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  1. The Paragon

    OOOOps!!!!!! sorry!! Of course should have said 'recorded memories of residents of Firth Park!!!!! However, you certainly won't remember the Monkey Run then!!!!!
  2. The Paragon

    The book mentioned earlier 'From Bandstand to Monkey Run' was produced by the staff at Firth Park Library, then the old library down Firth Park Road where I worked in the early 1990s. I have one prized copy. It is quite invaluable as far as memories are concerned, as it consists of the recorded memories of the elderly residents of Firth Park.
  3. Gloops Cot Fund

    Thanks everyone!!!
  4. Has anyone any knowledge of this charity which I would imagine was to do with Sheffield Newspapers? In the 1930s my father was organising concerts for it?
  5. My father who worked at Firth Browns as a metallurgist in the late 1918s / 1920s once told a tale about a recruitment drive in Bahrain to encourage some of their young men to work in the Sheffield steelworks. He actually said he'd been over there. That I fear may be a bit of fiction as in those days travel was so limiting. However, I can't entirely dismiss it out of hand. Anyone had any similar tales from their fathers or grandfathers?
  6. My father Ernest Morton

    Thanks so much again. It seems that Walter was married at 20 and living at Marion Road, Hillsborough, if its the right one! He later lived with his wife Florence (nee Field) on Manchester Road, Crosspool. My father seems to have become estranged from him at some point. My fathers occupation there is given as collier. By his marriage in 1918 he was a metallurgist which is what I understood him to be in the early years, working in the same labs as Harry Brearley. He seems to have been pretty versatile. In some of the reviews of his shows he was a bus driver/conductor. That was more towards the 1930s. again, many thanks!! Monica
  7. My father Ernest Morton

    Thankyou again for all you've done!!! Yes, the Whitley part is confusing!!! Lots of similar links. My father lived at Gerald Street, Attercliffe as a boy and many of the pantomime and concert references are about churches in the Attercliffe area. He belonged at that time to the Baldwin Players.They moved to Ellerton Road, Firth Park when he was a teenager. The 1901 census shows them at Gerald Street - my father was 6, with the 1911 census from Ellerton Road where they were re-housed to a new build. My father was16. His mother died October 1914 of a heart attack aged 51 and his youngest brother Arthur in November 1941 of kidney failure. There was another brother Walter who he seemed to be estranged from. Athough living in Sheffield on Manchester Road, we were never aware of his existence. Every day I'm finding out more about my father!!!! Monica
  8. My father Ernest Morton

    Dear Syrup, It seems strange that there was also a 17 year old called Ernest Morton? Is there no doubt that this one seemed to come from Whitley Bridge? The pantomime one is correct - I have unearthed quite a few of those! Thanks a lot for your hard work!!!
  9. My father Ernest Morton

    Disappointed that the 17 year old may not be my father? He did have a good singing voice although I only ever heard it on his pantomimes! I have some research on his plays to include the most famous 'A Bit of Brass' which was produced in Sheffield more than 60 times. If you look at one of my links about Winnie Allan, someone has sent me some cuttings related to my father who was a friend of hers.
  10. My father Ernest Morton

    You are wonderful! Yes, that is my father! I found out that he had been married before to a Ivy Mustill in 1918. The Alan Fenton in this programme was the small son of his wifes sister, My father was also a ventriloquist and taught it to Alan. I'm a bit green when it comes to researching, Where did you get the information from? Most grateful!!!!
  11. I know there won't be anyone old enough! but, does anyone remember my father Ernest Morton? He died in 1959. My sister and myself found that he'd been a man of compete mystery. He'd had a previous marriage unknown to us, in 1918 when he was 24, married my mother when he was 47 or so, and in between seems to have done some very varied things to include working in the same laboratory as Harry Brearley, and writing numerous plays to include 'A Bit of Brass' which was performed in Sheffield at amateur dramatic societies right up to the 1950s. The last dramatic society he was associated with as writer, actor and producer was St.Patricks Players.
  12. Does anyone remember any productions at The Playhouse in the 1950s?
  13. It was the site of what is now a closed Chinese restaurant across from the park. In later years I believe it belonged to 'Bronco' Layne, Sheffield Wednesday player. I have names like The Squirre and Laynes going round in my head, but I want to know what it was called in the 1950s!!!!
  14. richardbush.1@gmail.com

  15. School Class Photos

    I have some great photos from St.Patricks Primary School. Date around 1947 ish!!! Class members include Tony Bush, Brian Abson, Marilyn Sievewright, Teresa Pridmore. Monica Morton.