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  1. Baines 1822 Dyson Mark, pen & pocket knife mfr. (Bingley House Farm) Nichols Isaac, pocket knife mfr. Barber Thomas, pocket knife mfr. Barnes John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer (Sycamore Farm) I now know Barnes was at Sycamore Farm. Now trying to find where Nichols (family) was... interesting link below. Also Barber if anyone can help please? One probably at Bingley Cottage - not a farm though. I imagine Nichols could be on Rails An Edward Nichols it appears was the finder of the Roman Diploma in 1761 (Addy in Hall of Waltheof 1893, quotes a statement made in 1863) “ He said that the Lawns was then the property of Mr.Thompson, and that the diploma was found "in what is now a small rectangular Croft, skirted by a few trees, near this house." The croft, he said, "is the property of Mr. Nichols, who lives on a farm near Bingley-lane, to the right and the discovery of the tablets [the diploma] was made by his grand father 102 years ago, who then held the same farm. They had evidently been buried in a rather deep hole formed for the purpose, and were covered with a large stone." If we find where Nichols lived then we may get a clue to where the diploma was found? Thanks mke
  2. Theres early stuff in Hallamshire book/s and recently saw a postcard on Ebay
  3. I had a walk down there a while back armed with a rather poor map off the net. I did manage to establish that it is well and truly covered over, tarmac mainly. I reckon it would be nice for people to see an outline painted on the ground?
  4. Theres a Samuel Turner with land just north of worrall - Fairbanks map 1789
  5. Interesting stuff, what date is the map please? I believe the Riggs road was an ancient trackway mike
  6. This might be a tough one! Anyone any idea what ship the figure head was from - shown in Picturesheffield photo? According to Ron Clayton it was burnt when the RN. owned the house and it was known as "Training Ship Sheffield". Sea cadet base. Its MASSIVE so must have been off a major battleship http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s05771&pos=31&action=zoom&id=9135
  7. Thanks, Spotted knives are a bit of a mystery to me, especially the gradation of prices. They then soon disappear as a category entirely! I have explored the William Dyson (See "Shotnell" posts) and currently looking at Charles et al. (See "Bingley House post") If anyone can help further I would be grateful. Charles father (Abraham b1716) lived at Hallcliff/e Farm Stannington. Little info and no photograph of farm seems to exist, it was demolished in the 1960s, Abraham died here in 1773. A cutler named John Leadbeter was at Hilltop (Sketchley 1774) and resident at Hallcliff in 1793 (Cut. Co. records)
  8. In 1822 the following are listed in the Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822. Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades" for BINGLEY SEAT – Dyson Mark, pen & pocket knife mfr. Nichols Isaac, pocket knife mfr. Barber Thomas, pocket knife mfr. Barnes John, pen and pocket knife manufacturer Interesting that they come under Bingley Seat and that two also make penknives which may be unusual for Stannington.
  9. Not to my knowledge, only a reference copy at local studies. The Gales and Martin reprints are available. More reliable as well.
  10. Ah, thanks,so now we know the interest in Proctor. George Washington also had a Barlow knife from Stannington.
  11. This is the boiler my grandfather was in charge of, he died 1935 from lead poisoning, so I was told by his daughter. She said at night he used to prepare the lead beds for the file cutters so they crack on in the morning. (I have a pic of him) My dad told me there was a huge fly wheel with spokes, invisible to a cat that tried to walk through! On the reverse in old pencil, it says Eagle Works, Peace So this I imagine was at the base of the chimney in the pics
  12. Well done, I wonder who found the pic? I normally place a poppy on the family grave but went to Oughtibridge Church this year. Just a kid!
  13. Roy Davey,s book on Rivelin - odd how he does not mention the farm across the road.
  14. Thanks Edmund, well set out. I think I have my tree sorted, as regards Bingley House. The Abraham (8x my grt grandfather) was a Taylor from Worrall, his two sons became cutlers: George and Charles who end up at Bingley House. Joined later by two Marks and another George. Its a bit more complicated in that some end up at Clough Fields and as expected the slums of Sheffield Just need to identify for certain "Bingley House. As mentioned the Clarion Ramblers in 1957 were as confused as me. They have Bingley House to the NORTH of the lane and also mention Francis Townsend instead of Creswick . (Admire their interest though) Apart from my personal interest there's some intriguing stories here. The Underbank and Revell story in particular http://boards.ancestry.co.uk/surnames.revell/82/mb.ashx
  15. hi Thanks, yes it is detailed! Been down to Local studies , looked at "The history of Underbank Chapel", by Wood, 1944. He says that Bingley House was sold in 1926 and the Trust terminated. Sold back to a Revell who I think owned it in the first place. If I can get hold of this sale (Plan?) I hope it will answer a lot. Archives on Saturday! Found a description by Clarion Ramblers, they seemed confused in 1957. (I will post on tomorrow.) Mike
  16. Hi Thanks, its matching the descriptions that are ambiguous. Its possible its Bingley house but other clues seem to point to Bingley Farm. i.e. no cutlers mentioned at Bingley house in 1841c. I will have to try again and find a Fairbanks map. the current building offers no help at all. I think it may help if I can find out what these places were called in the early 1800s. Thanks again mike
  17. I have a problem, I am trying to identify two farms nearly opposite each other on Bingley Lane. Bingley House (O.S. maps) is now at least a farm and looks 19th c to me but I think replaced an older one, I have no idea what was there before, Topside of the lane is Bingley farm (O.S. maps) or Bingley Lane Farm. This was due to be demolished because of a tree problem but not now. It has evidently some great age. I have references to a "...farm on Bingley Lane" 1819 and later stated "... a farm at Bingley House" mentioned 1835. So description inconclusive. I have a Mark and an earlier Charles Dyson (pre 1828, possibly pre 1800) Both cutlers and mentioned in connection with the "Bingley House Trust" - set up to educate the Stannington poor in the 17th c. and associated with Underbank School and chapel. "Revitt, Jonathan, Born Mar 06 1820 in Nether Gate, Stannington, Yorkshire, Died Jun 06 1896 in Bingley House, Stannington" (Tribal page.) There are Beals at Bingley Farm (I reckon) in the 1841 Census, another cutler.not yet found later Census I have been unable to track down any old pics or old maps . Can anyone help please? Mike
  18. And do you know Dronfield Players have a production of "Stirrings"? What about Sheffield? http://www.dlog.org.uk/
  19. Just discovered Nottingham have a play on at the moment about Charlie Peace and an Exhibition! http://www.galleriesofjustice.org.uk/tours/exhibitions/coming-soon-charlie-peace-exhibition/ Is this some kind of retaliation because of Robin Hood and Loxley?
  20. Just had a look at BBC report, quite interesting and all the time team colleagues except Tony pay their respects! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23041568
  21. Thanks for that I had no idea, seemed a nice guy
  22. Just had an event celebrating the centenary of the Loxley common land being given to the public by the Paines Does anyone know if there are any descendants of the Paines of Loxley House?