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  1. Steve HB - Thanks so much. I obviously couldn't find it again due to the spelling of Notre Dame!!!!!
  2. Help, I saw a thread on Sheffield History which showed pictures of the inside of Oakbrook, once home of Mark Firth and now Notre Dame High School. But I can't find the thead. Can anyone help?
  3. Yes, seem to remember Broomhall as being a possible location but that's all!! Just trying to put a link in a complicated family jigsaw!!!! Thanks!
  4. Thanks but Moss doesn't ring any bells. Grateful for the information!!!
  5. Are there no past pupils of Notre Dame (1950s) on the Forum?
  6. I'm presuming that few people flew in the 1950s ,so what was it like to fly, economy, in the 1960s compared to today?
  7. Anyone remember going to Notre Dame? First to Cavendish Street and then to Oakbrook. Would like memories of classmates and of teachers. I was there from 1953 - 1959.
  8. I seem to be the only person who remembers that in the late 70s, early 80s (not sure of date) there was a lot of publicity in the local press about a family with quite a few children, living, I think, somewhere like Broomhill, who kept their children in isolation in their home, just taking them out for a walk crocodile fashion, and educated them at home?
  9. I remember, as a child in the 1950s that we sometimes visited an Auntie Trixie who lived, I think, in the Broomhill end of town, and who we believed to be a relative of our father.. We never questioned it but of recent years have found our fathers past to be somewhat complicated!!! Does anyone on the Forum remember having a family member called Trixie? I know its a long shot!!!!
  10. Trying to find out what David ' Bronco' Laynes Cafe on Middlewood Road was called over the years and in what order. I have Squirrell and Palms, but when???
  11. I remember when I started work at the end of the 50s we were not allowed to wear trousers or thick tights. Can anyone remember this time and when the rules started to relax?
  12. When I was a young teenager I mostly shopped at C & A. Once mini skirts hit town, things changed! What fashion shops were around in the late 50s, early 60s?
  13. Thanks but I think Auntie Trixie was quite old in the 1950s!!! Isn't it frustrating when there is no one left to ask!!
  14. When my sister and I were children we were sometimes taken to visit someone described at Auntie Trixie. She may have lived in the Broomhill or Broomhall area of Sheffield. We never knew who she was or if she was a relation. Anyone got a Trixie in the long lost family files?
  15. My father who died in 1959 had a friend who attended this church. I think his name was Milner (could be Billy or Tommy?) I know he lived on Homestead Road at Sheffield Lane Top. Is there anyone left who might remember the family?
  16. Does anyone remember the first Chinese and Indian Restaurants in Sheffield?