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  1. Thanks djash1000 13, 14 and 15 were the 3 St. Aidens blocks that stood opposite the main entrance to City Road cemetery. When the blocks were built in the mid 60s they were not painted or coloured so all the blocks looked identical in their unpainted concrete grey. The colours were only added 20 years later in the 1980s refurbishment. By this time I had moved away from this area so I am not well up with the colours, although in another post I think we did try to tie in the colours as well. DaveH
  2. I think there was a branch of the London toy store Hamleys that opened on Pinstone Street that was in competition with Redgates before Beatties opened
  3. Very sorry to hear that you have been so ill Hilldweller. I hope you are recovering well and manage to get back to some degree of normality.
  4. Sounds similar to me. Looks like you were in the top A forms then in the, then new, glass tower extension building. I had Man Everett 1A Pop Ward 2A Man Gill 3A Man Rosenberg 4A Man Chapman 5A Man Gill registered in his Geography room at the end of the bridge, just as well really because it was a massive room and I was in his class the year we went Comprehensive and they started bussing hundreds of extra kids in from the old Wybourne school. There were 42 in our class that year. In 5A we were in Man Chapmans room in the old school, - first classroom down the Cradock Road corridor from the staffroom. Previously Man Whitham had had 5A in the new building and all the the A forms, except Man Gills, had been in there.
  5. So were you in the same year as SteveHB? He was in the year above me. I started secondary school in 1967 and left in 1972 after staying on for CSE / GCE exams.
  6. Sorry for the long delay smallfry. For over a year now the site has been blighted with technical problem since our last big server upgrade. Hopefully these problems are behind us now. You are not the only one who has been waiting for a long time to join. Most of the Norfolk School topic has been provided by me and Wayneybabes, it is the most extensive of the local school topics and we have around 20 members that are ex students of the school. What years were you at Norfolk smallfry?
  7. Not been a good year since the last update has it. I tend to use the site now as a reference source more than making new posts.
  8. DaveH

    Windows 10

    There were also some changes to the Windows Edge browser in that update. I have made the previous post using Edge and the "duplicate post" problem seems to have gone. Wonder if this one is OK, - I may be speaking too soon.
  9. DaveH

    Windows 10

    Finally got this upgrade last night Steve. Fortunately, - mainly thanks to your warning, I was able to schedule it at a time I wasn't doing much. Altogether it took 4 hours before the computer was usable again. It installed OK but had messed up a lot of settings (silly things like screen brightness) that needed putting back, logons that had to be asked for again (just as a security measure you know), false security warnings as Windows 10 tries to run Defender rather than any other security program, - even though the alternative is up and running and doing a better job of things. It had not messed up any programs or data though (which is good) but for ages it did run very slowly and "locked up" occasionally while it was doing other things in the background. However, now it is finished all seems fine again.
  10. DaveH

    Windows 10

    Edison and Ford were big mates and they both just wanted to maximise profits, - particularly Ford when he introduced mass production techniques on the model T. I hate it when car companies announce their "new car" (like when Ford replaced the well loved Cortina with the Mondeo in the early 1980s) which isn't a "new car" at all. By "new car" they effectively mean that some art and design student has reshaped a few bits of the bodywork and painted a go faster stripe down the side, - but lift the bonnet up and its practically the same old engine that they were using on the model T. If it really is a "new car" why doesn't it do over 200 miles per gallon instead of 50 and have practically near zero emmisions?
  11. DaveH

    Windows 10

    Software development seems to follow the "Tom Edison principle of invention" as does all modern electronic hardware (especially computers and phones) development. The simple problem seems to be they have already produced equipment and software that does everything you would ever want to do on a computer and have nothing new left to offer, so rather than go out of business when everyone has bought the stuff they make subtle little insignificant and cosmetic changes so they can sell exactly the same stuff again. Edisons principle by the way is "Why invent something once when you can reinvent it thousands of times" First make something new that hardly works, - and sell it Then improve it just slightly, - not too much mind, - then sell it again When everyone has bought it then improve it just slightly more, - and sell it again By doing this you can maximise sales and prolong the life of your company by giving each previous product a built in calculated obsolescence. Microsoft have been doing this since they started, - in fact each of their products comes with a "life support cycle" Load Windows 95 into a computer, switch it on and it works, it still does exactly what it was designed to do 21 years ago, there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately it can't handle modern software running on it and cannot be expanded with modern hardware so nobody wants it anymore, - exactly what Microsoft had planned when they introduced it.
  12. DaveH

    Windows 10

    So far I have been lucky with Windows 10 in that all my legacy programs, most of which date back to the Windows 98 operating system all work under windows 10. although a couple are a bit quirky now. First time I tried Win 10 last July nothing much worked at all, but since giving it a second chance for 2016 so far it has been fine. The main difference I made to avoid problems was not connecting everything on the computer to a Microsoft / Hotmail / OneDrive account.
  13. DaveH

    Windows 10

    Not my advice Steve, advice from the net given by those wanting to remain with earlier Windows versions