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  1. Is there a list of winners of the Clegg Shield since it's beginning?  I have an old photo of my father's taken at Hillsborough School, Parkside Road with "Clegg 1930-31" written on a football.  I just wondered if they'd actually won it.

    1. CJE638



      I have checked my records and note that Wadsley Bridge won the Clegg Shield in 1929/30 but not in 1930/31. However, they would have taken part in the competition which had 14 divisions in 1930/31.

      The Clegg Shield is the oldest running football competition for school boy in the World. It was started in 1889 and is still running today with their final usually played at Sheffield United's ground in late April or early May.,

      Originally it was for Under 14s but today it is for Under 16s

      I have a list of most of the winners, some of the shields on the shield have fallen off over the years and to date I have been unable to trace the winners.

      I am the joint author of the book Football in Sheffield which came out about 16 months ago. This coverts just about all the Sheffield football leagues and cup competitions, from day one plus the Clegg, United and Wednesday Shields for schools football.

      If you would like a list of the winners of the Clegg Shield and a photo of it, then send you email address to me at chris@cjeyre.co.uk, and I will let you have copies. I have been unable to attach them to this email for some reason.

      It would be nice to see the photo you have to add to my collection.

      Come back to me if you need any further info


      Chris Eyre (01709 541619)