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  1. THATS IT WELL DONE! Steve The photo was taken from slightly to the left, bridge on right and side. It never occured to me that it was a road, I thought it was in a park. I think I do feel like an idiot. I think I may have walked past it! . I still couldnt tell you where it is though. One of the big estates? It shows how even recent local history can be lost. Its not so long ago that I could have asked some of the people on the photograph. It also looks like I have the only two bits of evidence that the Society ever existed. Thanks miked
  2. Thanks Syrup, I can see the similarity. The one on the photo looks old and could be five sided and the panels could be inscribed. at least its not so obvious so as to make me look an idiot! if its not Sheffield, what about Leeds or Wakefield. I know there were evacuees there. Miked
  3. Sorry, I didnt intend that the card was connected with the outing. it does confirm though that there was such a society. i cant find any other evidence. Thanks, PS I will try and find a pic of the Cholera Monument.
  4. During WW2 some 23,000 ( surprised at this figure)Channel Islanders were evacuated when the islands were occupied. The only part of the UK to be occupied. Sheffield like other places played host. The photogragh may be outside Sheffield as I know trips were made. Fox House being a favourite. However the monument looks substancial. I have been through "Sheffield Pictures" and cant find a match. I imagine the remembrance day event was a different one to the photographed. Sheffield libraries do not seem to have any information either. I would be grateful for any other info. on this topic. Miked
  5. Hi, I wonder just how many Audoires there are in the Sheffield area and how are we connected? Any family histories would be useful. Thanks, Mike
  6. My understanding is that he was actually more of a hero than Nelson, and a more likeable one. Thats "History" for you? Nice that hes not forgotten in the English singing tradition Well the next that comes in it is Lord Collingwood And he's fought with Lord Nelson till he shed his blood And he's come from the sea old England to view He's come a pace egging with the whole of his crew Pace egging song Mike
  7. Hi, Got a whopper if its true. I was told we wus robbed of Dysons Refractories. Stannington. Told so by my aunt from Stannington. It certainly changed hands and there seems to be a veil of mystery about it all. No one ever seems to wonder how it happened. I only heard that the Dysons were having difficulties and someone stepped in to "help". Dysons are not mentioned in the "History of the Firm" (apart from the name, in the book I was given!) She said, she was always invited to all the do,s. I have to say that as yet I cant find any connection. Not made easy by all the "Johns" I will have to try again, (I need the money.) If anyone can help ? Mike
  8. Heinkel mystery- spent hours on this. No luck. Cant understand why a plane in this condition has not been photographed, remarked upon before. I have seen pics of loads that are in bits. It looks like the cockpit area is the first to go on impact. Possible clues ? The "Doc" seems to think the white nose cones may help with ID. I have had my magnifier on the pic. The coloured white edged triangle on the side gives 87 The triangle on the prop, "VDM" The buildings in the background are "Industrial types". Large, tall, large skylight, large chimney stack. It obviously didn,t crash there. The cards are identical in every way and likely bought at the same place. Whilst the 109 has all the trappings of an exibit the Heinkel doesn,t, save for some steps and the cover. Two civilians just off shot. Time wise, it has to be in the UK. It is not riddled with bullet holes. The cockpit and other wing could have been? Prop not turning on landing? Starboard wing maybe laid on the ground along side Mike
  9. Thanks for all the efforts, I reckon in the 109 , in situ, shot, it shows the side door to the Guamont, I remember using it. Some years ago there was a cockpit section on display at Kelham Island Museum. It was for training in Spain where they used these bombers up to the 1960,s. (some with spitfire engines!)I have tried to find out about this cockpit specimen but no luck as yet. I remember thinking how small it was and not like my Airfix notion. All we need to do now is find out which bomber it was, who flew it, where it crashed, and the life stories of the crew. OVER TO YOU DOCTOR
  10. I was always facinated about the one that landed near the Odin Mine Castleton. I looked for evidence but the ground is very disturbed around there. I think I got wind of it at the visitors centre. There is also a bomb (dont know what sort) crater at Wharncliffe, near the railway. Again not identified. One impressive one I have seen is in Wheater Wood Grenoside. Apparently the villages heard it dropping! A local theory was that they were after the munitions site at Jaw bone, about a mile away. Very close in ww2 terms I suppose. My dad had a bit of yellow parachute material, now lost. He told me, if I remember right, it was off an incendary. He said he used to try and put the things out with a carpet, in Crookes. Sounds about right. I would be interested in any other info. on these. Mike
  11. Just been talking to an old Stannington couple .... never heard of it. As Richard wondered, it may not have taken off. Watch your purse in the library Thanks Mike
  12. Trevor helped me to get started in making pocket knives 20 years ago when I was struggling for help. I always think of him when I use the hammer he gave me. A very generous modest man. Mike
  13. I wonder if anyone can shed light on these two post cards? I know the Messerchmitt 109 is in Sheffield-Barkers pool. Is the Hienkel 111 also pictured in Sheffield? Whats the story?. I inherited them both together. Thanks Mike The pic below shows the 109 being placed in position.
  14. Sorry, cant get on to your spell "check system". Mike
  15. I am trying to put together a study of pocket knife cutlers in areas such as Stannington, Wadsley, Worrall, Oughtibridge, Bradfield, Dungworth, Grenosde etc. Most had finished by WWI. This has been a much neglected area of study despite the fact that Rodgers and Wostenholme started at Stannington. I would be grateful for any information or photo's of workshops (most demolished). Likewise pictures of knives such as, Oats (SEO),Furness (MFS), Rose, Copley, Dyson, Mount. Bramall, etc. (There have been hundreds). These knives tended to be, "work-knives" often, Barlows. They were "mass" produced by hand methods. As such, they were often crudely made. As a result these knives are often overlooked by collectors. Many thousands must have been made over hundreds of years yet examples are extremely rare. I see these cutlers as unsung heroes in the cutlery history of Sheffield. Please check your collections. Acknowledgements will be given. Thanks, Mike
  16. Any info on the following pub please? Thanks, Mike "THE CRICKET PLAYERS" 1840 HANGMOOR SIDE. STANNINGTON. Appliction to sell liquer (Courtesy D.Smith.)
  17. Found it .....Held by NARA tel no below. Shall we give them a go? Interesting summary of how they took pics - Royal Comm.Ancient and.Historical monuments of Scotland http://aerial.rcahms.gov.uk/isadg/isadg.ph...o=GB_551_NCAP/2 Custodial History: The original imagery in this collection is held by the National Archives and Records Administration in the United States of America. RCAHMS obtained copies in 1996. Allied Materials Related Materials: TARA - GB 551 19 - Luftwaffe: Aerial Reconnaissance (Worldwide) Publication Note: Originals: The original copy of these photographs are held by: The National Archives and Records Administration 8601 Adelphi Road College Park MD 20740-6001 USA T: +00 1-866-272-6272
  18. Hi Richard Sorry dont know how to do link but its- "Lufwaffe Bombing Map, Newton Chambers Tank Works" by Deansgirl I have tried to find ut how I tracked down other Luftwaffe pictures to Washington but cant. My memory is failing. (I read that Google are publishing allied photos of Europe) I particularly wanted the picture of the old Musket-Rifle range on Wharnciffe which I understood was oblique. As far as I know other photgraphs of the range are none-existant. If anyone has any I would be very grateful for a copy. Mike Link to Dean's Topic .. Lufwaffe Bombing Map, Newton Chambers Tank Works
  19. Its a RICHARTZ Solingen- Post 1934 if made in Sheffield. Other marks included a tent or a lampost. It looks a bit poor? Mike
  20. Good to see the Newton Chambers Lufftwaffe shot again (Deansgirl) Does anyone have the rest of the Sheffield photos. I tried to find them years ago but only found they were in Washington DC. - An unfortunate quirk of fate that the US. found them after the war. Although thankfully not lost. I know Barnsley Council had some copies (incuded Wharncliffe) but these were apparently lost during reorganisation. I am new to this site but begining to think you people can do anything! Shouldn,t we have copies? Mike
  21. Edward John Audoire....correct, lived at Walkley. I dont think I know a Issac. Not a son. probably connected though. They seemed to have large families in Guernsey. Audoire name is still unusual in Sheffield I think. I have loads of photograhs, particularly of WWI and WW2 home guard. I will have a look. He was a real old soldier. There are some of these posted on a website called "Channel Islands at War". I intend to put something together one day. I have no idea what brought him to Sheffield, I wondered if he had friends here learning metalwork. He was actually a gas fitter. He married someone in the siversmith trade (Mettam) Thanks Mike
  22. Hi My Grandfather was a Gurn. Named, Audoire. Its only a guess but the CI did some metalworking and many came to learn skills, there was quite a colony I believe. This swelled with evacuees in WW2. My Granfather formed the Channel Island Society. Link maybe? Mike
  23. miked


    Hi, I would be gratefull if anyone can tell me where Shotnell was. it does not seem to have survived as a place name. I am writing about the rural cutlers of Bradfield parish. I am baffled as to where "Dysons of Shotnell" worked. I think it may be around Birley Carr. I would also be interested if anyone has any relevent info, photos, or knives from the Bradfield area. (I am aware of Dennis Smiths work) I am already using the directory posted by Jeremy -thanks. Mike
  24. I am presently writing about rural cutlers eg Stannington, two thirds of knives, mainly Barlows went to America. They reckon G.Washington had one. Westn Park Museum has a lockwood knife that belonged to the Sioux, collected by Lord Wharncliffe. c1850,s You may know. Mike