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  1. Thanks folks for looking. Binsted71 - Was anyone else buried in same grave eg wife Elizabeth? Also please do you have any burial details for his father also John Moore who died 6 Jan 1910? John
  2. I have an ancestor called John Moore born Sheffield 1856 who was a file grinder & I am told was killed on 12 Nov 1892 when a grindstone he was using split & exploded outwards. Can anyone find a newspaper report in that incident for me please? Thanks, John
  3. Sheffield Forgemasters used to be English Steel Corporation (part of Vickers Group) although it had 2 pariods of being nationalised & then denationalised. I think it origially dates from 1928
  4. According to the baptism records I have, Arthur was Arthur George not Arthur James & he & Francis James were baptised 25 Nov 1868 at St Stephen's. Sneinton. This is confirmed by BMD records. However according to FreeBMD they were not twins. Francis' birth was registered Dec qtr 1865 & Arthur's June qtr 1867. It was quite common for parents to wait to have children baptised until there were 2 or more as apparently it was cheaper to have a "job lot" done. John
  5. I have the baptism records for Notts. Can't find your Elizabeth on it though. There are Brotherhood family baptisms around that time at St Stephen's, Sneinton & St Mary's , Eastwood. If you have names of any of Elizabeth's siblings I can look for them. John
  6. According to my 1960 Ian Allan book, Sheffield Grimesthorpe was shed no 41B. Here are 2 photos taken at Grimesthorpe shed taken in 1928 (reproduced courtesy of National Railway Museum and SSPL)
  7. Unfortunately a lot of school admission registers appear to have been lost. I think Sheffield Indexers have put on the site all that are available so it may be impossible to find any actual evidence of where he went. You could go through the Sheffield Archives School Records list to see if any of them are located near Townhead st but you will need a map of the city centre & it will be a bit tedious! https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/archives-and-local-studies/collections/school-records.html
  8. You could try putting his name into the school rgeister search on Sheffiueld Indexers at http://www.sheffieldindexers.com/SchoolsIndex.html
  9. A relatively complete list of all Sheffield schools is given at https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/archives-and-local-studies/collections/school-records.html However, it does not include schools for which no admission registers have been found ; this includes eg Carlisle Street.
  10. Maxwell Way off Sutherland Road used to be called Writtle Street . My mum was born at 43 Writtle Street 2 oct 1915. Gt Grandma Elizabeth Bellamy (nee Pigott) was killed in the same house on 26 Sep 1916 by a Zeppelin bomb bursting outside. I have a 1950's map which still shows it as Writtle St so name must have changed in 2nd half of 20th century.
  11. I think the Sunday School Union (or whatever its name is now) is still in an upstairs office there. I visited it a couple of years ago.
  12. The Great Sheffield Flood Commemorations were wonderful. I met people from all over the world & enjoyed the walk led by Malcolm Nunn & attended by 208 people to Dale Dyke Dam on Tuesday.. The weather couldn't have been better! Many thank to all who provided a great exhibition at the weekend. My 2x Gt Grandad John King who died in Shaw's Wire mill at Damflask would have been proud to know that so many people wanted to commemorate that sad occasion.
  13. It appears his service record was lost in the WW2 fire that destroyed 40% or so of the WW1 service records. However his Medal Roll is here John
  14. Hi Laura14, I have found Avis in both 1901 & 1911; PM me your email address & I will send those sheets to you. I have a possible for Arthur Richardson in 1901 & 1911 . Was his father Edwin? If so will send those too. John
  15. Are you going to commemorations 8th/9th March at Bradfield? Karen Lightowler is trying to get descendants of victims together. Does she know about you? I am descended from victim John King.
  16. I suspect one school is Carlisle St (sadly the admission registers for that are lost) . It could just be All Saints though & the admission registers for that can be found on the Sheffield Indexers site (my parents are on those).
  17. Hi madannie77, Is it possible to post the Midland station departures for sometime in the 1950's or PM them to me please? Thanks, John
  18. Does anyone have a Tiimetable for the Midland Station in the 1950's or early 60's please? I did have one but have lost it. Thanks, John
  19. My wife (then girlfriend) & I also used the route over the boiler house coke store in the early 60's. All the staff must have used it as it saved a long walk!
  20. Also from a Sheffielder in North Yorkshire or Cleveland or whatever as in Guisborough we don't officially have a County except North Yorks for ceremonial purposes. How daft is that!!! Have a great 2014 & may Sheffield History continue it's good work in informing & exciting us! John
  21. Hi Mike, I think the fact that your group wish to make money out of selling the photo means you must have permission from the copyright owner otherwise you leave yourselves open to action . Perhaps to show you have made reasonable endeavours to trace them you could put a small ad in the local paper?
  22. Hi Margaret, Have sent you a PM with my email address. Best wishes, John
  23. Hi Steve, Working now ! Many thanks, John
  24. Hi Steve, Can't work out how to tick the cookies that are shown on the cookies page - clicking on them doesn't work
  25. Hi Steve, I am using Firefox but have been using that for months. Can't recall any other changes. All the other website I access eg Sheffield Forum etc haven't changed. John