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  1. I would love to see a photo of this shop.There's nothing on Picture Sheffield.
  2. Theres no photo though syrup,that's the one in Swindon.
  3. Three years on and I'm still trying to find a photo of this experiment.I know there is one as I saw it posted recently on Facebook but I can't find it again....
  4. I've seen a photo of some flats & shops on Duke Street that I never knew existed having lived in Sheffield all my life (1963) .Does anyone know when these buildings were erected and demolished?
  5. Whilst we are on the subject of Fulwood village.Are there any photos showing the shops in the 60's & 70's ? The one on Picture Sheffield isn't very good.
  6. Thanks R.Longden.I knew it was a car spares shop but not seen any photos of the front sadly.
  7. Does anyone know of any photos that exist of the shop at 10 Loxley Road Malin Bridge (opposite what was The Yew Tree )in the '70's or '80's? I can only find one from the '60's when the shop was Bowaters.
  8. Yes,it's come back to me now,it was a fruit shop.Thanks 4 that.
  9. There was a confectioners in the early 70's on the right as u walk down.Not sure if it was Granelli's.Anyone any idea?Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have any info on the above?I know it was built in the early 60's but not sure when it was demolished (90's?).Are there any records of patients?Thanks.
  11. Allegedly my great gran went to this school.Does anyone know when it was built and if there is an archive of registers or anything?