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  1. Has anyone heard of a street called Sister Street in Darnall
  2. Hi just found on the 1911 census that a relation of mine Lousia baines aged 17 worked in a Lemon Factory in Sheffield she lived on Jenkinson St would anyone have heard of this factory ??
  3. Hi just found your forum and see you have a John lawrence Hobson on you list have you photo of him i hope its my grandfather its possible he played for shefield united in 1910
  4. Hi i have his birth at 1883 in sheffield 26 harwood st
  5. Hi John lawrence hobson was born on 25 may 1883 at 26 harwood Street Sheffield hope this helps
  6. thanks for the answer my cousin showed me the same picture that she has in a large frame and she's telling me that its my grandad john lawrence hobson can anybody help??
  7. thanks that would be very helpfull just sent you a e-mail thanks again
  8. Was John Hobson from Sheffield ???