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  1. skelton

    Beighton parish records lookup please

    Alice Binney was baptised 25 Dec 1741, father is Thomas. From a CD I have of Beighton baptisms and burials.
  2. skelton

    History of Building - London Road

    An article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph says the Coffee House was built in 1877 for the benefit mainly of the work people of the district.
  3. skelton

    History of Building - London Road

    I think the piece of fenced in land to the right is where the Tramway Hotel stood. On the site 'Picture Sheffield', picture ref. no. s38570, it gives the occupier of your building as, George Barlow & Sons Ltd, shopfitters and showroom, 138 London Road. Timeline, 1975-04. An earlier picture, no. s21744 gives timeline 1940-1959 and show it adjoining the Tramway which is no. 126 London Road.
  4. skelton

    John Cooper, scissorsmith in 1691 - help, please!

    Cutler Apprentices, Sheffield. John Cooper son of Robert of Boothes, Hathersage, husbandman, deceased; to John Barber Junr, Shearsmith, 7, 1678, Freedom 1685. Marriage, 19 August 1686 at Rawmarsh. John Cooper of Sheffield to Ann Brock of Rawmarsh.
  5. skelton

    19 Fairthorn Road, Sheffield

    Hi Jan, Alfred and Elizabeth are on the 1939 register at 19 Fairthorn Road. Alfred's date of birth is given as 8 April 1882 and he is a table blade forger, married. Elizabeth's date of birth is 7 December 1891 and she is an interviewer, married.
  6. skelton

    120 Dam Lane Sheffield

    According to a newspaper article in1880, there was a meeting about changing the name of Dam Lane. It says that Dam Lane ran between Whitham Road and Crookes Moor Road, One of the suggestions was to name it Northumberland Road, but the proposal to alter the name was turned down. On todays maps, there is a Northumberland Road, running between the above named roads.
  7. skelton

    G. Turner & Co

    I had a look in the newspapers, but found nothing to tie G. Turner & Co. to the Stella Works. 1866: For Sale: Stella Works, Hereford Street, leasehold manufactory. (Later advertisements have W. A. Tyzack & Co. at this address). 1867: Oakley, Turner & Co., Victoria Iron Works, Wicker, Sheffield. 1868: At Victoria Iron Works, 60, Wicker. Mr.Waddy instructed to sell from Messrs. G. Turner & Co. (late Oakley, Turner & Co.) without reserve the whole of the stock - anvils, vice hammers, tools, tongs, pans, troughs etc.
  8. George Henry Morte and his wife Mary Ann, are buried at City Road Cemetery, Sheffield, grave number 9993 sec. N. In the same grave is....... Theophilus Joseph Hargreaves Morte, (retired Manager aged 58yrs), Died at The Cecil Battie Arms, Doncaster, buried 14 Feb 1936. Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield. Grave No. 47, sec. N. William Henry Morte (son of G.H. Morte aged 2). Died at Sheaf House, bur 27 July 1894. Ethel Gertrude Morte (dau of Geo. Hy. Morte aged 3 months. Died at Woodbine Road, buried 28 Jan 1876. There was an inquest into the death of Ethel Gertrude and is in the newspapers.
  9. Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 30 January 1919. License transfer of Mail Coach, West Street, from George Henry Morte (deceased) to Mary Ann Morte.
  10. skelton

    Mr Clarke owned a firewood business

    Edmund beat me to it with the newspaper article. 1911 census - 26 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield. John William Clarke, 34yrs, head, mar, House Carpenter (joinery works), born Nottingham. Sarah Jane Clarke, 38yrs, wife, born Sheffield. Children: Lilian 12, Harry 11, William 8, Olive 3 and Albert 1, all born Sheffield. On the 1939 register, John is at 14 Clarke Street and his date of birth is 4 June 1876. Firewood bundler (blind), widowed. He is with his widowed mother Ann, her date of birth is 28 April 1855.
  11. skelton

    Cottage on Taptonville Road

    Just found another site that says it was The Lodge at Tapton Elms.
  12. skelton

    Cottage on Taptonville Road

    From the site 'Taptonville Road - Broomhill Online'. Fields now occupied by Taptonville Road were owned by Samuel Shore esq. who lived in Tapton Grove on Shore Lane where Tapton Hall is. In 1850, scissor manufacturer John Hobson purchased the fields that would become Taptonville Road placing his own home, Tapton Elms in prime position. It gives a list of the houses that were built and who build them, the date and number of the house. These numbers are very low.
  13. skelton

    White Family Neepsend Info Needed

    Hi Becci, A little bit more information would help - how far have you got back. Moira
  14. National Probate Calendar, 1858-1966. MORTON Gerald Marcus Jackson of Norfolk Arms, Grenoside,Sheffield a lieutenant in the Royal Air Force died 27th September 1918 in France. Administration Wakefield 9th September (no year given) to James Morton, publican. Effects: £134 15s 4d Moira.
  15. Hi Laura, The birth of Sarah Ann Frith was registered in the June quarter of 1846. Her marriage to Henry was registered in the June quarter of 1880. Here is a possible census entry. 1871 Census - 4ct 55 Rockingham St. Sheffield. George Frith, head, mar, 46yrs, Metal caster, born Sheffield. Mary Ann Frith, wife, mar, 47yrs, born Doncaster. Sarah Ann Frith, daur, unm, 24yrs, born Sheffield. Kate Frith, daur, unm, 14yrs, born Sheffield. Frank Frith, son, 12yrs, born Sheffield. Moira.