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  1. The Goodwin Fountain

    i remember leaving the buccaneer ( great pub ) and seeing people trying to cool off in the fountain.
  2. What school did you go to ?

    i went to hartley brook school then on to firth park comp ( the brushes building ) . i left school in 1972 age 15.
  3. George Barnsley & Son

    i think woodwork repetitions on mowbray street is owned by the son or grandsons of george barnsley. they still make tools for the shoemaking industry.
  4. Silver Blades Ice Skating

    i remember how they cleared the skaters to allow for the dancers and the speed skaters, i also remember skating around in puddles especially near the cafe.
  5. Leather cutting knife

    why not get in touch with woodware repetitions on mowbray st. they make leather cutting tools and have done for years.
  6. Bridge Street Bus Station

    i remember if we missed the last whistle for the 47 or 48 bus we would run along the road passed the rolling mills and catch the bus at the bottom of corporation street. if we missed it there ( depending on shoes worn ) we would walk up to greasy vera's and grab a taxi. happy days.
  7. Bridge Street Bus Station

    i remember the smell of the brewery at bridge st bus station. the 47 and 48 were they the 150 and 151 before that or am i mistaken.
  8. Mackenzie Street

    thanks dunsbyowl 1867 i donn't think so. it was just a picture of the street with people walking around and the street sign was quite clear with the name mackenzie street on it. thanks anyway.
  9. Mackenzie Street

    can anyone help it's a very long shot. years ago my mother and i went to an art exhibition in town and saw a painting of mackenzie street, i tend to think it was in the style of george cunningham or joe scarborough. has anyone else seen this or has a copy or could tell me how to find out about it please. any info would help i wanted to get a copy for my mother who will be 80 in july and was brought up in mackenzie street. thank you.
  10. Main Memories of Sheffield - The List

    has anyone mentioned the buccaneer, nelson, wapentake or the albert. all worth a mention.
  11. i seem to recall in the 60's or early 70's a mynah bird in a cage at the bottom of the moor. the time when the moor was open straight through to london rd. am i correct or is my memory playing tricks on me.
  12. Woodhouse. Sheffield

    thanks neddy. this map must be pre 1895. our house was built in 1895 and is not shown on map. it's great to see how things have changed.
  13. Woodhouse. Sheffield

    thanks for the maps. brilliant. do you have any older round about late 1800,s
  14. Woodhouse. Sheffield

    can anyone tell me if there are any old maps of woodhouse, and where to find them. thank you.
  15. Cambridge Arcade

    i can remember, there was a small cafe at the bottom i think it was called the copper kettle, they did a mean fish and chips.