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  1. Hi Jacko! Course I remember those you all! The only person I am in touch with from then is Dobbin (Phil Wood), In fact I visited him in Scotland a couple of weeks ago. I'll PM you my email address, we must hold a re-union!
  2. Used to go in there most lunchtimes when I was an apprentice at N.Ord.S.E. Janson Street (AKA The Admiralty). They had a sign in the doorway saying "No Caravan Dwellers". Said caravan dwellers resided on a patch of wasteland across the road to the right of "Hallam Industries".
  3. I have that publication, but it has a different cover. Could this be a different version?
  4. Maximillions, Maximillions, makes you feel like a million! So went the Radio Hallam advert. A lot of thought must have gone into that!
  5. Here is an MP3 of the Martin Kelner Late Show from Monday 29 June 1981. I was living in the YMCA at the time and the guy that Martin was interviewing was an American called Dave Orlford who was visiting from the states and also staying at the YM. I think he had something to do with the YMCA organisation. http://www.hosts-r-us.net/Supermans_Brother.mp3
  6. Hi Gramps, I might remember the person you are talking about - he fits the description but I seem to remember this person in my memory being called Dougie Riley. However after 30 years I could well be wrong. I do remember going with him, and a couple of others, to his Working Mens Club in order to sup cheap beer! Can't remember which club though. Cheers Mark
  7. He took the money and ran! I vaguely remember tv and radio reports about him dissappearing. I think he was featured on Calendar. Strange chap with a black beard, he did actually look like a pirate!
  8. Very true, but this looked like something from C & A, he was a big bloke and it was quite scary!
  9. Thanks Vox, it's a privilege. I started my residency at the YM at the beginning of September 1979, and was there roughly a year. Strange place for me to stay, being a devout Atheist, however that's were the works put us at the start. Some very wierd people there, including a nuclear physicist who insisted on wearing a skirt in protest at women wearing trousers. Then there was Alan Marxhall, a schoolteacher, who lived in the room next to me. He pulled an amazing scam which made the papers and TV, he insisted he had found Captain Kidds treasure from looking at maps in the British Museum. He got a shedload of funding and sponsorship from various sources then dissappeared with his pregnant schoolgirl girlfriend whom he used to give 'private lessons' to in is room. I have many a story from that place, maybe worth starting a YMCA thread!
  10. Thanks yes, I didn't realise 'Consul' was in the name. Just put it into google images and got loads of results, including the Ford Consul Capri. Amazing looking cars.
  11. I'm sure there was another Ford with a similar reverse-raked rear window. Was it the 'Classic' or the 'Classic Capri' or something like that? memory is failing me.
  12. Does anyone remember FTW Motorcycles? I can't remember where exactly it was located but I seem to remember it was a similar set-up to D & H, selling mainly British Spares - great for my AJS 14CSR 250 and BSA Lightning A65L 650. Other places I remember were: Syd Smiths - Attercliffe Common Samurai Motorcycles - Ecclesall Road Leather and Simpson - Off Penistone Road (is that Flora Street?) Manhattan Motorcycles - Heeley Bottom. These guys were great and very helpful, they had a plethora of spares upstairs and I managed to get a set of crankcases for my BSA after I totalled the thing. I bought my first leather bikers jacket (a 'Lightning' jacket appropriately) from Lewis Leathers at the bottom of the Moor in 1979. Still have it but it's a bit small now.
  13. Thanks Dave, Sheffield is a great city and 79 - 83 was a great time to be there, especially music-wise (IMHO). Yes I remember all those fine marques, cars then had such individuality, they all looked unique. OK in general they weren't streamlined or fast but had character and personality. Who could forget the 'face' of a Ford Anglia! There are still quite a few Moggy minors on the road though which is amazing. My present car is a Rover 45 diesel with 120,000 on the clock. It is a damn fine car and I will be keeping it until it is beyond repair. It is a crying shame that Rover was allowed to die like it did. We have nothing of any standing now in this country, it is all non-productive (what I call parasitical) services like insurance, law firms 'consultancies' etc. What little manufacturing industry there is is foreign owned. I think I was born at the wrong time. Great forum, I will be spending a lot of time here.
  14. Hello, I hope you would consider me an honourary Sheffielder as your fair city was where I did my real growing up from the age of 17 to 21. I was a technician apprentice at the Naval establishment on Janson Street Attercliffe during those years. I remember Sheffield with great fondness and still come back for the odd weekend now and again. Southport 1962-79 Sheffield YMCA 1979-80 Thompson Road 1980 - 81 Shirebrook Road 1981 - 82 Back to the YMCA for a few months following a motorbike accident in 1982 Clarkegrove Road 1983 Saltcoats, Scotland 1983 - 84 Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland 1984 - 87 Preston, Lancashire 1987 - 1994 Augsburg, Germany 1994 - 95 Back to Preston 1995 - 1999 Southport 1999 -present.