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  1. Hi, tsavo and RichardB - Thankyou, it is a pity you have deleted posts regarding the secrets of the universe!! SteveHB - both were pretty horrendous!
  2. Hi Everybody, I am now back on the internet after a break of three months! I was living with my mum in law and then moved house, glad to say I am now back on the net. Genie602
  3. Genie602


    Hi Plain Talker, Glad you are ok - people seem to be having bonfire parties like they do barbecues in the summer - in other words whenever they feel like it! Even a local school held a bonfire on November 9th. A real problem are these bucket shops that have temporary lets between October and New Year. This means fireworks are continually available. In my locality four outlets were fined for selling fireworks to underage children. These outlets should be closed down and never allowed to sell fireworks again. Genie602
  4. Hi Finder1, Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it. Genie602
  5. Genie602


    Hi tsavo, I think I ought to move to Portugal, from what you say it sounds far more civilised than this country! It wouldn't be so bad if they just set off the quieter things like Roman Candles and Rockets instead of these things that sound like bombs going off. I have worked with the elderly for the last 30 years and some of the people have become very distressed by the noise - they think the war has started again. Genie602
  6. Genie602


    Hi PlainTalker, I do hope you have recovered from the shock. We have had fireworks every night for 2 weeks now, I suppose someone will have them tonight cos it is halloween!! Thanks for your comments. Genie602
  7. Genie602


    Hello Everyone, Call me old fashioned if you want to but I would really love to return to the days when Bonfire Night was on November 5th and not anytime between September and January! It is not even half term until next week but already there are people messing about with fireworks, I heard the first one at 2.30pm today. I can only think that it is kids doing this, although I have no proof. If it is kids, where are they getting them from and what possible pleasure do they get from letting them off in broad daylight? When I was young Bonfire night was a very special time, even though I wasn't very keen on the bangs. We used to have a special tea, usually baked potatoes and loads of Lurpak butter, and for those who liked them there were roast chestnuts. We had a small bonfire in the back garden and everything was over by 9 - 10pm. In later years we used to go to the school bonfire and play find the dog afterwards!! He was always cowering under my parent's bed. I have 2 cats and a dog, the cats are ok but the dog has to be sedated because he hates the noise. End of rant - thankyou for reading. Genie602
  8. Hi Skeets, I think you could be right about it being the Sportsman pub, if you compare the photo posted by tsavo and mine the window sill is very low down in both pictures, this would have been the right area as they lived in Harveyclough Road. I am trying to find an older photo of the pub to compare. Genie602
  9. Hi RichardB and tsavo, Thankyou for the information, I will peruse it after my short holiday (next week), visiting the Lake District. Genie602
  10. Hi Alan, The house seems to have been in the hands of the Birks family, on the 1901 census it was just listed as No 59 and occupied by Benjamin Birks and his family. I cannot find them on 1881 census and have no access to 1891 census. Coffe cup is right, the Land Registry should give you more info. I will watch this topic with interest. Genie602
  11. Hi neddy, Thanks for that Have had a look, very interesting stuff. Genie602
  12. Hello Alan, Welcome to the site, I am sure that someone will be able to help you. Is the house in Sheffield? Do you know the name of the family who used to own the house? That might be a good starting point. So many people have helped me over the years, I would love to be able to help someone else. Genie602
  13. Hi bangtidy, Interesting, let me know what she says. Genie602
  14. Hi Bats, Will e mail you off list. Genie602
  15. Hi neddy, Thank you, was that the Queens Head or another pub? Genie602