    John Wayne cottoned on to the fact that Pop Singers/Teenage Heartthrobs could add quite a lot to the box-office takings after Ricky Nelson appeared with him in “Rio Bravo” in 1959. He signed  Fabian for “North to Alaska” and Frankie Avalon for “The Alamo” in 1960. James Stewart also had Fabian in three of his films in the 60’s.

    There was another Pop singer that didn’t do too badly in films either. what was his name?....erm.... I think it was Elvis something or other?

    Whatever happened to him ? :)

  2. On 15 January 2016 at 10:15 AM, Athy said:

    Thank you S24, yes, interesting reading. Many of the films are the ones which would be expected, but an exception is 'Song Of Norway; I don't think I have ever heard of it!

    I guess that when the films had finished their city centre runs, they would trickle down to the suburban venues. I clearly remember seeing Guns Of Navarone, and I clearly remember that I went with another lad who would become a lifelong friend; but he and I only became friends about the end of September 1961, after finding ourselves in the same form at King Ted's, so we would have seen the film after its end date which you cited. My guess is the Rex.

    I don’t have records for The Rex to hand, but I did check what I do have.

    After playing it’s exclusive, Road Show season at the Odeon in 1961,“The Guns of Navarone” was back at the Gaumont for a week - 8th to 14th April, 1962. This would have been the start of it’s General Release and it would have reached the locals, two, or three weeks after this. Is that when you saw it?

    King Ted’s eh?..... I was a Red Cap.




  3. “Song of Norway” IS a surprising entry in the longest running films in Sheffield list, I agree. I never fancied it at the time and never went to see it. I’ve seen bits of it on TV since, but, it’s been a while since it was on.

    It had been a hit show on Broadway and in London in the 1950’s. Robert Wright & Chett Forrest, who had had an earlier big hit with “Kismet”, adapted from the music of Borodin, decided to chance their arm again, this time using Edvard Grieg’s music. It was a hit, but not as successful as “Kismet”. Ironically, the movie version of “Song Of Norway” was ten times a bigger hit on screen than “Kismet” was!

    Song of Norway (1970).jpg

  4. On 6 January 2016 at 9:59 AM, Athy said:

    Now you have jogged my memory: I recall the News Theatre (in Fitzalan Square?) closing down and re-opening as the classic - perhaps about 1961? The Classic was, at least initially, devoted to showing great films from the past, hence its name I suppose.

    The News Theatre closed towards the end of 1961. It re-opened as The Classic on January 14th, 1962.

    It’s first classic film was “The Apartment”, followed by “The Robe”, “Roman Holiday”, “Withering Heights” and “The Wages of Fear”.

    If you would like to read my post on Sheffield’s 50 longest running films, you can find it here ......


  5. On 2 January 2016 at 0:03 PM, MINIMO said:

    This is an old thread but I wonder if I might be allowed to add a little to it. I and my siblings are each writing the story of our life, which is bringing up long forgotten memories. I seem to remember my mum going to see the singer Josef Locke at The Palace Union St. This would have been sometime between 1954 and 1958.

    I wonder if anyone can confirm if this might have been so?

    When I retired, I made a list of all the movies that played the City Centre cinemas, from 1948 to 1971. I just checked The Palace for you and could find no reference for Josef Locke. It’s highly unlikely that he would have appeared there as it was built as a cinema, and had no theatrical facilities. She may have been thinking of the Empire Theatre, which was across the road in Charles Street?

    This would be the most likely place for artists like him to appear as it was the Variety theatre.

    If you would like to read my post on Sheffield’s 50 longest running films, you can find it here....




  6. Surely, someone bonkers enough to compile such a list would be willing to share the information ... pretty please ...

    Bonkers, yes! ....Share ? ...... I wouldn’t know where to start !

    The information is on Excel, not on a website.

    Maybe producing such a site is another project for me, one day ???

    In the meantime, if you want any dates, or info ....just ask, and i’d be happy to post them on here. :)

  7. That's interesting. I remember the film which starred David Niven ( on checking I see it came out in 1948...which would tie in with my time spent with my Uncle...by 1954 I was too "grown up" to be taken to a cinema) and I remember the "Skye Boat Song" which it included. Sadly, I don't ever recall, as a small boy,being taken to any other cinemas in town other than the Cinema House, the News Theatre and the Gaumont. I don't ever recall going in the Hippodrome until I was a teenager"

    Strange! :)

    Well!...the mind can play strange tricks ! For years, I was convinced that my Dad took me to see “Prince Valiant” at the Cinema House. It wasn’t until I did my research on play dates (when I retired) that I discovered that that movie had never played the Cinema House either. It had been at the Palace, Union Street !

    After spending every Wednesday afternoon for 6 months in the Local History library, and going through the Entertainments pages of The Star, I now have a complete record of play-dates for all the films that ran at the main, Downtown Sheffield cinemas (except the Wicker) between 1948 and 1972.

    There is no record for “Bonnie Prince Charlie” at the Cinema House ! If you saw it in town, in 1949, it was The Hippodrome ! :)

  8. Back in the late 1940's/ early 50's my uncle, occasionally, took me to the Cinema House ( my locals were the Paragon and the Capitol) The two films I saw that stick in my mind were Treasure Island and a film, whose name eludes me about Bonnie Prince Charlie.

    Walt Disney’s “Treasure Island” - his first, live action film, first played at the Cinema House from Dec 24th 1950 to Jan 13th 1951. It played there again (in a re-issue double bill with “Cinderella".} from 4th - 10th Jan 1959.

    “Bonnie Prince Charlie” never played at the Cinema House. That was first shown in Sheffield at The Hippodrome from the 22nd - 28th May 1949, and reached the locals in September of that year.

    The Scottish film that you saw at the Cinema House was probably .... Walt Disney’s “Rob Roy”. That film had it’s first Sheffield run there from 18th April to 1st May, 1954.

  9. This is the Redgates store that I grew up with in the 1950s. The BEST one...the one with the fantastic atmosphere that the new, Sunwin House one never had.


    It was one of the first new stores to rise from the ashes of the Blitz on The Moor, and was right next door to Woolworths ( which was THE first of the re-built stores).

    The original Redgates stood,roughly, in the space between what is now the empty McDonalds corner site and Woolworths and was wiped out in the Blitz.

    You can see it on the right hand side of this painting:


    This is how it looked after the Luftwaffe had re-modelled it ! :


    The Woolworths store was the first one to be rebuilt on The Moor and, here you can see it standing proud and all ready for the Coronation, in 1953. :


    How it looked after Redgates moved to their new premises and Quadrant Stationers took it over.....and, how it looks today :



    At that time, the Wilson Gumpert toy shop had nothing to do with Redgates and stood on the top side of Fitzalan Square.

    Marples Corner had been obliterated in the Blitz, but, the rest of that block remained intact, as it still is today. (Apart from the left hand end).

    It stood in the unit that is occupied in the second photo by Colonnade (with the blue sign).

    The Tags model shop of today is in the unit next door, which was, back then ( I think ?) a branch of Clarkes the Cleaners.



  10. I clicked on a couple of the links to photos, but could not view them. Is there a problem with them or is it me?

    I'm trying to recall the films I saw, either with my dad or a bit later on with my best friend Jon (still best friends 50+ years later!) at the Rex or the Manor. I know that the very first, which Dad took me to, was a US Civil War drama called The Great Locomotive Chase. Dad also took me to watch Johnny Tremaine, also a Disney film, about the US War of Independence.

    Later viewings included Play It Cool (starring Billy Fury) and Guns Of Navarone, also one of Elvis' many flicks but I can't remember which one.

    Athy.......Walt Disney's "The Great Locomotive Chase" ( with Fess Parker & Jeffrey Hunter ) played at the Rex, w/c Jan 21st, 1957.

    I don't have a record for the Rex to hand, but ....Disney's "Johnny Tremain" ( paired with a re-issue of "Bambi" ) first played at the Gaumont w/c January 6th, 1958. This means that it would have reached the Rex a few weeks later, or, as it was a Disney programme, it may have been held back for the next school holidays that year ( Easter ???).



  11. Would that be Billy J Kramer (real name William Howard Ashton) with or without his backing group The Dakotas?

    The Dakotas were a good act in their own right. Their manager (Brian Epstein of course, - who else for early 60's Liverpool groups?) had designs on them becoming "the new Shadows", but after just 2 instumental hits, "Magic Carpet" and "The Cruel Sea" it was not to be. :(

    As it was 1964, I would be very surprised if The Dakotas weren't with him here. I think I saw them at the City Hall, in one of those "collective" pop concerts, but I can't remember for sure ?

    By the way, Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Brian Epstein in a forthcoming movie. Should be interesting !

  12. Anyone know of any other way I could tackle my earlier query? I may be visiting Sheffield in a few weeks but time will be limited, so I need to use it as wisely as possible :wacko: Would there be any records held anywhere regarding singers at the Hippodrome whilst it was open, before it became a cinema?????

    You might try the Local Studies section of the City Library. Look through old copies of the Sheffield evening paper - "The Star" for any advertisements for the Hippodrome at that time. They would normally be on the same page.

    The library has all the old newspapers on microfiche, so, they are very easy to scan through. Someone there will help you, and show you how to do it. Good luck !