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  1. Was there another pub called The Owl on the old Penistone Road just about opposite where the adult store is now. I once saw old movies footage ( possibly early 60s) of a car journey from Up north of Sheffield, Halifax Road, Penistone Road towards town. I'm sure I spotted the pub on there.
  2. The first house on the right with the sold sign was the first house we bought in 1987. I often wondered if the railings were original and did people have they option to keep them when they were all used for the war effort ?
  3. Yes mate. Sorry for late reply. No 21 Bower Road. The printers you mention was a jewellery workshop when we lived there and before that a laundry , I think.
  4. Sounds like he was a nice bloke and a good company too. Thanks again transit I remember we were told to meet in the spotted dog bar on the first evening after arrival, but i was that knackered from the travelling we slept instead.
  5. Fantastic Transit well done. Carnells was a Sheffield firm wasn't it?
  6. Hi. did anyone travel abroad with Carnells Tours. Me and the future bride went down to Sitges (south of Barcelona) in about 1983. It was the first time I'd been abroad. What an experience, lovely modern double decker coaches but too far to travel. Its not good having swollen feet and ankles in your early twenties from being sat around too long. The coach back from Spain was only 2 weeks old and I remember that the company wound up not long after we returned. Would be great these days for the hoards of people who dont like to fly. Dont suppose any of you great people have pics of the coaches etc. Thanks in advance
  7. What a fantstic painting. if you go to print with that I would be interesting in buying one.
  8. Had a look on Luis' site and its fantastic. I've lived on the estate since 2002 and have been curious as to how the old place used to be. Well worth a look and please Luis keep up the good work. One of the pics shows an ariel veiw and unfortunately the site of my house is just off picture, down the side of Northwood behind the now Ambulance Station.
  9. Many thanks for the information. That would look great on the kitchen wall. Just need to find a spare 300 quid :-)
  10. Would anyone know if it would be possible to buy a replica of the Master Cutler name plate? I think this would look great on my kitchen wall (not told the missus yet). I've Googled my enquiry but not had much luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks S6lad
  11. Stuart, a fantastic picture, just what I was after. thanks to everyone
  12. Hi lady That was a different church then. Just looking at my original reply and had to edit it, the church I was thinking about was on the right not left as previously stated. Two pubs and a church!! what a busy area that must have been.
  13. Hi Lady There was a church further along South Road heading away from town on the right. It was oposite the chinese chippy as is now. There's a row of houses now bulit on the spot.
  14. Thanks Waterside That picture looks like a video edit. Is that the Howard then? Its a shame its a little misfocused but much appreciated. S6 lad
  15. A fantastic picture Staurt great memories I might have been sat on that up stairs at the back, smoking a ***, oh well, a rolled up bus ticket. I was only nine.