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  1. School clinic at Shiregreen

    Remember my mum going to the Welfare Clinic for cod liver oil - dreadful, malt which was yummy, and orange juice which had a taste all of its own. Seem to remember jars of Virol which I loved!!! We spent all our childhood being 'fed ' to build us up, and our adulthood dieting!!!!
  2. School clinic at Shiregreen

    Just looked at the photo!!!! Yes, that was the one!!! What is on the site if it is part of Hinde House School?
  3. School clinic at Shiregreen

    Just having a bit of memory coming back. Was the school clinic in a big school on Bracken Road?
  4. Does anyone remember going to a school clinic in the 1950s in a big old school somewhere near Shiregreen Lane, possibly on the Flower Estate? I wonder if the school is still there?
  5. Noahs Ark Public House, Crookes

    Thanks Edmund. Think it could have been before that!! Or even some other public house at Crookes!!! It's a bit vague!!!
  6. I believe that my uncle Walter Morton may have been publican of this pub in the 1920s/30s? Does anyone have any records of past landlords?
  7. My father Ernest Morton wrote and produced plays at St.Patricks all through the 1950s although he was prolific in the amateur theatrical scene n Sheffield right from the 1920s! I have no photos of any productions particularly the ones at St.Pats. Does anyone have any hidden away anywhere?
  8. The Paragon

    I remember when Violet Carson (Ena Sharples) opened the Fine Fare Supermarket on the site of the Paragon. We didn't recognise her without her hairnet!!

    Thank you so much!!!!
  10. Is there anyone out there who had grandparents called Walter and Effie? They were married on 15th April, 1914 and lived at 28 Thorndon Road. Walter was 23 and Effie 24. Effie died when she was 41 and Walter eventually married Florence Field and went to live on Manchester Road at Crosspool. He died in the 60s. Walter was the elder brother of my father Ernest, but for some reason they were estranged and we never knew anything about him, or indeed that he existed!!! If he and Effie had children they would be my cousins!!
  11. The Paragon

    OOOOps!!!!!! sorry!! Of course should have said 'recorded memories of residents of Firth Park!!!!! However, you certainly won't remember the Monkey Run then!!!!!
  12. The Paragon

    The book mentioned earlier 'From Bandstand to Monkey Run' was produced by the staff at Firth Park Library, then the old library down Firth Park Road where I worked in the early 1990s. I have one prized copy. It is quite invaluable as far as memories are concerned, as it consists of the recorded memories of the elderly residents of Firth Park.
  13. Anyone Remember Gloops?

    Thanks everyone!!!
  14. Anyone Remember Gloops?

    Has anyone any knowledge of the Gloops Cot Fund charity which I would imagine was to do with Sheffield Newspapers? In the 1930s my father was organising concerts for it?
  15. My father who worked at Firth Browns as a metallurgist in the late 1918s / 1920s once told a tale about a recruitment drive in Bahrain to encourage some of their young men to work in the Sheffield steelworks. He actually said he'd been over there. That I fear may be a bit of fiction as in those days travel was so limiting. However, I can't entirely dismiss it out of hand. Anyone had any similar tales from their fathers or grandfathers?