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About Me

I started out life at Colley Crescent and pretty much stayed there until I moved to a more central location in my teens.

Lived in Peterborough for seven years, came back to Sheffield after a close shave with matrimony.

lived at Crooksmoor and central Sheffield again for a time before finally moving to Aston with Lynne.

Ex Sapper, not for too long though because of move to Cambs. learned loads though about shooting, demolitions, watermanship etc.

Biker since about age 8 when my dad bought a Honda Cub for my brother and I to mess with. It was a non runner but not for long, we got it going and I'm sure drove the neighbours mad riding round the field between Colley Cres. and Tunnwell Ave. I bought a Triumph Tiger Cub 147 UHU from Smiths Motorcycles at Ecclesfield, pushed it home and then applied for a licence. I've been on two wheels on and off since.

I'm a proper bookworm but most of my books are in the loft as storage is short in the house. The Internet is a Godsend for information, I love it!

Current projects are Family Tree and transcribing my maternal Grandfather's note books of local and national trivia. My Granfather lived in High Green and worked at Newton Chambers for most of his life including Tankersley Park Golf Club. My maternal Grandmother's and Granfather's parents were publicans at The Railway Hotel/Inn and the Wagon and Horses, Chapeltown.