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  1. Fire Map shows it clearly http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/onlineex/firemaps/england/yorkshire/largeimage149995.html
  2. I have a feeling he may have been yanking your chain. The confidence tone wasn't to signal anything other than availability, and it wouldn't have been capable of tinkling a telephone bell even if there was contact between your line and the WB1400 equipped line. The cause was probably something more simple like a line fault. In the old days they used a pair of un-insulated wires which could lose tension over time and touch when there was a breeze. This could be quite rhythmic depending on the length of the line.
  3. Walked along this street many times and admired the buildings. I always thought the cobble angle was to do with drainage moving water to the edge, but I have no evidence or expertise to back that up.
  4. Some of those sirens were on Police stations and on the top of some telephone exchanges and were fed by a GPO system called WB1400 (google it or look at This site) There was also a receiver in the park keepers lodge at Endcliffe park. This all went in the '90s. Source: used to fix this stuff in the early '80s
  5. Thanks RLongden, i'm sure that is it. As you say everything is so close but so far away. Frustrating thing is that this is within my lifetime and I can't recall it. When I looked at the photo and the building shape on the map there are differences though.
  6. On the Manor Top beside the Park and Arbourthorne club is this out of place block of shops not contemporary with the surrounding buildings. It's always bugged me why since childhood. I was told the previous building was an air raid victim, but... A trip to old-maps reveals the site was previously a Telephone exchange - presumably Park Telephone exchange - mentioned elsewhere on this site, which was replaced by the exchange at Intake as the population density shifted. I contacted BT archives who said Ministry of Works Archives are now held by the National Archives. Unfortunately searches and correspondence with them haven't turned up anything else.. Recently a photo of City Rd from 1935 showed telegraph poles with arms full of wires, presumably overhead routes before underground cabling works But image searches at Library and Britain from above haven't yielded any success. Does anyone have any more info, or old photos showing the exchange?
  7. It's always been called 'Stooanses' which is a Sheffield version of the possessive form of Stones (Stones's). I still think it can taste as it used to - hence this pic today, slooo
  8. Boginspro. The census line below yours looks clearer and seems to be 12 Clapham's Yard with the Yard written as Yd See below.
  9. Not the most mysterious but... On Mansfield Rd, Intake opposite the old bus terminus is what looks like a gatepost stone. Maybe from farmland. But it's survived major development, the widening of the road, an electricity substation, the creation of a housing estate and refurbishment of the pavements. Wonder why, and what it was for
  10. Some info on the shop on the left - S. A. Turvey - Furrier. It's still trading and their current website mentions this shop and the owner Sarah Anne Turvey http://www.turveysfinefurniture.co.uk/about_us
  11. https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/sheffield-old-town-hall-courts-sep-2016.t105401#post-1154402 In fact go to https://www.28dayslater.co.uk and search for Sheffield to see a lot of urban exploration in Sheffield
  12. This may also be a long shot. Does the surname Moss mean anything to you? In the 1980s there was an old woman called Trixie Moss (was middle name Mary) who lived at Stumperlowe Mansions, Stumperlowe Lane Fulwood. She was quite eccentric and a heavy smoker. I and my colleagues seemed to be there quite often (telephones) repairing damage. I recall a house fire caused by a cigarette killed her possibly mid '80s (check Sheffield Star???)
  13. It was also a Lasky's HiFi shop, where I bought a system from around 1983/4. Lasky's was bought by Comet in 1989
  14. The Pump was run by some friends of mine in the '90s/early 2Ks, and I was an almost daily regular there for ~6 years. The maps above are correct. It wasn't ON the Moor, it was on the junction of Earl Street (runs down side of new market) and Cumberland Way (now under the market). The pub site is now under the market. The Earl St entrance was opposite the old bank which is still there and is now a record shop I think. (the old bank is across Earl way from that brown striped car park you can see on the left of the first image) It was a busy lunchtime/quiet evening pub, and a really great place to meet a wide range of people - groups from different companies coming together. Beer and food were always good. There isn't really a replacement, as not many pubs in town have a landlord onsite who wants to get to know people. Here are some photo's from 2007 which should put it in context
  15. The Bell pub building is still there in Fizalan Square between an amusement arcade and Corals bookmakers. Would be interesting to see inside/upstairs
  16. I have a vague recollection Michael Cooke lived off Ridgeway Rd nr Corker Rd in the early 70s when he did a Saturday teatime TV Sport programme. I encountered him later in life at Radio Sheffield on Westbourne Rd Broomhill (along with Tony Capstick). This would be early to mid '80s - I used to go there almost weekly (dodgy telephone system). Michael Cooke left during this time. My most embarrassing moment was TC introducing me to Rene & Renato!
  17. What a memory! Al Carretto used to be the Cherry Pie Cafe in the early '80s when I used to go regularly for breakfast with my colleague
  18. This is on Glossop Rd Broomhill (Opposite Thyme Cafe and Peel St). The premises at 479 Glossop Rd were owned by a Isaac H Fisher around 1905 who was a Groce & Beer Retailer. All I can make out is Guinness Harp Label Always in Splendid Condition
  19. Yes, there used to be glass with Duncan Gilmour etched into it in the windows as well. It used to be a Tetly's pub - multiroomed until the mid '80s. I have been going in there since the '70s and still do!
  20. Thanks Mark, So it wasn't a dream! I haven't been able to find anymore info on this. So you think it wen when the ski village was built?
  21. I have a memory from the early 1980s of a small race track up on Parkwood Springs. This was not long after the houses were demolished (outlines were visible) but before the ski village. It was used for radio control cars. But Now I find no trace! Did I dream this??
  22. Hi there. Thanks for this. Is there anything regarding Clay St Attercliffe? Either the Tramcar PH or the houses opposite? Also anything on Colwall St? Any text would be helpful. Much appreciated.