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  1. I have searched the sport section of Sheffield History for details of the title without success Has anyone information re the route details of this race last run in 1969 ?
  2. I have come across a copy of a report by the Northern Archaeological Associates produced in 2001 re Buck Wood. It is part of a study titled ' Fuelling the Revolution ' The Woods that Founded the Steel Country. Contained within is a map of the wood showing the location together with 34 ten figure grid references of historical positions, none of which it is commented could be securely dated, but the majority thought to be post medieval. 34 is a surprise to me, not realising the wood contained so much of interest. A 1996 assessment of the woods archaeology recorded the existence of a medieval bank and ditch, a fact known to the many amateur historians with an interest in the wood. Sites identified include 2 boundary banks ( possible spoil remains ) and a boundary wall, a track, various pits ( charcoal, white coal, quarry and coal prospecting ) What are described as 3 terraces ( processing areas ) platforms ( possible charcoal burning ) a gulley ( possible drainage from the housing estate ) and a hollow. Periods attributed to the locations are Medieval, Post Medieval and Modern. One of the banks in the north west of the wood is thought to be the remains of the boundary of the Sheffield Deer Park., this bank further in the wood has been disturbed by the construction of the adjacent housing development. Comment is made about the presence of litter, tipping and scattered rubbish from the adjacent estate. All the sites are classified as of lesser archaeological importance with the exception of the Deer Park Boundary. Damage by tipping and erosion due well worn footpaths has been a long term problem. I will add that my Grandfather in the 1920's dug for coal as did many Heeley residents during times of hardship.
  3. Just an update. I have a friend who tells me the wall foundation has been recorded in very recent years. I await a meeting with her and more conversation and then an action plan for an on site investigation Watch this space !
  4. I have been shown this section of wall by what I would term a very reliable source I will give you 2 directions ! Travelling up Mansfield Road towards Manor Top, opposite the fire station you bear left on a one way system which I believe is Hurlfield Road. On the right there is a section of the Deer Park wall at the rear of the supermarket which has had a ' modern ' day brick built wall laid on top of it. Travelling down Mansfield Road from Manor Top, keep right and in 200 yards bear right onto the section of one way, again the wall is on your right. I will state my opinion here and that is I don't think the wall is the remains of the Deer Park wall. It may lay on the line of the Deer Park wall, but as actually being the remains I don't think so ! Off to bed folks, will look again tomorrow at any replies
  5. Hi History dude Most of it dry stone built I see, then it would be of course. Will you manage a visit to the wood during the week or would a Sat / Sun be preferred ? I am a poor old retired pensioner with not that much time on my hands actually !! Look forward to your reply. Anyone else interested in a visit and a dig in the wood is welcome. Have you seen the section of what is thought to be the Deer Park Wall on the one way system at Manor Top at the rear of the supermarket ?
  6. Good evening and thanks to History dude, unrecordings and boginspro for your replies, all this is interesting information ! boginspro, Yes, I am in that wood for a scratch around with a trowel and spade when I can find the time. Not this week but probably week commencing Monday 30th. I will let you all know, would be nice to have someone with me for further opinions. Don't imagine you will come down from your Scottish outpost, will keep you informed. Will attempt to post a photo, but what I have are poor representations of the location. unrecordings, some interesting and thoughtful comments i.e. you are right, something squareish in the trees, that's worth a look at also. Yes, I would say the wall runs east to west. History dude. Would make sense would it not for what I have found is on the line of the Deer Park wall ?
  7. Hi again unrecordings. Good point re possible width of Deer Park wall. What I found was certainly not substantial, may be a max of a foot and no more. Why I wonder was a wall constructed rather than just a fence to mark a Township boundary ? Can we assume one purpose was to retain the stock of Paddock Farm Perhaps also an indication of status.
  8. Good evening unrecordings and History dude and thanks for your prompt replies ! The OS map identifies a boundary, what appears to be of the Sheffield Township and Nether Hallam within Ecclesall Bierlow in the situation under question, no doubt there. What we don't know without some very educated advice from an ' EXPERT ' is just how old that wall foundation is ! Is it indeed remains of the Deer Park wall or a much later build ? The Deer Park would I presume have been a dry build i.e. no mortar between the joints or was there mortar used in such a construction of that age ? A trial excavation will give the answer ! unrecordings, Is it possible to give a precise year for the map within the period of 1888 - 1913 ?
  9. On a recent visit to Buck Wood I came across the foundation of an old wall, close to Berners Close and Villiers Close. Not that much remaining, probably around 3 yards, more could be buried. I intend a re visit with trowel and spade. I don't think it is the remains of the Deer Park boundary wall. The person with me also thought the same. Another opinion would be helpful. Anyone interested in a visit ?
  10. Interesting article about the Deer Park in the Sheffield Telegraph, Thursday April 27th by Ron Clayton. Also of interest I found is that David Templeman - e mail templeman3@tiscali.co.uk takes guided walks of some of the boundary.
  11. Good evening and apologies for the lateness of reply to your posts. Thanks for some very interesting info, my interest is fired up again. Will get out there for another look for some possible evidence.
  12. An interesting response re Gerald. Is he still alive, where does he live ?
  13. Hello Sue ( Bell ) My sincere apologies, this is the first time I have looked at this site for a good few years and was pleasantly surprised to see your post and mention of Sue Wales and Sue Merrill. I was also pleased to see the post from John's wife and very glad to hear he is still alive !! Perhaps the fact that I have changed my e mail address a couple of times over the past few years may have prevented contact. I am presuming Sheffield History members are notified of a reply to a thread. I don't like doing this but will do so in the hope of gaining contact with John - my current e mail address is oldpark43@hotmail.com
  14. In the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal Vol 58 1986 p 152 there is a map by G. Scurfield on which is shown the line of the boundary of what was once the Sheffield Deer Park. David Hey in his book a History of Sheffield, shows this map on p 36 and on p 19 of this book I quote " short sections of the earthen boundary bank and ditch survive even now on the Manor estate " I have read that it is still possible to observe parts of the boundary in Buck Wood. Could I wonder that parts may still be discernible as the line of the boundary passes through the green space of Castlebeck then across the Parkway and through Bowden Houstead Wood ? Fanciful thinking or a possibilty. Must go and have a look or has someone done already ?