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  1. My father who died in 1959 had a friend called Charles Potter who was an artist. He belonged to the Heeley Art Society in its early days and the RSA. Charles had a very interesting life. He lived at 20 Meersbrook Bank Road in 1923 with his then wife Rosina, and had two children - Charles Jnr and Winifred. From then he had numerous relationships, eventually moving to Scarborough where he died in 1948. I wondered if Charles or Winifred are still alive, or their families?
  2. First pair of jeans

    Who remembers their first pair of jeans, from which Sheffield store and what year?
  3. How times have changed. My neighbour has just been in and out of Jessop giving birth in SIX hours!! Any maternity stories welcome!
  4. Anyone remember pupils or teachers to include headteachers and nuns, who were at Notre Dame High School, both Cavendish Street and Oakbrook in the 1950s?
  5. My Uncle Walter Morton (of whose existence we have only recently been aware!) was married to Edith Florence (nee Field) Walter died in 1964 and his wife in 1990. They lived at 513 Manchester Road, Crosspool, Sheffield. Also living with them at this address was Ediths sister Ann Elizabeth Field who died in 1959. There were no children of the marriage of Walter and Edith and Ann Elizabeth was a spinster. Are there any Fields out there who could be relatives?
  6. I have traced my fathers brother WALTER MORTON who married FLORENCE MORTON, and were both living at 513 Manchester Road at the time of their deaths which were between the late 1940s and the early 1960s. What is the best way to find their graves? Which would have been the cemetery they may have been interred in? I believe they had no children.
  7. Census Lookup Please?

    I believed that the Laycocks family lived on Cavendish Street in the ouse that became Notre Dame High School (First school) Did they move to live at Oakbrook, Fulwood ? I believed that Oakbrook was owned by the steel magnate Mark Firth until it passed on to the sisters of Notre Dame to become the second school?
  8. Oakbrook

    Steve HB - Thanks so much. I obviously couldn't find it again due to the spelling of Notre Dame!!!!!
  9. Oakbrook

    Help, I saw a thread on Sheffield History which showed pictures of the inside of Oakbrook, once home of Mark Firth and now Notre Dame High School. But I can't find the thead. Can anyone help?
  10. Searching for TRIXIE

    Yes, seem to remember Broomhall as being a possible location but that's all!! Just trying to put a link in a complicated family jigsaw!!!! Thanks!
  11. Searching for TRIXIE

    Thanks but Moss doesn't ring any bells. Grateful for the information!!!
  12. Notre Dame High School, 1950s

    Are there no past pupils of Notre Dame (1950s) on the Forum?
  13. I'm presuming that few people flew in the 1950s ,so what was it like to fly, economy, in the 1960s compared to today?
  14. Anyone remember going to Notre Dame? First to Cavendish Street and then to Oakbrook. Would like memories of classmates and of teachers. I was there from 1953 - 1959.
  15. I seem to be the only person who remembers that in the late 70s, early 80s (not sure of date) there was a lot of publicity in the local press about a family with quite a few children, living, I think, somewhere like Broomhill, who kept their children in isolation in their home, just taking them out for a walk crocodile fashion, and educated them at home?