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  1. On the outside wall of the Peace Gardens on the side running pass the Army Stores etc were steel standard measures for yards etc etc
  2. Thanks for reply Roger. I think someone once counted that there were about 12 levels of dining at ESC ! Its a shame they don't run visits to the building as its so lovely & its a shame its just hidden there.
  3. In the last few years someone posted recent photos of the plush interior of English Steel Corps offices on Brightside Lane on a Sheffield History website. Does anyone know if they were posted on here? Thanks, John
  4. A Boys Brigade company (1st Sheffield) was formed in 1889 at Norfolk Street Wesley Chapel. This chapel was replaced on the same site by the Victoria Hall in 1908. The BB company there continued for many years until being closed sometime in period 1960 -1980. The Sheffield Battalion of The Boys Brigade held an Annual Battalion Parade to the Victoria Hall for many years.
  5. The Wesleyan Reform church on Upperthorpe Road has always been called Philadelphia WR Church
  6. During a visit to Sheffield yesterday we went to the National Emergency Services Museum at West Bar. Had a great visit taking about 2 hours & currently includes a good Sheffield Blitz exhibition. Most of the staff are volunteers & It doesn't seem to get enough publicity . Give it a try !! http://www.emergencymuseum.org.uk/index.html
  7. Tony Morton at this email address may be able to help. ablade@btinternet.com Best of luck John
  8. I spent a lot of time trainspotting at Brightside when I was young & had a friend who lived on Sanderson Rd which backed onto the station.. Can you recall where you were in relation to the station or Brightside school?
  9. You will probably need to go & look at old copies of the Telegraph & Star at Local Studies Library if you live in Sheffield (I don't but have been once to look at papers).
  10. Yes, there is almost nothing on the net about Carlisle street east school. I once found a picture of it but can't seem to find it now except for an artists drawing available on ebay.
  11. Hi Togger, An Emily Hurst age 15 is listed as servant a 1 Caldwells Yard off Sutherland Street, Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield at home of Samuel Caldwell age 66 roll turner & wife Sarah age 62. Ref (I think because its not too easy to read) RG 9 3498. Could this be her? There is also an Elizabeth Hirst born abt 1849 with parents Matthew (48 a stonemason) & Mary Ann (45) with siblings, Ann, George , John Joseph & Ambrose at South St, Sheffield Park ref RG 9 3495 (again difficult to read though). Hope that helps, John
  12. When I worked at BISRA, around 1970 I remember the Directors secretary (who sat in the next office to me) arriving for work in a trouser suit . Her boss told her trousers were not proper attire for secretaries & she must go back to skirts!
  13. Thanks Voldy - found it. Don't know how I missed Dunsbyowls reply earlier!!
  14. Hi Voldy, Thanks for replying. I have managed to find the old Local cricket heroes thread but his answer must have ben on page 2 of it & I can't get it to load . Can you (or anyone) manage to find it for me please & post Dunsbyowl 1867 answer?
  15. My grandad had a gold medallion on his watch chain. The inscription was "EWSCC Batting Prize 1902". He was aged 18 at the time & described his job as heating engineer. He went on to work for the Gas Board as a gas fitter. Anyone any idea what EWS Cricket Club might have been please? I have tried to find out for some years but had no success. Thanks John
  16. My dad lived at 309 Petre Street from 1931 until his marriage in 1941 & my bgfrandparents continued to live there until the houses were demolished around 1975 I think. Does anyone know the origin of the name Petre please? Thanks, John
  17. The dentist was Arnold Scholey - my dentist. He also ran the Fountain Inn at Ingbirchworth. He also had a surgery somewhere along the top of Halifax Rd . I went there once & think it was probably where he lived. There was extensive correspondence on another Sheffield site some time ago - either Sheffield Forum or Sheffield History about Arnold & his brother (or was it cousin?)
  18. Hi Christine, Yes that's fine. Sorry I can't be there but we are on holiday. Best wishes, John
  19. It means he get "swag" from every house after breaking into just one!!
  20. I was brought up on Hinde House Lane in a very long row of terraced houses. During an area improvement in the 1980's it was discovered that you could walk through the lofts from top to bottom of the road as the lofts had no partitions between lofts! Most houses had a wall put in between lofts to stop burglars having a field day!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Terrific piece ! People must have stood & waited for the ball drop for ages!!
  22. In 1872 two Englishmen, Woods and Clark, filed for patent of an acid and weather resistant iron alloy containing 30-35% chromium and 2% tungsten, effectively the first ever patent on what would now be considered a stainless steel. However, the real development came in 1875 when a Frenchman named Brustlein detailed the importance of low carbon content in successfully making stainless steel. Brustlein pointed out that in order to create an alloy with a high percentage of chromium, the carbon content must remain below around 0.15%. So take your pick!!
  23. The Circle is on the Manor estate about 2/3 up Prince of Wales Rd off to the right.
  24. I have looked at the 1939 data & there are only 4 Edward Stevenson's as far as I can see. None are described anything like a mechanical engineer. Only 2 were born before 1900 & if he had a child in 1913 then he couldn't have been born after, One born 1895 is a locomotive spring maker living at The Circle. The other born 1898 was a tramway motorman .living at Hollythorpe Rise. Both were married. Not much help. Either he left Sheffield or went in the forces.