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  1. Sheffield Playhouse

    We used to go to the Playhouse early 60's until it closed. Really loved the pace - it was a very intimate theatre. So sad when it shut. There was a thread on it here some time ago at https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/739-the-sheffield-playhouse/
  2. The First World War

    My granddad was at Firth Browns as a plater. Whilst it was a reserved occupation he was sent up to Scapa Flow on 13th March 1918 for 2 months & had a special ID card given him to allow entry to the North of Scotland Special Military Area.
  3. Sheffield Victoria Train Station

    I and friends went regularly on the train from Sheffield Victoria to Retford to go trainspotting in the 1950's. When it rained or snowed we played shove 'appenny in the waiting room there. In those days there was a crossover of the main line & it was a terrific sight seeing the express trains on the down line going from side to side as the went across it. Eventually they put the underpass in as trains had come off apparently. I love Unitedite Returns photo of the 2 A4's double heading - must have been a very rare event !
  4. THE ABC CINEMA Sheffield

    Hi S24, Thanks for photo. At least I was right that there was an organ! John
  5. THE ABC CINEMA Sheffield

    I seem to remember that in the early years the ABC had an organ at the front which rose up for organist to play during intermissions etc.
  6. This is how Leopold Street used to look

    Looks like 1950's to me. I remember that the shop where Kate Saxon's is in the 1960's achieved some fame as it displayed a topless dress in the window. My girl friend (now wife) & me were passing it on way to Berni Inn (I think that's what it was) for a steak.
  7. WILSON PECK music shop

    Went in there a lot to buy records in the late 50's & 60's. You could listen to a short part of a record via headphones on the wall. Used to admire the wonderful looking pianos on display too. .Also went in Canns on Chapel Walk for records. Cann the Music Man as there advert put it.
  8. Did you play shove hapeney?

    My friends & I went train spottinbg to Retford when we were lads. Remember playing shuv'apeney in the waiting room there many times when it was wet.
  9. Sheffield Crucible Theatre being built

    Makes me think of The Playhouse. We very much missed its intimacy when it closed I had to move out of Sheffield up to Teesside & we have the Middlesbrough Little Theatre which reminds me very much of The Playhouse.
  10. Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    Its worth mentioning that quite a lot of organisations, clubs etc. now use Facebook rather then having a website because Facebook is free !! So if you want to know what's happening with your club or whatever you have to be on Facebook. So it has moved on from the original chat site to some degree.
  11. The tall walls outside the Peace Gardens

    I don't live in Sheffield now. Maybe someone can enquire ?
  12. The tall walls outside the Peace Gardens

    On the outside wall of the Peace Gardens on the side running pass the Army Stores etc were steel standard measures for yards etc etc
  13. Thanks for reply Roger. I think someone once counted that there were about 12 levels of dining at ESC ! Its a shame they don't run visits to the building as its so lovely & its a shame its just hidden there.
  14. In the last few years someone posted recent photos of the plush interior of English Steel Corps offices on Brightside Lane on a Sheffield History website. Does anyone know if they were posted on here? Thanks, John
  15. Victoria Hall

    A Boys Brigade company (1st Sheffield) was formed in 1889 at Norfolk Street Wesley Chapel. This chapel was replaced on the same site by the Victoria Hall in 1908. The BB company there continued for many years until being closed sometime in period 1960 -1980. The Sheffield Battalion of The Boys Brigade held an Annual Battalion Parade to the Victoria Hall for many years.