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  1. Think you are right and Bunneys was not an electrical shop. Does anyone know if Wigfalls was there in the early 1950s?
  2. I seem to remember my parents buying our first television set from a shop at Firth Park after the Coronation in 1953 when they became 'must have' items in the living room. You could purchase them on the 'never never' Was Bunneys there in the 1950s or am I thinking of Wigfalls?
  3. After visiting the wonderful Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield and realising the extent of child labour, I wondered if children had been used here in Sheffield in the steel works or other kinds of industry?
  4. After Burtons menswear shop was destroyed on the night of Sheffield Blitz on December 12th 1940 together with C & A Modes and The Marples Hotel, it seemed to be standing there in its sorry state for years. My memory may be playing tricks but I seem to remember the ruined building when I was a small child in 1946 or 1947. Does anyone know when it was eventually demolished?
  5. Stunmon

    Paper bins

    This is actually of fairly recent history, but does anyone remember the paper bin bags we had in some areas in the 1970s. I certainly remember them in Grenoside and Chapeltown. You had a concrete stand and a wire contraption at the top which held your paper bin sack. There was also a lid on it. When full, you tied it up and left for the binman. I can't remember how long they lasted before being replaced with conventional bins again!
  6. Who remembers the Bernard Taylor Band who played for dances in the ballroom? I think one band member was called David Clarke. He may have been the drummer? Any memories welcome!!!!
  7. When I was growing up in the 50s, everyone looked after their houses and gardens on our council estate. If women didn't donkey stone their front steps they would get talked about! Gardens were pristine and if someone was elderly, the neighbours would look after their garden for them. My parents would even cut the grass on the verges outside the house as did everyone else, even though the Council came round to do it frequently. Don't people have standards these days?
  8. Who has any memories of going to the Anvil Cinema and of its manager Dave Godin?
  9. Anyone remember the very innocent social dances at churches like St.Patricks, St.Thomas Mores and St Charles atAttercliffe? They also held them at a little chapel on Herries Road, which is now a funeral directors.
  10. Stunmon

    The Road to Monyash

    Wow, could be right!!! Alas we'll never know!!! My father was a writer, so he loved playing about with words!!! Thanks!!
  11. My father who loved to perform recitations in the style of Stanley Holloway 'The Lion and Albert' for example, used to love one called 'The Road to Monyash' I have not been able to find any reference to this anywhere?
  12. Stunmon

    Spies from our area.

    Did Gerald Brooke eventually become a lecturer in Russian at FPGS (affectionately known as the Redcap School)?
  13. Recreational walking didn't seem to be something that my parents did in the 1950s. I wonder if it was a bit of an elitist thing then with people belonging to rambling clubs rather than just setting out to walk as we do today? Does anyone remember any early rambling groups?
  14. There doesn't seem to be much information on the web about Gerald Brooke who I think was a Soviet spy and a teacher at Firth Park Grammar School. Or about the Pragers, Nicholas and Jarmila who I think lived at Rotherham. Does anyone have any information about them?