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  1. I recognise my grandma Edith Carney and my mother Kathleen. Next to my mum is Sheila Mellard I think. She is mums cousin. I went to school with a girl named Wendy Holmes and there is a girl on the photo who is so much like Wendy it must be her mother.
  2. I also went to Philadelphia school. I can't remember many of the teachers on the photo but I do remember Mrs Burke and Miss Egglestone. Miss Egglestone also taught my mother who went there in the 1930's. I was always terrified of Mrs Burke. She took us for handwriting . We used to walk to Upperthorpe Baths for swimming lessons past the old wash house. I went to Philadelphia in the late 50's early 60's. Shelagh Scholfield who put an earlier post in is my older sister she went there in the mid 50's. Our maiden name was Muscroft and we have twin sisters who also attended Philadelphia. It was a lovely school and a beautiful building.......HAPPY DAYS....... :rolleyes:
  3. Does anyone remember Shuttlecock Day? My elder sister said she remembers our grandma buying us shuttlecocks when we were very young. They were made of real feathers. I vaguely remember them but neither of us know why we were given them. What was the meaning of Shuttlecock Day?
  4. I worked at Blanchards when I left school aged 15. I worked in the cash office at the top of the building,sending change down to the customers via a metal tube down a chute. The office was next to the store room and we had to go in a lift with a metal sliding door. I remember one day some young men from a cafe down the road were hanging about in the menswear dept and they sent a white mouse in a tube up the chute. I opened the tube expecting some money in it and the mouse ran out. I don't know who was more scared . Me or the poor mouse.
  5. Thank you Steve and Richard for your prompt replies. It was a big help and I am most grateful.
  6. can anyone help with my family tree. I discovered my great great grandfather was landlord at the Inkerman Tavern . The address was 12/21 Alma street. It opened in 1871 and my G.G. grandfather was there in 1891. His name was George Hawkins. We have been down to look around the area but can't find any trace of the building. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information or any photo's.I know it is a long shot. Thank you.