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  1. I think this is the only cinema I have never visited in Sheffield (and its surrounding areas)..... In the late 60s I even worked for Rank Leisure Services and never got the chance to visit this cinema back then.
  2. Bradleys record was owned by a chap called John Bradley and Ron Neal (Neil). Ron Neal actually came from Rochdale and had a shop in Rochdale as well. I think John Bradley was from Worksop..... Fargate had a manager called Barry Smith and Pinstone was Alan Trower.
  3. I have just thrown 3 x shirts and 4 Tee Shirts away that I purchased at C&A's in 1970s. (The labels had the exclusive name of Canada, Made for C&A on it). Apart from the size being too small now, the quality of the shirts were still unbelievably good.