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  1. Just about finished an account of the Society and wondered if anyone knows anything about it? I could not find anything at the Local studies or Archives and therefore going to offer them my account, not very big but better than nothing. I only know of it because of my grandfathers involvement. They met at the Nether Congregational Chapel which I think was also called the Lower Chapel. Now the Central Reform Church. It was not one of the larger Societies and of course most returned home. the photo (below) was probably taken at the above and probably included the people listed. Mr C.A.U Rose Hon,Sec. (the one holding the shield?) lived at 121 Cemetery Rd. Mr E.J.Audoire Vice chair Mrs S.J.Audrain W H. Gile R.Wilks-Green Phylis Streader. Mrs W.Soudain lived at 63 Barker Rd Mrs D.Pontin http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/8625-channel-island-evacuees-sheffield-photo/?hl=guernsey
  2. They made the bayonets (formerly made at Enfield) until the end of WW1 Not sure if you have been answered but the original entrance to Sandersons was on around the corner from Wilfrid on Darnall Rd. Later Sanderson Kayser had the entrance near the canal end. Shown on posted photos.
  3. Found the "Carlisle works" Sign Not a great pic , shown in the corner of one below. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14108&pos=1&action=zoom&id=16932 very odd that its the only picture I can find unfortunately I had my interview there in the 60s, I remember wood panelling and display cabinets. Only visit I had since I worked at Darnall
  4. I was once told that this was once a pub, is this so? Thanks for any info.
  5. Sorry for disjointed thread, some postings went wrong or since gone missing. Pic taken yesterday when passing, got the name of location wrong at first. Albert terrace street sign went with demolition. I will see if I can get a better look tomorrow.
  6. From Google earth, looks like Albert Terrace Road not Bedford st. Sorry there was not a street sign. Thanks
  7. Got it thanks, just about finished the story. Usual problem as to what to do with it. Anyone know how to publish a booklet? Both Frederick and myself descended from the cutlers of Bingley House Farm in Rivelin. Frederick was my second cousin three times removed. Before his family moved to Clough Fields his family history is the same as mine. We go back to Low Bradfield, the first Dysons recorded in the parish. I cant find out yet when his mother Emma (b1826) died or where buried. She doesnt seem to be with Fred and husband Mathew at Fulwood where there is an obelisk. I would be grateful for any help. ​The family was quite large so there must be descendent about so if anyone knows any, please let me know. Thanks, Mike
  8. How interesting I got the info from Hansons first book "Images of Crosspool" 2003. She has the same pic as the one I posted above. Below pic, it says,- " Tapton Hill Rd was, formed and stoned in 1794. House nos. 83 and 85 were formally Rose Cottage Inn, built in the 1750s The licence to the Inn transferred to the Kings Head in 1860, by which time Manchester Rd was the main rd. So a strange contradiction! I think the building shown in "My" pic looks more like a pub? Below the pic in her second book, that Vox posted, it says the pub stood where 83-85 NOW STANDS "one of the houses retains its name. Two different locations I think? Steve HB posted a map, I wonder if he has the rest of it? http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/9982-dalton-cottages/?hl=crosspool#entry78118 Just had a word with my 90 year old informant, (Still living in the same spot) she knows nothing about about the pub but has told me Pinder and Dyson families lived there..( Nailmaker and Cutler) No 188 and 190 resp. ( in Godfrey 1902 map) Been up to have a look at the "new" Rose Cottage house which is at the junction of Hallgate on Tapton Hill rd,. and probably no.16 on the above 1950 map.
  9. Re Photo It seems these houses were formerly the "Rose Cottage Inn" built 1750s. May account for unusual door arrangement.
  10. Thanks Steve I had it the same the first time so nice to have another opinion. There is a map on the site with numbers but not for this top part of the road. Looking more closely at the pic there are three doors. Emmas husband was a cutler so disappointed there's no workshop, visible. Writing a story about when their 16 year old son drowned rescuing a boy from ice in 1869, Will use your map if thats ok?, The same pic ,below is on picturesheffield as well as the houses set back beyond and out of site. A lady in the replaced Graves Homes who lived in the cottages is still living there! thanks
  11. Would anyone please identify 190 Tapton Hill. ? Godreys may gives Mrs Emma Dyson. Looked for the map with numbers in vain although I am sure it will be on the site. I have a conflicting, three houses from the blacksmith abut two houses past Tapton Bank, thanks.
  12. Hi ian i am looking into cutlers at the top of Tapton Hill and there are some possible workshops on picture sheffield. Not come across any where you say though. There are Dalton cottages but I dont seem to remember seeing any workshops. Some cutlers would be living in the area but working in Sheffield
  13. Thanks for replies I am wondering if other people in the hamlet were effected. We only know know about this family from Bradfield archives - they were from Bingley House Stannington. They applied for relief John and his wife both die a few years later so I am also wondering, what of?
  14. Anyone got any historical info. on Clough Field Crookes please? I have a family "suffering from billious fever" in 1830. I recall reading somewhere about the need for a water supply but cant remember where. I understand billious fever covered a lot of ailments but wonder if it was typhoid. When did death certificates come in please? Grateful for any suggestions mike
  15. I remember the painting His paintings will becoming quite rare, he said in court that his daughter destroyed two!
  16. Hi Thanks for reply, its amazing how things are forgotten. We could do with a grant! mike
  17. My late mother was an Ambulance Driver in the ARP and I remember her saying she was based at a Shiregreen or Southey school. I have looked when passing likely spots but cant match the buildings. Anyone any idea or any information or perhaps knows of anyone else involved? The ambulances were converted removal vans. Some girls had to sit on cushions, the gears were gate change and they had to double the clutch. My mothers maiden name was Audoire, would there be any records any where I wonder? MORE INFO The Sheffield Archives have several photos from a MAY MURFIN also mentioned is a Mrs Higgins. They were based at Hartley Brook School.
  18. Hi Did you get anything on the ARP Ambulance Service? Just searching through now because my mother was a driver. Cant see anything so I will start a thread a nd put a pic on.
  19. How intriguing. Any chance of seeing a pic of the stirrup mount please? Does this mean Anglo Saxons were riding about up there? Also, I once spoke to a guy who showed me a shell found in a wall in the Derwent valley, he reckoned it had come over from Midhope?
  20. Interested! I have what seems had like a life time of brick walls. I usually get to climb over them but wonder how much easier it would be without them? Likewise I wonder if there are others who could do with help and advice publishing work, I currently put stuff out for free Sources of funding for project?. Just been eploring, there are some but often with catches for amateurs I wonder if many people have been refused access to artefacts (our heritage which has often been donated by ordinary people for us to see) in storage at our Museum. History is too important just to leave to the Professionals and its obvious there are talented amateurs about who are working alone. I am struck by the fact that amatuers tend to be much more generous to each other compared to profesionals, we should capitilise on this. I have just purchased a projector and intend to get out to the many local history groups. Re. Local History Groups. I think perhaps they could be what we make them?
  21. Just going through my grandfathers field book (Edward John Audoire RE 455 Coy 29th Div) came acroos these names which may be of interest