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  1. Great find ! I hope most if not all of them survived
  2. I went to the Locarno Saturday night dances from about 1961 (after a couple of years going to City Hall dances) until about 1966. They had a great band & singers.AS far as I can remember it finished at midnight so everyone could get last buses at 12.30. I also recall great Boxing Day &New Years Eve dances for which tickets were difficult to get!
  3. I have the family in 1901 census & you are correct; parents are Thomas & Hannah. Thomas married Hannah Ibbotson in Jun qtr 1878. In 1901 they were living at 40 St Phillips Rd Sheffield. I can't find them in 1891. In 1881 they were living at 8 Robertshaw St. with a son Arthur age 7 months. Thomas' parents were Jonathan & Eliza who have grandson Arthur with them in 1881.
  4. Hi Laura,If you go back thorough the 1911 census pages from the one Samuel is on, you will eventually find the first page which shows he is in the Sheffield Union Hospital, which is the forerunner of the current Northern General Hospital. Unfortunately it does not give any other information except that he is a patient. I see a Samuel Bingham died in Sheffield in Dec qtr 1912; might that be him? Good hunting, John
  5. In fact over 50% of the WW1 service records were lost in the WW2 fire so the chances of finding ancestors are not great!
  6. You could set up an Outlook (was hotmail) email address & use that.
  7. New info -ancestry.co.uk has now put on its site 320,000 images of places in England from the Francis Frith collection including 300 of Sheffield.
  8. Probably English Steel Corporation.
  9. The Sheffield Battalion of The Boys Brigade had its Supplies shop at Victoria Hall for some years & held our Annual Battalion Parades there.
  10. I was in Sorby House at Hinde House school in late 1950's
  11. My grandad, William Morris had a small gold medallion on his watch chain inscribed on the back "EWSCC Batting Prize 1902". His initials were inscribed on the other face. It was made by J G Graves of Sheffield & is hallmarked. Can anyone identify what cricket club EWS Cricket Club might be please? In 1902 he was an 18 year old heating engineer living at 61 Sellers St . By 1911 & for the rest of his life he worked for the Sheffield Gas Company & might even have worked for them in 1901. Might EWS be something to do with teh Sheffield Gas Company? John
  12. The Sheffield Battalion of the Boys Brigade had its shop at Montgomery Hall for some years about 1960's before moving to Victoria Hall. We also used to have Battalion meetings there around the same time..
  13. Tapton was a Nurses Home when my wife was in training in the 1960's
  14. I was a member of the Gloops Club early 1950's I think. All I remember is that there was a Gloops Club section in The Star every week maybe?
  15. Hi Bonnie, Where can the army index be viewed please? John
  16. Yes its the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Best of luck, John
  17. His service number was 410178 & he was a Sergeant in the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers attached to Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons Royal Armoured Corps.. Buried at El Alemein War Cemetery in grave V1 E1. You can get a commemorative certificate from the CWGC site - won't that do? I am sure that to get his service record you must be his next of kin. If you are not, you can't get them & would have to get his next of kin to get them for you. I suggest you speak to teh General Register Officer on 0300 123 1837 to find out how best to get a certificate. When you order a death certificate I think they also offer a look-up service if you don't know teh precise reference
  18. Ancestry every time for me. I tried Find My Past for a month recently & found all the comments about its new search engine being very difficult to use are true!
  19. Thanks folks for looking. Binsted71 - Was anyone else buried in same grave eg wife Elizabeth? Also please do you have any burial details for his father also John Moore who died 6 Jan 1910? John
  20. I have an ancestor called John Moore born Sheffield 1856 who was a file grinder & I am told was killed on 12 Nov 1892 when a grindstone he was using split & exploded outwards. Can anyone find a newspaper report in that incident for me please? Thanks, John
  21. Sheffield Forgemasters used to be English Steel Corporation (part of Vickers Group) although it had 2 pariods of being nationalised & then denationalised. I think it origially dates from 1928
  22. According to the baptism records I have, Arthur was Arthur George not Arthur James & he & Francis James were baptised 25 Nov 1868 at St Stephen's. Sneinton. This is confirmed by BMD records. However according to FreeBMD they were not twins. Francis' birth was registered Dec qtr 1865 & Arthur's June qtr 1867. It was quite common for parents to wait to have children baptised until there were 2 or more as apparently it was cheaper to have a "job lot" done. John
  23. I have the baptism records for Notts. Can't find your Elizabeth on it though. There are Brotherhood family baptisms around that time at St Stephen's, Sneinton & St Mary's , Eastwood. If you have names of any of Elizabeth's siblings I can look for them. John