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  1. Hi Steve, I am using Firefox but have been using that for months. Can't recall any other changes. All the other website I access eg Sheffield Forum etc haven't changed. John
  2. I have found that for the past week or so Sheffield History is automatically logging me off when I leave (which it didn't do before).. Also If I set it to look at posts since my last visit I don't get anything. Whats happened? John
  3. The 150th Anniverasry of the Great Sheffield Flood is being commemorated by a series of events from 3rd - 12th March 2014. See this information from Bradfield Parish Council. This will also give descendants of Flood victims (like me descended from John King) opportunity to meet up. Karen Lightowler KARENL823@aol.com is coordinating these contacts. John
  4. Were you in the 53rd at Reform Chapel? I was in from being 8 in 1952 & stayed in as boy then officer until 1974 when I went to help dave Bennett at Creswick Greave & moved to Middlesbrough area in 1976. Here are a few photos of Whit parades. I have a number of other BB photos too as well as one of St Thomas' BB. Let me know if you want to see them. I went to Grimesthorpe Junior school but then Hinde House Secondary. John Moore '> '> '> '> '> '>
  5. Quick answer is there isn't a way I knowto find where a person worked. However, if a person fought in the war, many companies & churches have Rolls of Honour some of which are available on the net. There is a thread on here at http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/10132-sheffields-great-war-rolls-of-honour/ you can see . Put your relatives name in & see if he shows up in that. That may show where they worked.
  6. People at Sheffield Indexers have been photographing gravestones or collecting MI's for many of Sheffield's cemeteries but Abeey Lane has not been done yet. Maybe it will be done soon.
  7. Really sorry that many of your ancestors graves are in such a state. My wife has a number there too , thankfully not as bad as some of yours. Also as far as I can see no one has ever photographed the gravestones there or recorded the MI's. Most of my ancestors are in Burngreave. My gt grand parents grave was removed by the council asome years ago & the stone detstroyed in what can only be called an act of public vandalism. Their reason was said to be "health & safety" but the site is not overly steep so I can't see why. Anyway, why smash up the stone rather than keep it at the side of the cemetery as many are? What a shame !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Sheffield History Pro for excellent videos you posted. My gt Grandma Elizabeth Pigott was killed when shrapnel from a Zeppelin bomb went through the upstairs bedroom window of their house at 43 Writtle St (now Maxwell Way). By bad timing she was passing that window just at the wrong time. looking after my mum age 9 months who was sleeping in the bedroom. I took photos of the house last year & places where pieces were gouged out of the brickwork can be seen as well as an area below the upstairs window where the brickwork was presumably blown out & replaced. It looks as though all the brickwork was cleaned too as its a different colour to adjoining houses.Damage must have been significant as Gt Grandad William Bellamy had to move out of the house for a couple of years while repairs were done.
  9. Yes SteveHB. It works ok now. I think I have a problem with Intenet Explorer so have gone on to Firefox which seems much better.
  10. Thanks SteveHB, I have tried your link & I see the map very briefly (maybe half a second) then it disappears & I get a blank screen
  11. I am trying to look at the 1950's OS maps for Penistone rd but all I mm getting when the link to the relevant page comes up is Map_31_watermk_upload.jpg Is there a fault or is it my computer? Thanks, John
  12. The Sheffield Archives listing of Non-conformist church registers for Owlerton shows both the New Connection (NC) & United Methodist (UM) churches (& the Wesleyan church) so the UM & NC are definately not the same. The evidence is that the UM church was built after 1881 as it is not in the 1881 Religious survey list of UM churches Sheffield Archives Non – conformist church registers listing OWLERTON (Sheffield) Penistone Road (UM) Marr 1918-1962 SY 139/N30/13-15 Wesleyan Chapel Bap 1838-1903 NR 1681 Methodist Chapel (NC) Bap 1879-1963 NR 857-858
  13. Its marriage registers from 1918 - 1962 are in Sheffield Archives under SY 139/N30/13-15 but there are no baptism registers. It was on Penistone Rd. That suggests it was built around 1917 & put out of use in the 1960's. Its Roll of Honour is on Sheffield History at http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/6132-owlerton-united-methodist-church-roll-of-honour/ It is surprising that there is not more on it but Sheffield Archives may be able to give more information. Don't confuse this church with the Methodist New Connection church which was also on Penistone Rd but was built in the 1830's I think & is shown on Picture Sheffield & had a grave yard. I am fairly sure that was a different church.
  14. I have had a quick look & like you can't find him. Who were his parents & grandparents, uncles & aunts? He could be with one of those with surname not correct (particularly an aunt) although the most likely reason is parents just accidentally missed him off.
  15. Does anyone have a larger size image of the Ebenezer illustration please. I tried posting it somewhere & it wouldn't work so assume the 55KB size may be too small ?
  16. Many thanks SteveHB & Oldbloke. John
  17. Can anyone please point me at a map of Bramall Lane on here which shows house numbers . I want to see where 208 was & whether it was next to the Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Chapel (before it was demolished) Thanks, John
  18. Great post - shows such wonderful old names as Port Mahon which I have always wondered about!
  19. If you are the next of kin of a deceased person you can get their WW2 records for £30. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ministry-of-defence/about/publication-scheme#service-records---requests-for-service-records-of-deceased-service-personnel-and-home-guard
  20. Hi Lysander, My Dad Jim Moore was in BB at All Saints; it was the 15th Sheffield. He started in LIfe Boys in 1923 & BB in 1927. He left in 1932 when he was 18 & there wasn't a vacancy on the staff so went & helped start 53rd at Grimesthorpe WR. What was your gt uncle's name? Did you do DEA at Firth Park? If you did we probably knew each other. John
  21. Hi Lee, Sorry to disappoint you but I think you will not find a certificate as the law for Registration was not passed until 1 July 1837. Even after that registration was extremely patchy as it was the responsibility of Registrars to search out & record births & deaths. Its estimated that at least 15% of birth & deaths were missed. Clergy conducting marriages were responsible for submitting quarterly returns to the Registrar so marriages were better recorded . In 1874 a new Registration Act was passed which gave responsibility to the persons concerned to notify the event to the Registrar so that significantly improved the situation. It would appear from your entry that you have seen the baptism record for your ancestor & that will give you all the info you are likely to get ,although your ancestors marriage certificate (if there was one) would give more details of his father & job John
  22. Hi Arthur, Great to see that you have kept those certificates. I have still got my badges but no certs. Interestingly I see one is signed by E Nortcliff (Ernest, company captain) on behalf of B Wing (Ben who was captain of 54th at Firth Park) who must have signed it as 4th District Convener I think. John
  23. Anything by the Halle Orchestra conducted by Sir John Barbirolli - so many memorable evenings!