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  1. Hi, haven’t been on here for a fair few years.... my dad (tsavo) was chief projectionist at this cinema in the late 60s when it opened. I presented the lady mayoress with a posy of flowers in 1968 when it was officially opened. I know it was in the papers but how do I get a copy of the photograph of me presenting the posy. I was 4 at the time. Many thanks in advance.
  2. student nurse

    Sheffield Cablevision

    was looking at the photo links originally posted by mickjj both my brother and sister (tsavo's) children were on the last clip. Happy days :P
  3. Remembering your Father on this day.

    Love and Best Wishes to you and the family.

    RichardB and Patsi.

  4. student nurse

    wisewood school sponsored walk

    i remember Mr Else, he use to teach me in the first year. He was such a true gent with his suit and pipe. :rolleyes:
  5. student nurse

    Eating out in Sheffield

    Hi everyone, sorry i havent contributed to any topic since dad {tsavo} passed away but thought i would add my bit to this one. We regularly went to an italian called Portofinos on i think Abbeydale rd until it closed down a couple of years ago. It re opened as an english restaurant called Bayleaf or something like that. Anyway, that did not last long and Portofinos reopened around August las year. Same staff, same menu and excellent as usual. My daughter and hubby are very particular about what they eat and they couldnt get enough. Its not particularly cheap but well worth spending that little bit extra. :rolleyes:
  6. student nurse

    Deep Regret

    Thank you so much to everyone on sheffield history who replied to my posting about dads (tsavo) death. It meant so much to us all to know how popular he was. Our thanks also to RichardB who with his wife attended dads funeral. Thank you once again student nurse.
  7. student nurse


    I apologise, was logged into tsavos posts on mums request. i hadnt realised it would come up that tsavo was on line. sorry folks. Mum also sends her apolgies. We were looking for a friend of dads details so we could get in touch personally. thanks student nurse
  8. student nurse

    Deep Regret

    As the majority of members on Sheffield History know, my dad is tsavo, one of the administrators. It is with deep regret that i have to let you all know that dad passed away in the Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield on Saturday 24th October 2009 at 11.30am, aged 67. thanks student nurse
  9. student nurse

    Northern General Hospital

    not really thought about it. i suppose i will get round to it sooner or later. :rolleyes:
  10. student nurse

    Northern General Hospital

    Hi Lyn just thought i would contribute, you will still see many qualified nurses wearing their badge that was awarded to them on qualification. it depicts where they trained, i.e university of Sheffield.
  11. student nurse

    Unadopted Roads

    i used to live on New St in High Green which was unadopted, a nightmare when any repairs needed doing. :(
  12. student nurse

    Terry curran

    nice pair of pins too if i remember rightly. I detest football but remember going down to watch him play, happy days. lol
  13. student nurse


    Wasn't it called Rackhams before House of Fraser?? :blink:
  14. student nurse

    Great shopkeepers

    No that is too far down. I think they were at the bottom of Croften Avenue, before you get to gilders but on the opposite side going towards winn gardens. Next door there was a newspaper shop then a grocers, think it was called Drinkalls not sure if that is the correct spelling. They too are now flats i think. :blink:
  15. student nurse

    Great shopkeepers

    I remember a womens clothes shop in a row of shops on Middlewood rd. It was run by Mrs Shaw, i used to go to school with her son Chris. I remember buying my first work overall from her for my first job after leaving school, happy memories :unsure: