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  1. When I was gowing up in Sheffield in the 1950s/60s, I distinctly remember Weston Park museum having 2 storeys. It now only has one. Does anyone know what happened to it.
  2. My wife & I both went tio Oakwood, although we didn't know each other at the time. Probably because she was near the top of the class and I was near the bottom. She started in 1949 and I about 53 or 54. We both left in 1956 after the 11 plus. The infants school was in Devon Road. The main school in Norwood Road. The final year was spent at 304 Barnsley Road. Memories of that final year are of constant exam pracice almost every day. Pupils at Oakwood were expected to pass the 11 plus, That is what our parents paid for. Anyone who dared to fail was virually in disgrace. There was a lot of pressure to pass. Our reward for passing was a trip to Hathersage swimming pool, Haddon Hall & Hardwick House. We both remember the school dinners, rice or steamed pudding every day without fail. Teachers we remember: Mrs Holroyd, the two Mrs Twydales, Mrs Kennedy, Mr Boyes, Mrs Smith, Mrs Wilde, Mrs Day, Mrs North, Mrs Walton. I recall an encounter with the younger Mrs Twydale. She asked the class how old we thought she was. Everyone else said, 21, 22, 23. I then called out "No she's about 30". I was not popular after that.
  3. How much steel is now produced in the Sheffield/Rotherham area. How does this compare with previous years?
  4. After it closed it became a Fine Fare supermarket. One of the first in Sheffield. It is now a Weatherspoons pub called the Woodseats palace.
  5. I used to old Sheffield trams very regularly in the 1950s. I travelled from Meadowhead to Pitsmoor every day. One thing I could never understand is how the points were changed so that the tram took the right route. I assume it is done remotely on the new trams, but obviously not in the 1950s. So, how did it work?
  6. I see from the 1951 map that there used to be an open air theatre in Graves Park. Near Meadow Head, just below the golf course. Despite spending my formative years in Graves Park, I have no recollection of theis theatre. Does anybody know anything about it.
  7. In the 1950s, in London Road, just down from what is now Homebase, there was a house with writing on its end wall facing the road. I think it was probably a quotation from Revelation. It was in quite a bad state even then. It has now gone completely. Does anyone recall it, and what it said. I went past it every day on the tram for many years but never got round to reading it.
  8. I remember Reg Varney. His shop seemed to be full of bottles labeled Bay Rum etc. He charged 1 shilling & 3 pence for a boys haircut. Once around 1954 my father gave me half a crown (two and six). I then went over the road to Williams toy shop and bought a small toy boat with the change. I was far from popular at home for a while after that.
  9. I remember Gilbert Websters butchers shop. My father used to buy his meat there. Every Saturday he would have a joint of meat delivered. The delivery boy on his butchers bike had to pedal all the way from Bramhall Lane to our house on Norton Lane. That is one heck of a ride on any sort of bike. Every week my father rewarded him with a tip of 3 old pence. I think he thought he was being generous.
  10. I think the Bombay on Attercliffe Common was the earliesr. It advertised "Best Curry in UK" The upmarket Ajanta at the bottom of Carver St was there in 1963. The Tah Mahal in Eccleshall Road and the Raja on Abbeydale Road were there around 1964/65. Ate in them all the 1960s.
  11. The Zing Vaa and the Rickshaw were certainly there in the 1950s. Also Hudsons chinese in the Surry St area, and the Canary in Charles St were quite early contenders. Ate in them all in the early 60s
  12. The aerodrome site was just north of Rowlinson School, it fronted onto Norton Lane, behind a hedge. I remember it from the 1960s. There were a lotr of concrete bases, and a perimeter track. The Admiralty site was immediately behind the aerodrome site. It was still in use in the early 60s. You could see white coated technicians through the windows. It was rumoured to be an instrument repair workshop. I learned to drive on the perimeter road. This site was quite separate from the much larger RAF Norton about a mile up the road.