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  1. Looking at the life of Arthur Dyson, murdered by Charles Peace. He was the resident engineer during the construction of Eads Bridge up to 1873. There is a reference to a British metalurgist making "Chrome Steel" and I wondered if we had any metallurgists who might comment please? HISTORIC MACHANICAL ENGINEERING RECORD 1984http://lcweb2.loc.gov/master/pnp/habshaer/mo/mo0300/mo0361/data/mo0361data.pdf The Eads Bridge Spanning the Mississippi River St. Louis St. Louis Co. Missouri Crucible steel was specified for the 6,216 staves to be placed within the hollow steel arch tubes, but crucible steel had never been fabricated in such large pieces and the Butcher steel works could not produce it satisfactorily. After six months of testing some 6,000 staves using the testing machine designed by Eads assistant engineers, which Eads had installed at the Butcher facility in Pittsburgh, none met the test of 60,000 pounds per square inch.101 Chrome steel was then experimented with in place of the crucible steel for the staves, which consumed another six months.102 Finally, a British metallurgist was brought in to supervise mixing and melting the chrome steel, and work progressed slowly but satisfactorily. The first stave was rolled on May 1, 1871 and the first batch of staves was accepted on March 1, 1872.103 103. Ibid. Neither Smith, nor Woodward (see p. 88), nor any of the other sources given in these footnotes identifies, by name, the British metallurgist who successfully mixed the chrome steel from which the staves were fabricated.
  2. For the record - With regards to the 1903 Sheffield - Mottershaw film of CHARLIE PEACE, It does appear it is now lost (the first ever British crime film). I still hope someone has a copy somewhere. Recent email below is from the BFI "Thanks for your email. Whilst it is impossible to say that no copies have survived as we do not know what might be in private collections, from our records and links to other collections I can see it would seem that only the Haggar film survives". Be aware that there is a lot of confusion with the extant 1905 Hagger film, made in Wales. Mike.
  3. Hi Lawrence

    Interesting post. Could you please confirm That the Charles Peace Film no longer exists?  I yesterday went up to the YFA to see the Mottershaw film but believe it to be the Hagger one. Most confusing. At the start of the film it said 1903.


    mike Dyson

  4. Hoping to find any relatives of Arthur Dyson - murder victim of Charles Peace in 1876, thanks, mike
  5. Thanks for looking (I have copied description below). Must be a copy nearer. I have read that the Mottershaw 1903 film no longer exists. Interestingly whilost looking I have found Mottershaw lived on Alexandra Rd. The same road Arthur and Cate had lived before Darnall. Summary: DESCRIPTION: A rare gem - one of the few surviving films made by [Arthur] William Haggar (1851-1925), a travelling showman and film pioneer based in Wales from the 1880s onwards. Walter Haggar, son of William, plays the masked [?], fiddle-playing, adulterous murderer "Chas Peace" (hanged at Armley Jail, near Leeds, in 1879) who enjoys fighting, fooling and evading the police but is brought low - and executed - after a last, dramatic but pitiful escape attempt from the train he is travelling on under police guard. Shot in Pembroke, using a unique inter-titling style and being the first film made in Wales to include a close-up, it also features other members of the Haggar family: Sarah Haggar, wife of William, and several of their children - Violet, Lillian [Lily May] and Henry. Scope and content: SYNOPSIS: See also shotlist NB: Shotlists are not yet available on-line. Please ask if required. The inter-titles, as listed below, give an indication of the scenes shown: PEACE'S FIRST BURGLARY -PEACE AT DYSON'S HOUSE - THE MURDER OF MR DYSON - CHAS PEACE AT HOME - BURGLARY AT BLACKHEATH - PEACE THE PARSON AND THE POLICE - PEACE CAPTURED BY P.C. ROBINSON -PEACE BEING TAKEN TO SHEFFIELD FOR TRIAL - STRUGGLE IN THE RAILWAY CARRIAGE - CHASPEACE IN PRISON - THE EXECUTION. Silent film. Title source: 1. Titled from frame on print from bfi. This is the title that the film has become known by although, as Dave Berry says, Mottershaw's film was titled thus and Haggar's was actually known just as 'Charles Peace'. 2. Form of title = Drama. Date source: Dated as per date advised by Dave Berry and bfi [see note under 'Stepney Wedding' (title no. 1668) re phone call from Roy Haggar (13/3/98) in which he dates 'The Life of Charles Peace' as 1904 rather than 1905; the bfi (despite the note under 'Stepney Wedding') have a title on this copy of the film which gives the date as 1903 - see Related Material notes for discussion of this.].
  6. Anyone know how I can see the 1903 and 1905 films on Peace? Its got me beat. I have seen it several times but dont recall how. The 1939 version is on YouTube.
  7. I wonder, did you do this course? I am currently looking at the case - from the victims point of view
  8. The rolls have now been transcribed by the Tinsley Community Heritage Project
  9. Thanks very much for these replies, much appreciated, I have a newspaper ref from York Prison. London Chronicle 26th March 1782. I cant find it on Find my Past, is there another way? Thanks, mike
  10. Looking into the Frank Fearne murder, a lot has been written that just does not add up. (Not that he didn't brutely murder Nathan Andrews). Its been said that they were on their way to the Old Horns, I dont think it would have existed in 1782? Where would they be going? Where there any pubs in the area at this time. Perhaps a beer house? Opinions please Thanks mike
  11. I saw him playing blue grass with another guy at the Queens Head on Scotland Street. !960 s . I had never heard anything like it. He took time to show me some books in the central library some years ago and he said he had visited Nashville.
  12. Tozz, I will assume you have seen the photos on Picture sheffield. I attach a photo of farmhouse 2 (picture sheffield number.) which I believe had the datestone? The b/w pic is from a mag and should state the pic was taken from the Delph House The painting shown by Ed was by Pam Elliott
  13. Its not like it was and difficult to take photos of any merit, a lot demolished. Have you seen the ones on pictursheffield ? The historian Dennis Smith donated several. People there not really interested in history but don't seem to mind you looking around, several footpaths cut across. What is your interest?
  14. I have recently done some work on 19th century Clough Field hamlet if interested
  15. Thanks, HD. I was surprised that they go back a long way. The early ones for railways it seems. I know there was a road one at Parkside road Toll Bar in 1850 because someone got fined. Photo from picture Sheffield
  16. Canal wharf ( thanks to Cotterill) I think there is an old picture of the Sheaf works which I need ti find a good copy of.
  17. One near Sandersons on Darnall Rd - aqueduct. Used by them I think but there before.
  18. Interesting stuff. I am told there was one at Mousehole. I am intrigued as to how they worked, especially the early ones . Your Malin bridge one was mentioned on this site and gave - Picture Sheffield w00720
  19. 2015 Sandersons old gate house, Darnall. CHARLES ROSS SHEFFIELD Ross began in 1865 according to an earlier post. I would guess that this was installed around that time