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  1. Just about finished an account of the Society and wondered if anyone knows anything about it? I could not find anything at the Local studies or Archives and therefore going to offer them my account, not very big but better than nothing. I only know of it because of my grandfathers involvement. They met at the Nether Congregational Chapel which I think was also called the Lower Chapel. Now the Central Reform Church. It was not one of the larger Societies and of course most returned home. the photo (below) was probably taken at the above and probably included the people listed. Mr C.A.U Rose Hon,Sec. (the one holding the shield?) lived at 121 Cemetery Rd. Mr E.J.Audoire Vice chair Mrs S.J.Audrain W H. Gile R.Wilks-Green Phylis Streader. Mrs W.Soudain lived at 63 Barker Rd Mrs D.Pontin http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/8625-channel-island-evacuees-sheffield-photo/?hl=guernsey
  2. Large one at Grenoside near the mental hospital, Amazing building. Brick built with concrete roof. Heavy steel doors, metal bunk beds. Used to play in it. No one seems to know anything about it now, It should have been photographed documented.
  3. miked

    Rural Cutlers

    I am trying to put together a study of pocket knife cutlers in areas such as Stannington, Wadsley, Worrall, Oughtibridge, Bradfield, Dungworth, Grenosde etc. Most had finished by WWI. This has been a much neglected area of study despite the fact that Rodgers and Wostenholme started at Stannington. I would be grateful for any information or photo's of workshops (most demolished). Likewise pictures of knives such as, Oats (SEO),Furness (MFS), Rose, Copley, Dyson, Mount. Bramall, etc. (There have been hundreds). These knives tended to be, "work-knives" often, Barlows. They were "mass" produced by hand methods. As such, they were often crudely made. As a result these knives are often overlooked by collectors. Many thousands must have been made over hundreds of years yet examples are extremely rare. I see these cutlers as unsung heroes in the cutlery history of Sheffield. Please check your collections. Acknowledgements will be given. Thanks, Mike
  4. I was once told that this was once a pub, is this so? Thanks for any info.
  5. Interesting challenge ? Weston Park Museum holds a good number of fantastic American Indian artefacts donated by Stanley Jepson of Meersbrook Park Road. Sheffield............. Mystery surrounds this collection since they only know that ;- He was a famous baritone and a scoutmaster at Ann’s Road Primitive Methodist Church, now St. Andrews Methodists He is listed in the 1933 ‘Who’s Who in Methodism’, which suggests he was either a minister or lay office holder. He showed his collection at a Missionary exhibition 1955. THE BIG QUESTION IS.- HOW DID HE ACQUIRE HIS COLLECTION? Was he a missionary? Can anyone help please? Thank you. Mike
  6. miked

    Clay Wheel Forge

    Interesting stuff. Had a look around and absolutely nothing left apart from the goit to the dam. No sign of the bridge. Drawing by William Lowe c 1850
  7. Found the "Carlisle works" Sign Not a great pic , shown in the corner of one below. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s14108&pos=1&action=zoom&id=16932 very odd that its the only picture I can find unfortunately I had my interview there in the 60s, I remember wood panelling and display cabinets. Only visit I had since I worked at Darnall
  8. I wonder if anyone can shed light on these two post cards? I know the Messerchmitt 109 is in Sheffield-Barkers pool. Is the Hienkel 111 also pictured in Sheffield? Whats the story?. I inherited them both together. Thanks Mike The pic below shows the 109 being placed in position.
  9. Hi, I have been on that forum as Wharnie and failed to make any contact. I dont believe there are any relatives, ot close any how. I, am a Dyson but not close. Most Dysons are 90% related. Thanks for help PS I am doing a talk on the family in March at Darnall Library
  10. Hoping to find any relatives of Arthur Dyson - murder victim of Charles Peace in 1876, thanks, mike
  11. I have been recently told that the Banners material was privately purchased and is now at the Aircraft Museum Doncaster. I intend to visit shortly. Looking for ARP ambulance info.
  12. Very interesting. Do you have any more information please, where was he based? My mother was a member and I am trying to piece things together
  13. Hi Andy, I am afraid I had to sell it, I mentioned it to the archives but they didnt want it.
  14. Brilliant photos, thanks. This pic below shows a Pye Bank group. Other pics mention Pitsmoor (will that be Pye Bank?) I searched "Ambulance" http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;u01662&action=zoom&pos=126&id=37002&continueUrl= Some stories, detail of photos, names would be interesting - before they are lost. Do you have any artefacts? The City Museum only has a uniform and no information at all.
  15. I have been trying to write up my mothers story and the story of May Mirfin, very little info on the Ambulance service. My mother was base at Hartley Brook, Mirfin was but also had a connection with Corporation st. I wondered if I might send you the draft story to have a look at and perhaps add something more. I would like to use the photo if I may please, credit given Its for yet another none commercial venture, I will give it to local studies. The uniforms suggest later years of the war? The pic below is Corporation st. theres another copy on picturesheffield with others. Thanks mike
  16. Marvellous photo can you give any more information please. My mother was also a driver.
  17. Hi

    I have just seen your fantastic ambulance photo (if I,m correct) .

    My mother was also a driver though at Hartley Brook.

    Do you have any more information please?

    i am writing an account



  18. Intriguing although also horrible. Did J P Bean write something about fighting? I expect there would have been a big crowd. Thanks for efforts
  19. Any more info on the Marquis of Waterford, 2 or 4 Russell St please? A haunt of Charles Peace and would like to know exactly where it was and perhaps find a pic . The landlord was Cragg. thanks mike
  20. 1879 a beer house! Photo of area today from Bower Spring