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  1. Been on the go for years, got the info just needs putting together and finding a publisher. I am focusing on Arthur Dyson and family since other people not really covered that part. No point doing thing other people have done. I do talks .
  2. I cant find a pic either. Interested because it was a house burgled by Charles Peace and need a pic for my book.
  3. Large one at Grenoside near the mental hospital, Amazing building. Brick built with concrete roof. Heavy steel doors, metal bunk beds. Used to play in it. No one seems to know anything about it now, It should have been photographed documented.
  4. Interesting stuff. Had a look around and absolutely nothing left apart from the goit to the dam. No sign of the bridge. Drawing by William Lowe c 1850
  5. Hi, I have been on that forum as Wharnie and failed to make any contact. I dont believe there are any relatives, ot close any how. I, am a Dyson but not close. Most Dysons are 90% related. Thanks for help PS I am doing a talk on the family in March at Darnall Library
  6. I have been recently told that the Banners material was privately purchased and is now at the Aircraft Museum Doncaster. I intend to visit shortly. Looking for ARP ambulance info.
  7. Very interesting. Do you have any more information please, where was he based? My mother was a member and I am trying to piece things together
  8. Hi Andy, I am afraid I had to sell it, I mentioned it to the archives but they didnt want it.
  9. Brilliant photos, thanks. This pic below shows a Pye Bank group. Other pics mention Pitsmoor (will that be Pye Bank?) I searched "Ambulance" http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;u01662&action=zoom&pos=126&id=37002&continueUrl= Some stories, detail of photos, names would be interesting - before they are lost. Do you have any artefacts? The City Museum only has a uniform and no information at all.
  10. I have been trying to write up my mothers story and the story of May Mirfin, very little info on the Ambulance service. My mother was base at Hartley Brook, Mirfin was but also had a connection with Corporation st. I wondered if I might send you the draft story to have a look at and perhaps add something more. I would like to use the photo if I may please, credit given Its for yet another none commercial venture, I will give it to local studies. The uniforms suggest later years of the war? The pic below is Corporation st. theres another copy on picturesheffield with others. Thanks mike
  11. Marvellous photo can you give any more information please. My mother was also a driver.
  12. Hi

    I have just seen your fantastic ambulance photo (if I,m correct) .

    My mother was also a driver though at Hartley Brook.

    Do you have any more information please?

    i am writing an account



  13. Intriguing although also horrible. Did J P Bean write something about fighting? I expect there would have been a big crowd. Thanks for efforts
  14. 1879 a beer house! Photo of area today from Bower Spring
  15. Thank you both very much, not sure why the Kelham Isand Tavern (was the Alma ( isnt marked?
  16. Any more info on the Marquis of Waterford, 2 or 4 Russell St please? A haunt of Charles Peace and would like to know exactly where it was and perhaps find a pic . The landlord was Cragg. thanks mike
  17. Used for transplanting buds from one tree to another, the shaped end was made out of ivory or plastic since steel not suitable for some reason. The blade would be used for pruning.
  18. Very sad, I have seen several reports recently on tv. regarding Dakota and Winnipeg where girls frequently go missing. At least his son Edward had a great fascination during his buffalo (slaughtering) trip of 1850 and brought back a fantastic collection of artefacts. I am trying to assess this material since up to now the collection has been largely wrongly ascribed. I remember seeing the war shirt and knife as a kid when it was displayed in the entrance to the museum.
  19. Theres a bit about Brant in Johnsons "American Woodland Indians" Below is a bit from my research , a letter written by John Stuart Wortley (1824) from Boston U.S.A. In which he “Sends some impressions to his sister Caroline”. We stopped on our way to the old colonel’s at the Grand River, sixty or seventy miles from Niagara and walked two or three miles from the road to the Mohawk village. It consisted of perhaps fifteen to twenty buildings, of wooden planks, or as they are called here clapboards (the common material in these newly cleared parts), placed at straggling distances round a considerable oblong space of common ground, towards one end of which stood their church of clapboard also. A few idle Indians, not in feathers but dresses made of European cloth and very dirty, were dawdling about and directed us to Brants house, a cottage looking little better than the rest. We unluckily found that Joseph Brant* our visitor at Curzon Street, was absent, but another dirty slovenly roué of a brother who was there showed us into the room. *Strangely, as far as I can see Brant had been dead 17 years!
  20. I think I saw Brants house when I canoed on the Grand river. He did a return visit to the Wharncliffes in London. I wrote a bit about him and understand he was a controversial figure. I went to a museum at Burlington which had stuff on him. Do you have any of the fantastic books by Michael Johnson?
  21. Is there a Joseph Brant connection here? I have had a life long interest in the Wharncliffe collection and I managed to see it the other day after a period of 8 years trying. Sioux and Chippewa mainly. One of the Wharncliffes visited the (now) six nation reserve in 1828 the other did a buffalo hunting trip in 1850. Have you documented what you have? I would be very interested in reading it if you have. Thanks for message. mike