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  1. Thank You,how relevant is this after the disgraceful disgusting behaviour of the society of today. They had nothing not even a proper roof on their houses,and had just come through the Second World War but were positive to make the most of what they had got and all pulled together. That is what Great Britain used to be like sadly is no more.
  2. Prince of Wales St Philips Road--------Charley Walls. Pub on Hammond Street-----------------Dirty Dicks. Pub on Jericho Street----------------------Low Drop. Perhaps someone will fill in where I don't know the proper name.
  3. Good photos tdh. But what a shame the fantastic buildings and grounds were decimated like that to build houses.
  4. There was a dental unit on the same corridor as the Domestic office, off the main corridor through the swing doors first door on your left.
  5. I remember you Shane and the painting you did on the wall it was fabulous. I am glad that you are now studying to be a nurse I thought you would get on in the world,I am one of the domestic staff that used to give you your tea,and I remember you always liked your curries.
  6. Morley street.Now known as Rivelin, left 1960. It looks much the same from the outside,I hear that it is still a very good school,as it was then.
  7. When I was a small child there were no Castle House or shops on the Moor,nothing much in town only bombed buildings so I cannot remember going to see Santa or grotto;s.But I always remember having fabulous family christmases what I call proper christmasses when all that mattered was that the whole family was together,not a lot of money,sweets still on ration,but all the goodies like buns and pastry were all home made and tasted a lot better than all the supermarket fare that they have these days.Plenty of laughter and singing.Also the small carpet was rolled back so the grown ups could have a dance.We also went mummering at night and were welcomed into neighbours houses and given home made mince pies and a small drink.
  8. Yes the same .Hammond Street ran off St Philips Road towards a pub called Dirty Dicks (dont know the proper name) on the opposite corner was The Bellfield pub and two corner shops Massios and Mrs Taylors little sweet shop. Going down Hammond Hill on the right hand side was Herberts shop and further down on the left was a chip shop and 2 houses further was auntie Polly.s shop.
  9. Does anyone remember a shop called Herberts on Hammond Hill,must have been late forties early fifties. You could always go to the back door after he was shut,the main things I remember is the fly catchers hung up in the shop,and the boiled ham being wedged in a drawer whilst he cut it Also being sent by my aunt for 2 ounces of prem cut thin and two eggs. Also on Hammond hill was a shop called Auntie Polly,s
  10. Yes Briyeo. Could very well be the same railway carriage it certainly brought back memories of nearly sixty years ago, The tents were in one part of the field and caravans and railway carriages were in another,but i am sorry i have not got any photographs of the holiday I wish I had.They were good times.
  11. Must be the fifties. Running errands for a penny. Taking bottles back to the shops for the deposit. Canns record shop Dixon Lane. Going to the local pictures twice a week. Washing days when it was raining so the washing had to be hung like trimmings across the house. Good home cooked food. Playing outside from morning till night. Two Way Family Favourites. Billy Cotton Band Show. Radio Luxebourg Top Twenty. Everyone sat outside on warm summer evenings chatting. Going across the yard to the toilet which was shared with another family. Red rings round the tops of our legs where our wellies come to. Playgrounds. Proper family christmasses not a lot of money but enjoying just being together.
  12. One of my favourites missing from the list was Tony Robinson,he must have been down at owlerton in the fifties.The whole family used to go to the speedway.Great times.
  13. Timsons shoe shop was where legends is now,and opposite Timsons was the Public Benefit shoe shop. Burtons tailors was where The Subway is now and above Burtons upstairs was a snooker hall and a dance hall. The clothes shop opposite Wilkinsons was Dempseys shoe shop. On Holme lane where all the renovation is taking place was Hemming the grocers a newsagents a hairdressers and a Butchers.Claytons fish shop was at the top of bradfield road next to Timsons. I think The maypole grocers was where the fireplace shop is now next to Legends. Wigfalls was at the top of rudyard road before the first Tates Gallery and the cafe.
  14. two balls was more or less juggling with two balls but throwing them against a wall. delivo was a hide and seek game. i feel as if i was born when the last dinasaurs were dying out. after all this is a history forum. lol
  15. it was a very good year,a child of the forties,are their any more out there. surely i cannot be the only one left.