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  1. Hi Arthur, Great to see that you have kept those certificates. I have still got my badges but no certs. Interestingly I see one is signed by E Nortcliff (Ernest, company captain) on behalf of B Wing (Ben who was captain of 54th at Firth Park) who must have signed it as 4th District Convener I think. John
  2. Anything by the Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli - so many memorable evenings!
  3. Thanks all for your responses, John
  4. Can anyone please tell me if the beerhouse at 85 Pye Bank/ 85 Pitsmoor Rd had a name in the period 1901-1925 when Hilderbert de Lacey ran it? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know what pub it would have been at 85 Pye Bank or 85 Pitsmoor Rd please?
  6. In 1891 Hildabert senior was a beerhouse keeper at 2 Fowler St but doesn't give pub name. From entries on Sheffield Forum i think it was called The Locomotive. In 1901 he & his son were at 85 Pye Bank (which I think may have become Pitsmoor Rd) & thats the pub his son took over after his father died in 1909. I can't find its name though
  7. Hildabert De Lacey was the Christian name used by at least 4 generations of the Pigott family. My gt grandma, Elizabeth Pigott was aunty to the Hildabert you show; his father was a beer house keeper too. Elizabeth was killed in the Zeppellin raid of 26 Sep 1916 on Writtle Street.
  8. Suggest you try ringing The Star; also Sheffield Central Library to see how recently their collection of old newspapers start.
  9. Many thansk for your responses. Finally sorted it by re-installing Internet Explorer ! Thanks to you all for responses.
  10. Thanks SteveHB. Unfortunately I forgot about system restore & reset my Internet settings on IE tools to default condition & this seems to have prevented me doing any system restores.
  11. I am having trouble with Internet Exporer ; its not downloading small pictures eg on this page where it says Manage Topic Poll all I get in the left hand box is a square with a red cross in it. The same happens to the weather symbols (rain etc) on the BBC weather showing the details for a particular day. I have noticed it on the Skype home page too so maybe its not just as IE problem. I have tried Firefox & don't get the same probelm on that. I have tried all the advanced internet option settings under Tools on IE but not solved it. Can any computer expert help me please? Thanks, John
  12. What a great resource - Thanks Edmund
  13. I vaguely remember the assistant who served you put your payment into a container on an overhead wire system which after the assistant pulled a lever or something, whisked your payment to an office. There they sorted any change required & sent that back on the overhead wire (probably with a receipt) to the assistant, who passed the change to you. I think that would be very late 40's or early 50's.
  14. Hi JK WKA, Many thanks for the info. It certainly resolves the debate. I remember it being a bank later on as my parents banked there. Best wishes, John
  15. Hi JK WKA, Yes thats the shop. Do you know how long it was Joab Keay's/Walter Andrew's? Could Banners have bought it from them? I was born in 1944 so early memories are from late 40's to 60's when I got married & left Page Hall. Would love to see any other photos you have of it.
  16. I am told the dept store at Page Hall was Banners; there was also a branch at Fir Vale
  17. Any chance of a picture please? Happy Christmas
  18. Based on purchasing power, 6d in 1800 is about £1.65 today
  19. I have been trying to find out effect on Sheffield. The Tata Europe press relase says " Shift levels at the companies Rotherham & Hartlepool operations will be reduced to match production to lower demand for bar products & pipelines. This is expected to lead to a net loss of 150 jobs in Yorkshire (ie Rotherham) & 30 in Teesside (ie Hartlepool) " John
  20. Yes, remember it well! Got lots of records there plus enjoyed just browsing round.
  21. I was at Sharrow Vale WR Chapel the other day doing some family history research as some ancestors were heavily involved when the current church was built in 1902. This building replaced a "Tin Chapel" built in 1862. The Chapel are holding a 150th Anniversary Celebration at 10.30 am on Sunday 25 Nov so anyone with family connections there is invited to go along for stories, hymns & photos followed by refreshments. Chapel is at 215 Sharrow Vale Rd.
  22. What an understatement !!!!!!!!! I live at Guisborough in North Yorks & was at daughter's in Durham yesterday. This morning all these areas have flooding & travelling anywhere north from us is almost impossible. Roll on summer !!!!!!!!!
  23. I remember the Scots doctor- saw him once, "You have got Dysentery laddie " he said. "Don't have anything for 5 days but glucose water , then you can have a dry biscuit" ! The dry biscuit tasted like a piece of steak when I had it on the 6th day!! Dr Ridgeway lives in Millhouses area. I have met him on a few occasions over the years, most recently at the St Oswalds Centenary celebrations about 2 years ago.
  24. Anthony Morris was an ancestor of mine. 486 Staniforth Rd was his "office" address & 146 Steade Rd was his parents house , but in 1911 they were away for a time living in Wakefield so I think he housesat there. Family tradition has it that he was the fastest Pitmans shorthand writer in England.
  25. Thanks Richard but I am fairly sure that isn't my Charles Henry. I think mine worked in the steel industry probably at Samuel Osborns for a couple of years after school before WW1 (where he was in the RAMC) then probably back in steel industry until 1949 when he was "poached" by the government to go to London & be responsible for tool steel manufacture. Is there any entry for a Hattersley at 254 Rockingham st about 1931?