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  1. 2015 Sandersons old gate house, Darnall. CHARLES ROSS SHEFFIELD Ross began in 1865 according to an earlier post. I would guess that this was installed around that time
  2. What is your grandfathers name please? I have a wage ledger.
  3. I suggest you contact Bradfield Archives and the Parish council as the look after troughs. I would guess at Agden Rocher in the background
  4. A friend inherited some of his paintings which were sold when he needed a drink. A competent artist. What is the interest please? I am trying to find out more.
  5. There were little plates indicating the Sheffield Flood level but were stolen
  6. Some uncertainty, may have reopened for a time in WW1. Recently discovered that some crucible melting in 1941 took place. I am hoping to arrange an open day in Sept 2017.
  7. Middlewood admission papers 1954 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121584827075?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  8. I think I copied the list from this site some years ago as I my grt grandfather married Isabella Farnsworth. I am unclear about the name change. In 1851 the Census gives "Furtunes of War". interesting street map which gives Nowills the cutlers, still on the same site? Fortunes of War/Old Fortune of War (see also Turk's Head, New and Old !) 102 Scotland Street Open 1822 Closed Comments 1822 an 1825 address 62 Scotland Street - Old Fortune of War 1822 George Housley (Old Fortune of War) 1825 George Housley (62 Scotland Street) 1828 George Housley 1833 George Housley 1834 Hannah Housley 1837 J Salt (6 Scotland Street) 1839 J. Booker [102 Scotland Street ] 1845 Mary Booker ( 102 Scotland street) 1846 Mary Booker 1849 Charles Clement Farnsworth 1851 Charles Clement Farnsworth 1852 Charles Clement Farnsworth 1854 Charles Clement Farnsworth 1856 Charles Clement Farnsworth 1859 Isabella Farnsworth [102 Scotland Street ] 1862 I Farnsworth 1863 Charles Skelton [ 102 Scotland Street ] 1864 Edward Hall 1865 J. Tomlinson 1868 J. Tomlinson [102 Scotland Street ] 1871 Albert Beighton 1876 Albert Beighton [108 Scotland Street ] 1879 Albert Beighton 1881 John Theaker [census 108 Scotland St] 1883 Edwin Ovendale [ 108 Scotland Street ] 1888 Robert Johnson [108 Scotland Street ] 1889 Robert Johnson 1893 Robert Johnson 1895/6 Robert Johnson 1898 John Carlton 1901 John Carlton 1902 George Green 1903 Joseph H Leek 1905 Joseph H Leek 1907 George H Malkin [ 108 Scotland Street ] 1910 George H Malkin 1911 George H Malkin 1912 George H Malkin
  9. I think this will be the Sheffield Gas Company where my grandfather worked? He is in the pic. Does it exist please?
  10. Its a pity the sale description didnt answer our puzzle The posts look out of place. I wonder if they were made for a turnpike but became defunct before purchase? hence where then utilised where ever.
  11. HD, In a way its academic re. the gate posts but its always interesting to solve problems. Have you ever seen any of the Roman masonry in the walls next to the road? I read several references but don't ask me where.
  12. The dip in the road looks the same but the distance between the top and bottom of the far windows is very different?
  13. Take a look at these at Hunters Bar http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s16163&pos=3&action=zoom&id=18898
  14. Just been using Brian Tweedales "Sheffield Directory", he has amassed a great deal. A 2014 publication is in the reference library
  15. Interesting book especially the Roman Fort. I dont think we know much more now. Sam is listed in the Rivelin valley in 1841 Been looking at lead mining in the Ewden Valley, some Bradwell men worked there.
  16. HD -Exactly, You wouldnt want to move them far. Do you know anything re. Sam Fox house?
  17. Anyone any idea about these posts - similar to the Mortimer Rd ones at Bamford.
  18. VINTAGE LEATHER BOUND WAGES LEDGER Kayser Ellison steel works 1944-46 Darnall and Carlisle Works Rescued from Ebay. If anyone needs me to look for names please ask
  19. The church goes back to 1853, Just thought there is no no grave yard so I wonder where they were buried. The are/ were classed as none-conformists. Thanks for advice.