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  1. My Kind Of Town

    Thanks for that Steve I did do a search on the search engine for this page before I posted but nothing came up
  2. My Kind Of Town

    Has anyone read the Sheffield magazine My kind of town? I have just started reading it and I must say it is really interesting,full of old Sheffield photos,Sheffield places and the people of Sheffield's memories,It is a must for all people interested in Sheffield History, told by real people
  3. Relatives On The Titanic

    Thanks for all that information Richard I was not aware of this thread It has been fascinating to hear of the Sheffield connection
  4. Relatives On The Titanic

    Thats a shame All grave yards seem to end up in this condition Thanks for the warning It is an interest I have always had,it is not just about the rich that died on the Titanic by any means,to be honest I am more interested in the steerage passengers.They were on that ship with all their worldly goods,giving up everything they knew to start a new life in America,What courage that was and then to die without realising their dreams.I know there have been bigger tragedies and they are just as awful.Titanic was the sinking that shocked everyone because they believed it was unsinkable,they had a rude awakening and man was never as confident again.
  5. Best Historical Sites To Visit In Sheffield

    These sound interesting,where are they?
  6. Stockport Workhouse

    Thanks a lot Richard for the interesting research information,it is a pity that details of the inmates births and deaths cannot be seen anymore
  7. I love everything about our great city of Sheffield and I have visited sites like Beachief Abbey,The Queens head pub and Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.Which historical sites can you recommend I visit and why?I am sure there are loads of places I could visit and learn about our rich History Thanks
  8. I am a keen researcher of all things Titanic and I am really interested to know if anyone had any relatives that were on the Titanic and any family stories connected to them I did read an article in The Star that said one of the officers on the Titanic,Henry Tingle Wilde was from Bradfield,are there any relatives of him who have any stories?.
  9. Stockport Workhouse

    Does anyone have any information,photos,Census about the Stockport Workhouse? Are there any books or studies done on the workhouse? I would be very interested in any information you have Thanks I
  10. The Moor/moorfoot

    Has anyone any information on how these areas got their names? I am very interested in this because one of my relatives married a Moorfoot in the 1870s and they were both farmers and lived and worked in the area where The Moor is now I would love any information available on this and any photos, documents or Census Thanks
  11. Morgue At Hillsborough

    The building looks like a church it is dated 1907 and is behind mead house
  12. War Records

    Thanks everybody for your usual excellent advise
  13. City Road Sheffield 1930's Onwards

    Wow,that is amazing,exactly as my Auntie described it,thanks a lot for this
  14. A World Without Mobile Phones?

    This is amazing footage Blacky,how can we explain this? It certainly looks like a phone to me!!