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  1. Hi Jenny My wife is Pat - No 2 - unaccountably not smiling! No 15 may be Peter Greaves, but we're not sure, as there were a lot of boys in the family. Pat wonders if the Christine Beatson, who lived in Paddock Crescent and was in her class, is related to you. Thanks for putting the photo online, as Pat didn't have a copy of it, and for this extra information you've provided. Perhaps someone else can fill in more gaps! Mike
  2. Here is the photo referred to above.
  3. Hello again - I've not been on the forum for a while. We were interested to see Jenny's photo of the May Queen and attendants for Spring 1959 (posted 03/01/2013), as my wife is on it. I've attached a copy of the photo with numbers against each child, and would be interested to discover their names. The names we think we know (apologies if the spellings are incorrect) are: 2: Patricia Sorby, 3: Jean Leybourne, 5: Pamela Gibbons (May Queen) and 11: Sheila Greaves.
  4. Maybe I can help - my wife went to Hurlfield Girls Secondary Modern School, which is missing from the map. She tells me it was built in 1954, and was situated on the SE side of Hurlfield Road, just north of its junction with Arbourthorne Road.
  5. My wife went to Hurlfield Girls School on Hurlfield Road from 1959 to 1964. Her brother went to the Central Technical School on Gleadless Road from 1965 to 1968. I believe the following year these two schools merged to form Ashleigh School. Are there any ex-Hurlfield Girls out there?
  6. Thanks again. Btw, look on Multimap : http://www.multimap.com/maps/?qs=Eastern+Avenue%2C+Sheffield&countryCode=GB#map=53.35917,-1.44601|18|32&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:53.36124:-1.43956:17|Eastern%20Avenue,%20Sheffield|Eastern%20Avenue,%20Norton,%20Sheffield,%20South%20Yorkshire,%20England,%20S2%202 this aerial view shows the old school, while the Birds-eye view shows the new! Google Maps only show the new.
  7. Many thanks for your reply Dave. We looked on the PictureSheffield site a while back, but didn't have much success - we'll try again. And maybe next time we're up in Sheffield (we live in West Sussex now, and don't return very often) we'll go to the library, as I believe a lot of the photos in the archive aren't available online. Mike & Pat
  8. My wife went to Arbourthorne Central Infants and Junior Schools on Eastern Avenue from 1953-59. Does anyone have any photos of the school buildings, of events such as May Queen Ceremonies, or Class Photos for those years? And are there any memories of the teachers - Head Teacher Miss Walton, Mr Jeavons, Mr Leigh, Miss Moore, Mrs Dent, Mrs Davies, Mrs Kaye... ?