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  1. Beagling

    Presumably that it the noble lord mounted on the horse? I thought that beagles were followed on foot, maybe nobody told him. Now we have quite a large area (Ecclesfield-Wentworth-Strines-Thurnscoe) and range of dates 1930-70 with WW2 in between. Did anyone else see them in action?
  2. Beagling

    That was my initial thought but the architecture doesn't tally with current photos.
  3. Beagling

    Thanks Simon, great photos. I also see the Strines Inn, so they got around. Any guesses on the stately home in the last pic? From the clothes and motor cars, I would guess these are pre-war?
  4. I trained as a midwife at Nether Edge in 1987. I have never been happier in my work since then. Our Head of Midwifery was Miss Bingham I think. She was the best boss I have ever had.

  5. I lived in Bahrain during the 70s. It is a tiny place, same size as the Isle of Wight, and the local population were mainly fishermen or traders, certainly no steel workers. Britain had a long relationship with Bahrain during the 20th century because of its strategic location, - we had both naval and air-force bases there. So British servicemen would have visited regularly. Some nationals may have found their way over here and ended up in the steelworks, but can't imagine that it was part of an active recruitment process.
  6. The Hole In The Road - Photos

    Has anyone seen the virtual hole in the road experience? I believe it was in Millennium Gallery for a while and you had to wear VR goggles to 'walk through'.
  7. Beagling

    Simon, that would be great, - did he wear a green coat? Someone who followed the beagles in the 60s recalls meeting on Christmas Day in Ecclesfield Square, then up past the church and over the fields to Grenoside. He also thinks they were hunting foxes at the time, which may be why some people remember them as 'foxhounds'.
  8. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    We also suffered welly rash, caused by skinny legs in short trousers
  9. Beagling

    I lived near Ecclesfield in the 60s and on quiet evenings we could hear a pack of dogs yelping nearby. Some said it was the local foxhounds, others said it was Beagles, but we never saw any sign of them out and about. Some years later, I was on the top of Kinder Scout when I heard a pack of dogs approaching and the sound of a hunting horn. A man appeared dressed in hunting outfit but with a green coat. I have been told that green indicates a Beagler? Can anyone help here? Do beagles actually hunt for anything specific? Why on Kinder Scout?
  10. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    I remember an eccentric old lady (Nora?) who used to stride around the bus station shouting at all and sundry.
  11. Black Cat on City Road

    Yes, the building is still there as you say. The Black Cat was an early Stringfellow enterprise run by brothers Pete and Geoff, with the rest of the family helping out.
  12. Black Cat on City Road

    Oh yes. Frankenstein & the Monsters Dave Berry & the Cruisers Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders Yardbirds
  13. The history of Sheffield Megatron

    Incredible in every respect. Was he on his own down there?
  14. The number 52 to Crookes

    Suet ?? Not heard that before.
  15. English Steel Corporation

    Late pick up on this thread but I worked at ESC 1966-71 in the maintenance department, so I got to know the layout quite well. The map posted confused me at first until I realised it should be rotated 90 deg clockwise to make sense. I think the tall building off Alfred Road was the old Gun Shop, where naval guns were made vertically. That in itself is a fascinating story. I also worked on the old River Don engine when it was still driving a plate mill. Is there a separate thread anywhere on these topics?