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  1. It was long and thin. You could walk in the front entrance and leave through the far end.
  2. I thought he used to live at Doncaster airport? For those who haven't seen it, his mate Little John is buried here, next to a parking meter. ( you couldn't make it up...) https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/little-johns-grave
  3. I remember Hadfields very well, I used to inspect their cranes at one time. I recall the area was called East Hecla then. Where did the name Meadowhall come from? Was it just thought up by marketing people?
  4. Beagling

    My simple assumption that green hunting jackets denotes beaglers, following on foot, has proved to be wrong. One of the Christmas papers showed the Duke of Beaufort's Hunt wearing green jackets, riding on horseback and following foxhounds.
  5. 1960's in Pond Street Bus Station

    I remember this view very well, I used to walk down that way to the Polytechnic late 60s. (Not sure the footbridge over Pond Street was there then.) One evening we were in the workshops for night school when a policeman appeared at the door, He asked if anyone owned a mini parked outside. Apparently some ****** had lobbed a house brick from the multi--story car park and it had gone straight through the roof of the car.
  6. Does anyone know what these are?

    I guess' milk checks' was an casual term, officially milk tokens. My dad always insisted that the tokens should be left on the doorstep next to the bottles, not inside the bottles. Otherwise the milkman might get a handful of cold water when he tipped the bottle up to get the tokens.

    There have been recent reports (2009) of an army helicopter landing there. Who has priority I wonder, - footballers or helicopter?
  8. Now it can be told

    Not too surprised. I went in the Moseley Arms many years ago and recall photos of the black-shirts active in Sheffield in the 30s.
  9. The Coming of Change - Fifty Years On

    When I first saw the electricity pylons I briefly thought it might be laying the runway for Sheffield International Airport. Then I realised the date was too early. Fifty years on .... we still don't have one.
  10. I lived in Shirecliffe in the early 70s and occasionally took the dog for a walk in Parkwood Springs. One evening I came across a helicopter parked on a concrete pad in a clearing, there was non-one around and the doors were locked (I tried them). A van then pulled up, a security guard got out and told me to push off. I vaguely remember that this was to become Sheffield's heliport because of the high position and proximity to the City centre but there were no buildings or any other facilities. I see on Google Earth that the helipad itself is still there in the middle of playing fields. Did anyone else see any helicopters landing there or know what became of it before they opened Sheffield International Airport?
  11. Does anyone know what these are?

    We also used B & C Co-op milk checks in the 50s, I think the colour denoted the type of milk - blue being a pint of pasturised ? I think the word 'check' was also used for the dividend chits showing your divi number and amount spent.
  12. I think the clue may be the sign " English Steel Corporation" on the wall at Brightside Lane. This was the entrance I used to go in, through the gate was the Siemens open hearth melting shop shown in the film. I remember the small shunting engines as well. I guess the other location was the South Machine Shop, lots of big lathes in there.
  13. Sheffield Miners Strike of 1984

    I was never involved with mining but my work took me to Hadfields in the late 70s. Some of the people there had been subject to very distressing abuse by the NUM flying pickets outside the steelworks. Can anyone recall why they targeted Hadfields?
  14. AND OBLIGE ....

    Yes, it appears to be somewhere between Please Oblige (me) and Much Obliged (to you). One of our lecturers at night-school raised the same question. Blank looks all round.
  15. AND OBLIGE ....

    As a young apprentice in the ESC Maintenance department, one of my jobs was general gopher. If we needed anything from another department, the foreman would write out a chitty that I had to deliver to the relevant section. Every one of these chitties was signed off 'And Oblige', which added nothing to the message, just seemed to be a local convention. I asked several people why they did it but no-one seemed to know. I have never seen it since and wondered if it was just a steelworks tradition. Anyone else seen it?