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  1. Disappointed that the 17 year old may not be my father? He did have a good singing voice although I only ever heard it on his pantomimes! I have some research on his plays to include the most famous 'A Bit of Brass' which was produced in Sheffield more than 60 times. If you look at one of my links about Winnie Allan, someone has sent me some cuttings related to my father who was a friend of hers.
  2. You are wonderful! Yes, that is my father! I found out that he had been married before to a Ivy Mustill in 1918. The Alan Fenton in this programme was the small son of his wifes sister, My father was also a ventriloquist and taught it to Alan. I'm a bit green when it comes to researching, Where did you get the information from? Most grateful!!!!
  3. I know there won't be anyone old enough! but, does anyone remember my father Ernest Morton? He died in 1959. My sister and myself found that he'd been a man of compete mystery. He'd had a previous marriage unknown to us, in 1918 when he was 24, married my mother when he was 47 or so, and in between seems to have done some very varied things to include working in the same laboratory as Harry Brearley, and writing numerous plays to include 'A Bit of Brass' which was performed in Sheffield at amateur dramatic societies right up to the 1950s. The last dramatic society he was associated with as writer, actor and producer was St.Patricks Players.
  4. Does anyone remember any productions at The Playhouse in the 1950s?
  5. It was the site of what is now a closed Chinese restaurant across from the park. In later years I believe it belonged to 'Bronco' Layne, Sheffield Wednesday player. I have names like The Squirre and Laynes going round in my head, but I want to know what it was called in the 1950s!!!!
  6. richardbush.1@gmail.com

  7. I have some great photos from St.Patricks Primary School. Date around 1947 ish!!! Class members include Tony Bush, Brian Abson, Marilyn Sievewright, Teresa Pridmore. Monica Morton.
  8. My father was married in Sheffield to his first wife in 1918. He was 23 years old. There is no evidence that he fought in the war. His occupation on the marriage certificate is given as Metallurgist. Would that have been a reserved occupation? I can't think that there is any way of finding out why he didn't fight? By the Second World War he was over 40 and served as a fire watcher in Sheffield City Centre.
  9. Is there anyone who remembers any staff from the Contractors Plant Dept at Thomas Wards in Albion House, The Wicker. The period would be around 1959/60. I am trying to find out the name of the manager of the department. Employees names that come to mind include Warwick Ward and Basil Walter Lee!!
  10. Did anyone attend this dancing school? It was on Spital Hill. I think it was quite well established as I have a copy of the report of a pantomime at Baldwin Street Congregational Church, Attercliffe where members of the school performed. The date was 1936 so may be too long ago for any one to remember!
  11. Does anyone remember this building or know if it was demolished and when?
  12. Jen, that would be wonderful!! monica.dyson42@btopenworld.com Is Ernest Morton mentioned? I can't begin to tell you what my sister and I unearthed after his death!!!
  13. Thank you Edmund!! I'm trying to make sense of some family history which isn't easy as my father was a 'man of mystery' Somehow Winnie Allen was a friend of his. I remember her when I was a child. She ran a dancing school in Shiregreen. My father, Ernest Morton, died in 1959. His main claim to fame was a play he wrote in 1929 called 'A Bit of Brass' which was performed at amateur dramatic societies right up to the 1950s. I wish I'd been able to find any newspaper report of one of the productions! One of his close friends was an artist called Charles Potter whose life was also complicated, although I've found out much of his story by finding his grand daughter.
  14. Can't believe there isn't someone who went in this coffee bar in the 50s/60s?
  15. Does anyone who formally lived in the Firth Park area of Sheffield in the 1950s remember a dance teacher called Winnie Allan? Any information would be welcomed!!
  16. Does anyone remember The Palms coffee bar on Middlewood Road across from Hillsborough Park? What it was called before that or after?
  17. Does anyone remember a Chinese Laundry at Fir Vale in the 1960s. My husband, who was a young man at the time, always wore detachable collars on his shirts which were laundered at this establishment?
  18. Does anyone remember the sweet shop across the road from the Paragon Cinema at Firth Park? The Paragon of course is long gone! I seem to remember that at one time it was called 'Hibberts'? Also a name in my mind is 'Dainties' or was it just the Paragon Sweet shop? I may be getting confused with the 'Paragon Chip shop' which was just a few doors away!!!!
  19. My father who died in 1959 had a friend called Charles Potter who was an artist. He belonged to the Heeley Art Society in its early days and the RSA. Charles had a very interesting life. He lived at 20 Meersbrook Bank Road in 1923 with his then wife Rosina, and had two children - Charles Jnr and Winifred. From then he had numerous relationships, eventually moving to Scarborough where he died in 1948. I wondered if Charles or Winifred are still alive, or their families?
  20. Who remembers their first pair of jeans, from which Sheffield store and what year?
  21. How times have changed. My neighbour has just been in and out of Jessop giving birth in SIX hours!! Any maternity stories welcome!
  22. Anyone remember pupils or teachers to include headteachers and nuns, who were at Notre Dame High School, both Cavendish Street and Oakbrook in the 1950s?
  23. My Uncle Walter Morton (of whose existence we have only recently been aware!) was married to Edith Florence (nee Field) Walter died in 1964 and his wife in 1990. They lived at 513 Manchester Road, Crosspool, Sheffield. Also living with them at this address was Ediths sister Ann Elizabeth Field who died in 1959. There were no children of the marriage of Walter and Edith and Ann Elizabeth was a spinster. Are there any Fields out there who could be relatives?
  24. I have traced my fathers brother WALTER MORTON who married FLORENCE MORTON, and were both living at 513 Manchester Road at the time of their deaths which were between the late 1940s and the early 1960s. What is the best way to find their graves? Which would have been the cemetery they may have been interred in? I believe they had no children.
  25. I believed that the Laycocks family lived on Cavendish Street in the ouse that became Notre Dame High School (First school) Did they move to live at Oakbrook, Fulwood ? I believed that Oakbrook was owned by the steel magnate Mark Firth until it passed on to the sisters of Notre Dame to become the second school?